Belle's POV

Uncle Christophe had arrived this morning. It took five days for for him to arrive at the castle. Five terribly long days for me, since Cogsworth had basically abducted Adam. Cogsworth's excuse was that Adam needed to have his memory refreshed on all the royal etiquettes. Adam had agreed with him, though I was sure he hadn't anticipated the five day imprisonment. I had see him briefly during breakfast this morning, before Cogsworth took him-again. I sighed as I remembered our conversation of this morning, it had been the first time we had been in a fight, and it had all been because I overreacted.

'Adam! You made it!' I felt a grin starting to form on my face, just like every time I saw Adam, I felt like some hormonal teenager. Adam smiled, and gave me a peck on the lips. 'I won't be long, love. Cogsworth is probably arranging a search party as we speak.' He made a face, but I didn't think his joke was funny. The smile left my face, something Adam noticed at once. 'Belle, what is it? You've been looking rather gloomy the past couple of days.' I bit my lip, not wanting to admit what was going on. The truth was that I missed Adam. It was silly, and I knew it. He was still right here in the castle, but I had gotten so used to spending every waking moment with him, it was strange, only having these few stolen moments a breakfast. I looked up to see Adam staring at me with piercing eyes. 'Belle?' He sounded serious. I sighed again. 'It's nothing, Adam. Really.' The problem was that I didn't even believe myself, so I doubted Adam would. I was right. He took a step forward, leaving mere inches between us. 'Belle, would you please tell me what's going on? Please?' He looked at me with puppy eyes, and I felt my resistance crumbling. 'Fine,' I huffed, 'but you're not going to like what you hear!' Adam looked amused, but didn't interrupt. 'It's just that.. Well.. I miss you! I wish you would speak to Cogsworth about at least letting us have dinner together! We've barely seen each other the last couple of days!' I felt terrible, saying all this, but I couldn't stop now. 'Cogsworth just comes marching in, and you follow him around, no matter where he goes. Have you forgotten I'm here too?' I was being terrible, and I knew it. The truth was, I didn't even know where all this came from. Yes, I missed having Adam around, and yes, I wished he would talk to Cogsworth about this, but I also knew he couldn't help it. I took a deep breath to steady myself before I dared to look at Adam again. He looked absolutely flabbergasted.

It took a while before Adam spoke. 'Belle,' he sounded unsure, and deep inside I felt terrible for what I had said, though I refused to let it show right now, now was not the time for that. In the back of my head I could hear Papa's voice, accusing me of being terribly stubborn, as he had many times. I pushed it away for the time being. 'Belle,' Adam continued, 'you know what we're discussing, right? Cogsworth and I? All we're doing is talking about politics. Don't you think I'd much rather spend my time with you? I'm not keeping any secrets from you, you know that. And as soon as my uncle leaves, everything will be back to normal, I promise.' I narrowed my eyes. 'You're lying,' I decided. Adam looked taken aback. 'What? What makes you think that?' 'I know it, there's something you're not telling me, don't deny it, Adam!' This time it was Adam who lost his temper. 'You know I am not keeping anything from you!' He reminded me so much of the Beast when he said that, I was not sure how to respond at first. It only lasted for a second though. 'So I guess you'd think that I'd be perfectly okay sitting around, waiting for you to do something about this situation," I said, my voice thick with anger. 'Like you'd just keep me here like some sort of a prisoner?' I had gone to far, and I knew it. I watched as Adam's expression changed from one of impatience to one of hurt. I felt terrible at my words. 'Adam,' I pleaded, wanting to explain, to apologize, 'please, let me explain, I didn't mean to-' He cut me off 'You didn't mean to what, Belle? To hurt me? To share your feelings like that? You know you don't have to stay here. If you feel like a prisoner, why don't you just leave?' With that he turned around and left, slamming the door behind him. After he had left, I could feel the tears starting to roll down my cheek. Just then, I heard somebody come in behind me. 'Mademoiselle? Are you alright?' It was Lumière.

