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Pairing: SasukexSakura

Raiting: T for Sasuke-kun!

Title: Tomato soup for the Kunoichi soul

Summary: "Oh, Sasuke-kun, you don't have to feed me."

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Tomato soup for the Kunoichi soul

Oh god, this could not be happening to her. Out of all the things that could happen in life-falling in battle, her favorite store being destroyed, Sasuke breaking up with her( -snort- ya right)- she didn't expect this to happen. She wasn't quite sure how it happened, but just the fact that it did….

She sighed in laid back in bed- seeing that was all she could do, and shut her heavy eyelids- she was going to need her sleep.

Sasuke was walking home-more like to Sakura's house- after a long mission. The mission itself was to assassinate a gang that took over a small civilian village. It had taken him and his team, Naruto and Kakashi, a week to do so, but they got it done. And now he was on his way home, ready to lie down and just got to sleep.

But first he needed a medic.

But more specifically, Sakura.

Not that he would admit it-only to himself- but his body was killing him. Of course he could just go to the hospital three minutes away, but that was not an option. Lasthe went to the hospital instead of seeing Sakura, he was attacked by fan girls on the way there. And not only that, the nurses-weren't they suppose to be professionally trained?-oogled him the whole time. Every since that one and only time, Sasuke never went to anyone else but Sakura. Even if that meant sitting outside the hospital waiting until her shift was over at four in the morning. It was worth it, he concluded as he saw Sakura's apartment approaching.

Sasuke knocked on the door. No answer. Was she at the hospital? Not that it mattered, he'd just sit on her couch, maybe catch some sleep, until she got back. He pulled out the key from under her matt to unlock the door.

Sasuke walked inside and saw an unusual sight.

Why the hell was Sakura's apartment dirty?

She never kept her apartment dirty. Truth be told, she was a bigger neat freak then he was. With his curiosity growing, he walked further into her apartment into Sakura's room.

When Sasuke walked in he saw Sakura spread all over her bed-she didn't even look like she was breathing- with tissue boxes everywhere. Upon closer inspection, he could see that she was indeed breathing.


"Sakura." Sasuke nudged her in hopes of getting her to wake up.

He tried one more time, "Sakura." With that last nudge-push- she finally started stirring.

"S-Sasuke-kun?" She asked drunkenly. Sasuke raised his eyebrow at her. What was wrong with her?

Right when Sasuke was about to answer, she fell back asleep.

Sasuke glared. "Sakura."

"What Sasuke-kun? Can't you see I'm sick and tired." Sasuke flinched away when she sneezed. Oh so that was it.

Sakura was sick.


"Oh you want me to heal you? I'm sorry Sasuke but I just can't right now. My nose is stopped up, and I cant smell anything, and my head is pounding and-can you make me some soup?"

Sasuke looked at her. For someone that was sick, she sure did sound the same. At the same time her face did look paler than usual, and she did sound rather sick.


"Thank you Sasuke-kun," Sakura said, her voice just above a whisper.

Sasuke returned not to long after, with a bowl of tomato soup and a box of tissues. He set the tray next to her nightstand and went to her bed to help her sit up. Sakura smiled up at Sasuke, he was being such a sweetheart.

And everyone said Sasuke didn't have a heart.

"Here." Sasuke took the spoon and held it up to her mouth.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun, you don't have to feed me."

"Just eat the soup Sakura," Sasuke replied. Sakura looked up at to smile at him once again when she noticed he was blushing!

Aww, Sasu-chan was blushing!

Sasuke noticed her growing smile, and turned his head, trying to hide his-cursed!- blush. He turned his head back around and gave her another spoonful. After her soup was all gone-Thank you for the soup Sasuke-kun! - he made Sakura lay down again saying she needed her 'sleep.'

While she was-being forced!- to lay down, Sakura felt bad that she didn't get to heal him. She was after all, his primary health care provider and could easily tell when he was in pain. Though Sasuke was the most impassive person she knew, she could tell just how bad she was hurting.

"Sasuke-kun I'm sorry I can't heal you."

"It's fine."

"But," Sakura was about to argue, but Sasuke gave her a look. "Ok." Sasuke was about to get up and leave to go to her living room, when Sakura's weak voice cut the air.

"Sasuke will you stay the night with me? I know how uncomfortable my couch can be and I'd hate for you to be in more pain than necessary. "


Sakura scooted over to make room for Sasuke, smiling the whole time. When he got in the bed, she snuggled up to his chest-he was so warm!- and closed her eyes.

"Have I ever told you you're the best boyfriend ever?"

Sasuke smirked, "All the time." Sakura yawned, "Well I'm glad you know." Not soon after Sakura's slow breathing could be heard.

A couple days later Sasuke woke up only to find out he couldn't breathe, and his nose was stopped up, not to mention his head was pounding.

Sasuke was sick.

Damn it Sakura

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