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Title: A different kind of Love

Summary: "You know what you have forehead? An over-controlling possessive boyfriend. And do you also know how un-healthy that is?"

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A different kind of Love

"Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'" –Erich Fromm

Sakura didn't even have time to blink—let alone register what was going on—before she was wrapped in a strong embrace. Her body was squished against another larger one and she felt someone breathe into her hair, as if they were inhaling her scent. Before she could look up and address the person she was suddenly kissed by them; a kiss she knew all too well. Sakura didn't even have to look up to know exactly who it was. They pulled away and hugged her once more.

"Welcome home Sasuke-kun."


Sakura looked up at him and smiled, "I take it your mission went well. Considering you're in such a good mood."

Sasuke said nothing as he still held Sakura in his arms, just happy to see her again.

Before she could ask him another question, he kissed her again, longer this time and Sakura happily responded.

When they broke apart Sakura, barely being able to contain her excitement, tackled him into a bone crushing hug.

When Sasuke was able to breathe again—after all being hugged by Sakura took all your breath away—he spoke.

"I missed you."

"Awww, I missed you too Sasuke! A whole month and a half without you is an awful long time!"

Sasuke sighed; he was finally home.

After lying on the kitchen floor a little longer, Sakura helped Sasuke up.

"But I'm glad your back. You have no idea how much I-"

"Sakura-chaaaaaan!," Naruto screamed, while he busted into Sakura's apartment, and suddenly she was tackled into a hug and spun around by the loud blond.

"I missed you so much Sakura-chan! Me and the bastard both," Naruto spoke as he set Sakura back down," I would've have came over sooner but teme was too eager to get here and left me to bring the mission report to baa-chan. And right before that I hurried and caught up with Hinata-chan before she could go on her mission and- I just missed you Sakura-chan!"

Sakura smiled and ruffled the loud blonds' hair, "I missed you too Naruto."

Naruto smiled and hugged her again, much to Sasuke's dismay. And unfortunately she was hugging him back and laughing right along with him.

Of course, they would be too happy to see each other.

But Sasuke refused to let Naruto ruin his mood—after all it wasn't every day that you saw Uchiha Sasuke actually happy.

"So Sakura-chan I was thinking that we should go get some Ramen and-"


"No? Teme, you can't tell Sakura-chan what to do! If she wants to go get some Ramen she can go!"

Sakura chuckled at Naruto when Sasuke's voice cut the air again.

"No. She's staying here."

"Look you bastard, you need to learn how to share Sakura-chan! I mean just because your dating doesn't mean you get to be stingy.

"Actually it does idiot."

"You know what teme!? I-"

"It's ok Naruto, I'll go out with you later."

Naruto pouted, "But Sakura-chaaaaan!"

"I promise Naruto. Ok?"

"Aww, ok. I guess I'll see you later then. If teme wasn't so possessive then I could see you now," Naruto grumbled, "Bastard," and walked out the door.

"Aww, poor Naruto. You think he'll be ok?"

Sasuke snorted," He'll be fine. That idiot was just being over dramatic."

Sakura smiled and shrugged, "Ya your right. So now that your home Sasuke-kun is there anything special you want to eat for dinner?"


Sakura already knowing what, 'Hn', meant made her way into the kitchen and started cooking.

And for the rest of the day, they stayed at Sakura's apartment, just enjoying each other's company.


"Forehead, we missed you at girls' night out! Where were you anyways?"

Sakura took another sip of her tea before speaking, "With Sasuke-kun."

"Really now, you know Sakura, you can't spend all your time with Sasuke. Doesn't he let you live a little?"

"Oh come on now Ino", Tenten began putting down her tea, "Im sure Sasuke doesn't control Sakura."

"Ya, that much. You know what you have forehead? An over-controlling possessive boyfriend. And do you also know how un-healthy that is?"

"I think Sasuke just acts like that to show how much he cares about her."

"Thank you Hina, someone who understands. And besides, he let me come here didn't he?"

"Key word Sakura, let. Just admit it."

"I'd have to agree with Hinata on this one Ino. I mean we all know how Sasuke is. He's just showing her how much he loves her."

"I guess. All I'm saying Sakura is you've got to put your foot down. Sasuke can't control you his whole life. Just tell him if he wants to restore that clan of his, he better calm down and let you do what you want."

"Ino," the other three girls exclaimed together.

"What? Just think about it Sakura. That's all."

Sakura smirked, "Whatever pig. You just remember that next time you decided to be Shikamaru's mother."

Hinata and Ino start laughing at the two.

"Only if you remember first."

"Ok , I'll 'remember'."

Sakura snorted, like she'd really have to. Sasuke wasn't that bad.

But unfortunately he was.


