OMG. Last nights episode frustrated me something terrible. I love Stefan and I only ever really liked Elena with Stefan... but that's besides the point. I don't get why people are freaking out so much that Stefan wanted to forget everything about Elena... has no one ever got their heartbroken? Like come on.

"Do it."

Stefan ignored the hitch in Elena's breathing, she was still so human. He didn't want to look in her eyes again, didn't want to see the ghost of a girl that wasn't there anymore. Rebekah was finally saying something with appeal. Why was she making this Elena's choice? A fresh start, a memory empty of the brown eyed beauty that completely shattered any restrain. A life without the constant cloud of doubt and sorrow that the two most important people in Stefan's life created was such a liberating thought, it immediately eased his pain.

"Erase it all, every memory."

"Stefan- no!"

The blue eyes of the Original consumed his view. He was thankful for that. He heard the hurt in Elena's voice, he didn't want to witness it. This was for the best. He wouldn't have carry this around. If he could be compelled to not even remember who he was, he'd do it. Anything was better than this. Rebekah smirked, and Stefan's liquor filled stomach burned with the unsettling realization that it was an unattainable dream. Rebekah was cruel, but he didn't have it in him to even be mad at her.

The blonde left swiftly, leaving him to soak in Elena's presence. She almost looked as miserable as he felt, but Stefan knew that was near impossible. She wasn't his anymore, she wasn't the girl he fell in love with and if she was okay with that, he had no other choice but to be too. Stefan could literally feel the disappointment within her, how sharp her dark eyes seemed in that dim room. They were still so connected, he could hear all her silent questions, and Stefan couldn't deal with it anymore.

"Stefan, wait!"

So he walked away. It wasn't fair of her to act like the victim. She knew she was sired to his brother, knew what it all meant, and she saw nothing wrong with it. Compelled or not, Stefan held it against her. He needed to feel something, and if anger was the only thing he could substitute for his love, he'd take it. There was a bottle in the cellar with his name on it. He just needed the strength to leave her side. She called for him, he felt her footsteps rushing after his departing figure, but they stopped dead, just like her feelings. Their love was a distant memory for her, why couldn't he have the same luxury?