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So, the second theme in this story is insecurity. As you may have noticed, all chapters have something to do with one (or perhaps two) of the lovers being uncertain about their relationship.

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"Ugh, it's so hot!" Misaki wiped the little beads of sweat from his forehead and emitted a breathless sigh. It was an exceedingly hot summer day. He had closed the curtains and turned on the fan, but nothing could prevent the heat from entering the condo. It almost felt like he was sitting in a sauna, his skin wet with perspiration and his hair dark and damp.

There was only silence inside the apartment. Since Aikawa had forced Akihiko to go to a meeting, Misaki was left all alone for a few hours. While it made the brunet happy to know that he could do his chores in peace, the feeling of loneliness was present in his heart. He knew that Akihiko was important to him, more important than anyone else, but he simply couldn't voice it to said man. He loved Akihiko, undoubtedly…

"Sheesh, I'm acting like a girl again," the young man muttered to himself, then glanced at the freezer. He remembered that Aikawa had given him some freezies before she 'abducted' the author. "It must be the heat," Misaki said to himself, slowly walking over to the device to get himself a cold snack. He quickly pulled out a package of frozen red juice, savoring the cold air that touched his skin, and quickly closed the door again.

Exhausted by his work and the unbearable weather, Misaki dropped himself onto the soft couch, his head leaning against Suzuki-san. Didn't Akihiko have some sort of freaking air conditioner or something? The man was a filthy rich novelist, after all. His slender fingers ripped open the plastic wrapping before two fingers carefully pushed the cold treat out of the wrapping, until Misaki could taste the sweet flavor of strawberries on his tongue. He moaned contentedly upon eating something to cool himself down. It was just what he needed.

Misaki's moment of peace and joy was interrupted by the sound of a door flying open. His emerald eyes darted up, curiously studying the tall man in the doorway. A soft sigh of relief escaped from Misaki's lips as he recognized that broad, muscular body and those silvery strands of hair.

"I'm home," Akihiko spoke in a calm, husky voice. From the sound of it, he was pretty tired, or at least worn out.

"You're back already? How did it go?"

"It was boring as hell, as I'd expected." Misaki rolled his eyes as he heard the growl in the author's voice, knowing that Akihiko had probably just snuck out to get his ass back home. He continued sucking on the sugary sweet snack, feeling those lavender orbs staring at him. Looking up, he noticed that the man's gaze was focused on his treat.

"What's that?"

"A freezie," the brunet replied, taking the frozen slushie-like juice out of his mouth and pointing at the freezer, "You can have one too."

"Too sweet," Akihiko muttered as he walked over to the couch. Misaki cocked an eyebrow as the author paused right in front of him, but made no move to run away.

"How do you know that it's too sweet if you've never tried one before?" When he saw the smirk on Akihiko's handsome face, Misaki quickly put the freezie back in his mouth again. Whatever that man was thinking off, it was definitely something perverted or embarrassing.

"I was talking about you, actually…"

Misaki's face instantly turned red at the remark and his leg shot up, attempting to kick the man in the face. His eyes widened in surprise as Akihiko grabbed his ankle and pressed his lips against the upside of his foot.

I need you.

"Where would I be without you?" Akihiko asked, gazing lovingly upon the brunet in front of him. Misaki stared back at him in wonder. What had gotten into that guy all of a sudden? More importantly, how could his hands still be so cold on such a hot day? Deep down, the young man wished that those cool hands would roam all over his slender body.

A soft chuckle reached Misaki's ears, and he realized that his body was betraying him. Growling in irritation, he released himself from the other's grip and sat up, glaring at Akihiko. That man really never ceased to get on his nerves.

"Without me you would be dying for sure."

"Either that, or that demon of an editor would've killed me," Akihiko replied, a small smile playing on his lips as he ruffled the younger one's soft hair.

Misaki licked the melting snack in his hands. "Don't talk about her that way," he said, "Aikawa-san is a very nice person. She's the one who's given me those freezies." He scoffed, closing his eyes. Despite that Aikawa was the one who requested everything that happened in those disgusting BL novels Akihiko wrote, Misaki still liked her. "At least she's being considerate."

Those last words turned Akihiko's smile into a frown, followed by a look of sadness and anger that Misaki failed to notice. In a swift movement, the author pulled the freezie out of the adolescent's mouth and threw it onto the coffee table, his eyes fixed on his lover. Emerald eyes shot back open in shock and looked at Akihiko, who was leaning over the brunet.

"W-what are you—"

"Are you saying that I don't take care of you?"

"What?" Misaki blinked in confusion, not quite understanding where the man was coming from. How did he come up with something like that? "T-that's not what I meant…" He was shocked when the look in those amethyst eyes turned desperate.

"Misaki…" A shiver ran down the brunet's spine. "Do I…make you unhappy? After staying at Takahiro's house, you said that you wanted to stay with me, but I'm getting the feeling that you don't like it here."