A few weeks had passed and Team 7 was yet on another mission—though it was only Sasuke and Sakura this time.

The mission itself had been over, they were just stopping in a nearby village to rest and regain chakra.

Feeling hunger and fatigue quickly over coming them, the two quickly made their way into a local market to get some supplies before going to the inn and collapsing in slumber.

And it just so happened that the stand owner decided to flirt with Sakura while selling her some tomatoes.

"You know you're really pretty with your pink hair. You from around here," the stand owner asked with a smile.

Sakura looked up at him with a slight blush on her cheeks, "Um, no I'm not."

He smiled again, "Well, if you plan on being here for a couple more days, how about I take you out on a date?"

Sakura gave the man a polite smile before answering, "Oh, no thank you."

"Oh come on, it's pretty hard finding really pretty girls like you around," The man said, leaning closer to Sakura making her uncomfortable.

And before Sakura could even think about how to get the man away from her, a deep voice cut in.

"No, she can't," Sasuke said as he took Sakura and dragged her away.

"Thanks Sasuke-kun."


God he hated stopping in other villages. Because no matter where he went, some creep always found it appropriate to flirt with Sakura.

And because Sakura said he couldn't just 'beat the crap out of random civilians for flirting with her', the Uchiha had nothing else better to do than just drag her way.

"Sakura, do us both a favor and stop talking to everyone."

"I do not talk to everyone Sasuke-kun! And could you let go of my wrist. People are starting to stare…"

"No one cares about-"

"Hey, let go of her!"

A man ran up to them, Sakura getting highly embarrassed, and Sasuke getting angrier by the second.

"Hey is this guy giving you trouble? I saw the way he was dragging you."

"Oh, it's nothing, I'm fine."

"Are you sure, I can help you if you need it."

"If don't want a helping of Chidori up your ass, I'd suggest you leave us alone."

"Really its fine," Sakura explained, just hoping the guy would leave before Sasuke actually did give him a helping of Chidori with his left over chakra.

She then sighed in relief when the guy scurried away, more than likely afraid of Sasuke's death glare.

"Oh my god! You see Sasuke-kun! No everyone thinks your some crazy, possessive, controlling boyfriend or something!"


"Don't 'Hn' me! It's bad enough you actually are like that, do you have to act like it too?"

Sasuke turned his head and looked at her," I am not possessive."

"Um news flash Sasuke, yes you are!"

Sasuke scoffed at her accusation.

"I'm serious Sasuke-kun! I mean you never let me go anywhere or do anything!"

"That's not true. I let you get Ramen with Naruto all the time."

"That's ramen with Naruto! That doesn't really count! Especially if you go too!"

"Honestly Sakura, where do you need to go anyways. Your either at the hospital, on a mission, or at home. You don't go anywhere."

"Because you don't let me!"

"And if I did, where would you go?"

At that, Sakura had no answer. Only a scowl toward him as they walked into their room.

And she tried her hardest to ignore that smirk on his face.


To say that Sakura was pissed off at Sasuke was an understatement. Of course Sasuke thought she was just acting like an immature child.

But she so was not!

So for the rest of that night, and on the way home, Sakura refused to speak a word to Sasuke.

Even when they had returned home and gotten back to her apartment, she still was silent. And though Sasuke didn't mind, he knew if he didn't fix her bad mood soon, he'd be in a bad mood sleeping on the couch for two weeks.


No answer.


Still no answer.

"Dammit you annoying woman would you just answer me?"

"Fine, what Sasuke!?"

"Could you stop being so annoying and just talk to me? Honestly I'm surprised you stayed mad this long."

"No you bastard," Sakura hissed.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at her.

Sakura could be so damn sensitive!

"If you think calling me annoying is gonna get me to talk to you, you're sadly mistaken."

"You're talking to me now aren't you?"

Sakura growled at him.

Damn him for being so smart!

"Fine, what do want?"

"To stop being mad at me over something so childish-"

"It's not childish! And the only reason it would be childish is because you're making it that way!"

"Are you done? Like I was saying I'm….sorry."

Sakura was about to scream at him again, when she heard him apologize.


Sasuke just stared at her, refusing to say it again.

"Ok, what for?"

Sasuke sighed, "For supposedly being a 'crazy, possessive, controlling boyfriend'".

Sakura stared at him, trying her best to keep her resolve, but Sasuke was just too cute when he was apologizing!

"Well, I guess its ok then. I mean it's not every day that you can get the great 'Sasuke Uchiha' to apologize. So I guess you're forgiven. But you're still a bastard."

"And you're still annoying."

Sakura smiled, "But you love me anyways Sasuke-kun! That's why you act the way you do. Because you can't just say 'I love you.' So instead you act like a jerk to make up for it."

Sakura went over and hugged him.

Truly, he really did,

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