So I was watching Youtube videos and then I was like, 'GASP! I SHOULD WRITE AN ANTHOLOGY!' So now im writing an Anthology! Its going to be more than likely SasukexSakura, but I might throw in Team 7 love and other stuff!

Pairing: Sasuke and Sakura!

Raiting: Teen, cuz Sasu-chan likes to cuss :)



" Sasuke-Kun!"



Sakura pouted, why was Sasuke being so difficult? Couldn't he just answer her?

"What is it Sakura?"

Sakura smiled," Well, you know Sasuke-kun its been forever since we've done something fun-"


"-So I was wondering if you wanted to goshop-"


"What do you mean no! You didn't even let me finish my question!"

Sasuke snorted, "But I knew what you were going to say. No", he repeated again.

Sakura went from pouting to frowning, "I just wanted to go shopping with you! It could be f-"

"No. Shopping is not fun. It's stupid." Her frown deepened.

"It's not stupid, it's fun! And besides, you need some new pants! And a new shirt and-"

"Is this basically an excuse for you to go buy those new boots you wanted?" Damn, he saw right threw her.

"Of course not Sasu-cakes! It's just us spending quality time together!"


"THE POINT IS, were going shopping because your my boyfriend, and you love me, and you'll do whatever I say!", Sakura beamed. Sasuke snorted again, who lied to her?

"So come on Sasuke-kun!"




"Sasuke-kun, I said, Come. On. Now.

Sasuke sighed. It wasn't like he was scared of her or anything like that. Its just that….

No your scared of her…


"Great! " Sakura grabbed him -Damn monstrous strength- and dragged him out the door.

Lol I liked this one! It was cute…I think. ANYWAYS drop a review please! ;)

Ja Ne!

-jazzy of the Akastuki