Adam's POV

I had gone straight to the West Wing after my discussion with Belle. It felt as if I was a Beast again, every time things didn't go the way I wanted them to I would hide up here. To be honest, it felt terrible. I thought I had grown past that, I hadn't done something like this since the night I chased Belle away. I felt sick as I realized I might have chased her away again, because I lost my temper again. I realized this was all my fault, Belle had been absolutely right when she accused me of hiding something from her, it was just not what she thought it was. I took the little box from my nightstand and opened it. I looked at the ring with tears in my eyes as I thought about how I might never be able to present it to Belle.

It had been over three weeks since the curse had been broken. I had spent almost every waking with Belle. Of course, it hadn't taken me long at all to decide I wanted to marry her. Not just because she was my savior, the one who saved me from my curse, but because I loved her more than anything, more than myself. However, it had taken me a while before I was brave enough to discuss this with my Majordomo and my Maître d'. Lumière was, of course, ecstatic with my decision. Though Cogsworth assured me he was happy for the both of us, he was also the one to get right down to business. He had been the one to arrange the perfect ring, which I was now holding in my hand. He was also the one to inform Maurice that I would be coming over to talk to him this afternoon, to make sure I couldn't get out of it, I assumed. What was I going to do now? I had ruined everything with my rash behavior. Just then, there was a knock on the door. 'Master?' It was Lumière. 'Leave me in peace,' I ordered him. I was not in the mood to talk right now. 'I beg you pardon, Your Highness, but I ran into Mademoiselle Belle just now, and I couldn't help but notice she seemed, ah- upset. Is everything alright between the two of you?' I sighed. Of course it would be Lumière who would run into Belle. 'It's fine,' I mumbled. The door opened. I turned around, Í told you to leave me-oh.' It was not Lumière, as I suspected. It was Belle.

'Oh, Adam,' she came rushing to me, tears in her eyes. I dropped the box with ring in it, quickly kicking it under my bed. Luckily, Belle didn't seem to notice. 'Adam, I am so, so sorry!' she all but threw herself at me, crying. I held her tight. 'I'm sorry for what I said, I had no right to yell at you like that! I don't know what came over me' She shook her head. 'I am a terrible person,' she mumbled. I lifted her chin, looking into her eyes. 'Belle, you have nothing to be sorry off, you hear me? Nothing. I shouldn't have lost my temper like that. Please, please don't leave me, Belle! Je t'aime, I love you!' Belle looked at me, a sad amusement in her eyes. 'Adam, I wasn't going to leave. I would never be able to do that. I love you too. I will always love you.' She kissed me, and I knew she had forgiven me for my inexcusable behavior.

'What would you say about a walk around the gardens?' I asked her as we broke apart. 'Mmm, I would like that,' she answered, a smile on her face. I took her hand and we walked outside together. Lumière was nowhere to be found. As we walked towards the main entrance, I realized I hadn't seen Cogsworth anywhere. I assumed Lumière or Mrs. Potts had forbidden him to find me. I had to remember to thank them for that later.

The walk down to the castle grounds was quiet. Too quiet. Belle kept turning to me, as if hoping I was going to say something to her, but I didn't seem to want to have anything interesting to say. Belle herself didn't seem to know what to say either, so we walked in a comfortable silence. We reached the gardens and I closed my eyes for a minute, enjoying the lovely weather outside. Belle, too, seemed to enjoy this weather. She took a deep breath and smiled. 'Do you smell that?' She asked, 'it's the smell of spring!' Before I knew what was happening, we were running around the grounds, chasing each other around the oak tree where we had our first snowball fight some many months ago. It must have been the most fun I've had in ages.

After half an hour I dropped down in the grass, exhausted of our silly games. I watched as Belle threw herself on the grass as well and closed her eyes. She looked so content in that moment, all I could do was stare at her, feeling utterly satisfied. I brushed a strand of hair away from her face, and leaned down to kiss her. For a moment she froze, not having expected this, but she quickly lifted her arms in response. As we lay there on the grass, I heard a carriage behind me. We got up and I looked around. It was a royal carriage, which could only mean one thing. My uncle had arrived.

A/N: So before everyone gets all mad at me for having Belle react the way she did, let me explain! In my eyes, Belle is an extremely strong willed woman, which I admire about her. However, I also feel she's very stubborn, and this sometimes leads to reactions like this. So that. :) My sister was super pissed, she told me Belle would never say things like that, but it is one of the things I love about her. Hope you can understand why I did this. And, as always, I hope you enjoyed reading this!