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"Miyagi!" Shinobu yelled as he barged into his lover's apartment, "What the hell were you doing with that co-worker of yours?!" He was angry, because he had yet again witnessed his lover flirt with that walnut haired professor—whose name he always seemed to forget. It was getting on his nerves and in all honesty, he wanted nothing more than to punch Miyagi in the face for it. When was he finally going to be more serious about their relationship?

The black haired professor had a big fat frown on his face and he emitted a loud sigh. 'Not this again,' he thought before staring into the other's ocean gray eyes. Why did Shinobu always have to misinterpret things?

"Answer me," the blond ordered, crossing his arms while he stared determinedly at his partner. He was not going to let Miyagi get away with just an excuse; he wanted to know the truth. "Why are you all over that guy whenever I come in?"

"First of all, you should learn to knock before you swing a door open," Miyagi lectured, his voice laced with mild annoyance, "And secondly, there's nothing going on between me and Kamijou, so stop thinking that."

"I'm trying to believe that, but you're making it too damn difficult!" the younger one spat back as he moved closer, "I want to know why—why are you doing those things to him? Why can't you be like that whenever you're with me?" At that point, Shinobu's voice was quivering and his beautiful large orbs were getting watery and wet. He couldn't stand it that Miyagi seemed to enjoy being around that Kamijou guy so much, while he always seemed so annoyed whenever he was with his own lover.

"Shinobu…" Miyagi noticed how the atmosphere changed and he studied the student carefully. He slowly outstretched his hand and ruffled the honey blond hair, his heart aching as he heard several soft sobs. If there was anything he hated, it was seeing Shinobu so sad, but he knew that he couldn't help himself. Teasing Hiroki was so amusing that he had gotten addicted to it, almost as addicted as he was to smoking cigarettes. He was seriously mad at himself for doing this to his young lover.

"Do you… like Kamijou-san?" Shinobu asked in a whisper, not looking at his lover.

"No, I don't." Gray eyes darted up, widening almost creepily. "It's just that I like teasing Kamijou, because his reactions and responses are very funny." Miyagi slowly leaned closer and Shinobu instantly closed his eyes. Much to the student's surprise however, the professor placed a kiss on one of his eyelids.

I want to see you smile.

"What kind of kiss was that?" Shinobu questioned, his brows furrowed in confusion as he opened his eyes again, "You're not just old, but you're also weird." Despite his words, Shinobu couldn't stop the corners of his mouth from curving upward.

"I wanted to do something to cheer you up. Seems like it's working." Miyagi smiled as the blond's face lit up and he took the teen in his arms, caressing the back of his head slowly. Although he still didn't like to admit that he was bisexual, he couldn't deny that he found Shinobu incredibly adorable. The way he blushed, the way he always tried to impress him and how he was always thinking of only him—everything about Shinobu was cute in its own way.

"Miyagi…" the teen whispered, but he was at a loss of words and simply hugged the man back.

"Why would you think that I have a thing for Kamijou? Am I really that untrustworthy?" Shinobu shook his head vigorously and Miyagi cocked an eyebrow. "Then why do you keep doubting me?"

Shinobu simply moved his lips to Miyagi's right ear and placed a soft kiss on the helix, nibbling very softly and gently.

I trust you.

"I'm not doubting you," the teen whispered into the other's ear, "It's just that I get jealous very easily."

"Well you shouldn't," Miyagi replied sternly, "If you trust me, then there's no need to be jealous." He moved back and stared into Shinobu's eyes again. "I have no interest in anyone else," he replied truthfully, a little surprised by his own honesty. He wondered how Shinobu could make him say such things. Why did this terrorist have to mess with his feelings, his common sense… and his heart?

Shinobu's beautiful orbs were wide with surprise once again. Did he lover really just say that? He launched himself at Miyagi again, holding him tightly. The professor nearly tumbled backwards because of the sudden impact, but managed to steady himself.

"Hey, are you all right?" he asked worriedly, looking down to his lover's face. Dirty blond strands covered Shinobu's eyes, making it impossible for Miyagi to read the other's expression.

"Miyagi… let's do it." Again, Shinobu's voice was nothing more than a whisper, but his lover could hear him loud and clear nonetheless. Without a second thought, Miyagi took the younger one's hand and led him to the bedroom, where he gently laid him down on the large made-up bed. Shinobu instantly sat up again and threw of his chocolate brown jacket while Miyagi undid his own tie. The blond then leaned closer and started unbuttoning Miyagi's snow white shirt.

"Wow, you're really in the mood, aren't you?"

"S-shut up!" Shinobu barked, his cheeks reddening as the other smiled. Truth be told, the teen actually liked it when his lover teased him like that, although he wasn't sure why. 'Maybe it's because he teases that Kamijou a lot as well,' he said to himself, looking into Miyagi's midnight blue eyes. No matter how many times he called Miyagi an 'old man', he couldn't help but think that his lover was actually very attractive… not to mention handsome. His eyes were a beautiful dark color, which almost seemed to match his hair, and his body was very masculine. At times like these, Shinobu actually felt his own jealousy, as he wished that he himself could look more manly.

Miyagi blinked in surprise as his younger lover slowly moved closer and placed a soft kiss on the tip of his nose. He felt his heart skip a beat, thinking that it was probably one of the most adorable things Shinobu had ever done to him.

You're sweet.

"First you're all confident and now you're acting cute again?" Miyagi asked, laughing a little while Shinobu blushed even harder. However, before the boy could protest, Miyagi pulled off the other's shirt and threw it onto the floor. Shinobu yelped a little at the sudden move, feeling the cold air touch his pale skin, and looked at Miyagi with a glare.

"What?" the professor asked innocently, grinning a little, "You were the one who wanted to do this."

"That doesn't change the fact that you're a perverted old man," Shinobu muttered, although he couldn't stop his heart from beating loudly in his chest. Whenever he was about to do this sort of thing with Miyagi, he started feeling very nervous. It wasn't a bad kind of nervous though—it was simply the excitement that caused his nervousness.

Miyagi flipped the blond onto his stomach and eyed his slender youthful body. His skin was so pure, his form so petite and delicate. Everything about Shinobu's appearance—his hair, his eyes, his hands, his expressions—everything was so adorable that Miyagi couldn't resist him. He couldn't imagine that he himself had ever looked like that, not even in his teenage years.

While his lover was still staring at him, Shinobu started to feel rather impatient. Miyagi wasn't touching him and he was getting cold with his exposed torso. Yet, the teen couldn't bring himself to complain about it; just spending time with Miyagi was enough to make him very, very happy. Just the thought that the man was staring at him and him alone made him feel special.

All of a sudden, large hands traveled down Shinobu's sides, making the blond whimper slightly. Miyagi gripped the boy's hips and leaned down, placing his lips on the soft back below him.

You're beautiful.

Shinobu whimpered, moaning silently as his lover left a trail of kisses down his back. He closed his eyes and focused on the gentle tickling sensations, a smile playing on his lips. He loved this man so dearly that he couldn't imagine a world without him. It was so surprising how things had turned out, but he was very happy about it.

"Miyagi…" he whispered, his body still shivering, "I love you." He could hear a chuckle coming from behind.

"I know you do, Shinobu."

Yeah, the meanings of the kisses are nothing serious; I just made them up. It'll probably take a while before I start on the other chapters, because I'm already writing two other stories right now.

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