There was one thing that Misaki didn't expect; Akihiko getting all uncertain…and yet it happened. The young man looked down. 'I'm really a terrible lover, aren't I?' he asked himself. It had been too long since he'd last told the author that he loved him, so it was no wonder that said man was feeling like this. However, even at a moment like this, Misaki couldn't bring himself to speak those words again, even though they matched his feelings perfectly.

So, instead of using words to express his feelings, Misaki slowly moved forward, pressing his delicate petal-like lips against Akihiko's forehead, for the third time in his life.

I'm too shy to tell you how I feel.

It was something very small, and most people would've thought nothing of it, but Akihiko instantly showed his lover a true, handsome smile. Without uttering another word, he wrapped his arms around Misaki and pulled him into a tight embrace. With his nose buried in the chocolate locks, he took in the other's unique scent and breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn't bear the thought of Misaki leaving his side—it would be too heartbreaking.

"U-Usagi-san?" the brunet spoke carefully, unsure how Akihiko would react. The novelist simply muttered something unintelligible against his strands of hair before rubbing his nose against Misaki's right cheek in a loving way. This sweet action made the younger one's face redden, and he realized how much he loved those lovey-dovey moments with Akihiko. However, due to the warmth of his lover's body, Misaki was starting to feel too hot and gently tried to push the other off.

"No," Akihiko muttered stubbornly, only pulling Misaki closer.

"Please, it's too hot to be cuddling like this!"

The gentle smile on Akihiko's face turned into a perverted smirk, one that Misaki couldn't see until the man moved back. There were actually two things that amused the author. First off, he was surprised that his lover had actually used the word 'cuddling', as he always seemed to deny any act of showing affection. Secondly, Misaki had once again, unknowingly, given him an invitation.

"Well, we will have to fix that." In the blink of an eye, Akihiko had pinned the adolescent down onto the couch, staring at his prey with hungry, predatory eyes. He leaned down, licking those plump pink lips, and smiled as he was rewarded with a timid moan. His hands traveled to Misaki's shirt and started undoing each button.

"Wait! Don—" Misaki's protest was cut off when two cold hands were placed on his belly, softly caressing the hot skin. He bit back a moan at the feel of those glorious hands, embarrassed by his own thoughts, and looked at Akihiko through half-lidded eyes. "Usagi-san…not now," he pleaded, his body shivering visibly, "It's too hot..."

All Akihiko could do was stare at his beloved one in utter fascination. Despite being so pure, so innocent, Misaki never failed to seduce him in the most simple, yet arousing ways. How could he not be in love with a person like that? He stared back into those glazed emerald orbs, admiring their beauty, before he trailed his tongue down his lover's neck. Once he had reached the collarbone, his lips latched on to the skin and applied some more pressure there.

You're sexy.

Misaki whimpered silently, making the other chuckle.

"You're so cute," Akihiko whispered as he looked up again, meeting a pair of wet green eyes. As Misaki shivered, the author brought his right hand up to caress the crimson-colored cheek. Surprisingly, the brunet closed his eyes and leaned into his touch, savoring the coolness of that familiar hand.

"Mmnn…" Misaki moaned with his lips pressed together, his body going limp as it relaxed. How he would ever be able to survive without Akihiko, he did not know. It wasn't just one of them who needed the other; they both couldn't live without one another. They were like two pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly.

"Misaki, I love you."

The honest words coming from Akihiko's lips stabbed Misaki like a knife, making him feel bad about not putting his own love into words. The author always conveyed his feelings so easily, so why couldn't Misaki do the same? It had been bothering him for years, meaning that it was about time for him to get over his pride and uncertainty.

But for Misaki, this would have to happen slowly.

Ignoring the fight his common sense tried to put up, he leaned onto his elbows, bringing himself closer to his handsome lover. His heart was pounding loudly in his chest, as if he was encountering something terrifying—which he was, in a particular way. Slowly, his lips moved closer to Akihiko's, and Misaki could feel the man's ragged breathing against his face. Then, without wasting any more time, he initiated a tender kiss on his lover's lips.

I love you.

Akihiko's eyelids fluttered shut as he was completely overwhelmed by the sensation of being kissed by Misaki. It felt so new, so bashful, so wonderful. His other hand, that had been roaming around the brunet's torso, moved up to Misaki's other cheek, and he cupped that adorable young face before deepening the kiss. He was indescribably happy, not to mention incredibly proud of his lover, and smiled as he heard Misaki moan into his mouth.

Little did he know that Misaki was suffocating under the heat of his body. The brunet, however, didn't complain. It was all worth it.

I don't really know what I did at the end xD

Here's the list of kisses:

Eyelid – I want to make you smile
Ear – I trust you
Nose – You're sweet
Back – You're beautiful

Hand – I want to get closer to you
Cheek – I like you
Neck – I want you
Shoulder – You're mine

Foot – I need you
Forehead – I'm too shy to tell you how I feel
Collarbone – You're sexy
Lips – I love you

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