Ok, here's another one! I've been really into Glee and decided to incorporate it! I hope you all enjoy! Oh, and idk If they Netflix and PS3's in the Naru-verseā€¦but they do in this story ok? Anyways enjoy the read!

Pairing: SasukexSakura, Team 7 love :)

Raiting: T for the usual Sasuke-kun

Title: Netflix

Summary: "Were not gay Sakura-chan! Why would we watch this!?"

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Sakura had gotten off early today-thank god!- and was walking home. She was looking forward to going home. Because going home meant being able to lie down and sleep for hours. She couldn't even remember the last time she had seen her bed. And she couldn't wait to snuggle up to her sheets and apologize over and over again for abandoning them.

Sakura walked into her apartment only to see some of the two strongest shinobi in all the Hidden Leaf Village sitting on her couch.

Watching Netflix.


"So, you wanna watch this one again teme?"

"Didn't we watch that one twice last week?"

"I dunno. These movies start to look the same after a while."

Sakura sighed, were they really arguing about what to watch on Netflix?

"How long have you two been sitting here?"

"Umm," Naruto took a moment to think, "All day I guess.


"You do know how un-productive that is? Not to mention un-healthy? Everyday I've come home, no matter what time it is, you two are always here in the same spot! When's the last time you've actually done something besides sit here?"

Sasuke and Naruto looked at her.

"I dunno."


"Well how about you go on a mission or something."

"You know we would Sakura-chan, it's just there hasn't been any missions for us to go on. Except those stupid D-ranked missions that involve chasing some lady's cat. You do know those are missions for Gennin. Which we are not."


"Ok, well ,go train."

"Training gets boring after a while Sakura-chan. Especially if that's all you do every day. So instead we just decided to sit here in watch Netflix."

Sakura sighed again. This all started a couple weeks ago.

There was nothing good to watch so Naruto brought his PS3 over and they watched Netflix. Ever since then Team 7 would have movie night once a week or so if they had the chance.

And they definitely had the chance now.

Every day this week Sakura had come home to see Sasuke and Naruto watching Netflix. At first she didn't mind as much. That was until she noticed they sat there all day.

And all night.

On more than one occasion she had come home at two in the morning and had saw the two sitting there watchinga movie.

The next morning when she was getting ready to go work she noticed the two hadn't shaved either. Immediately Sakura made them shave. And ever since that event-yesterday- she had start to get fed up with their laziness.

They were lazier than Shikamaru!

"I don't see what the problem is. Is not like we're bothering you."

"That's the thing Sasuke, it is bothering me! All you two do is sit here!


"Get up and go do something!"

"And what happens if we don't?"

Sakura growled at them under her breath. And she did not appreciate Sasuke's smart mouth.

God he was such a smart ass.

"Ok. That's fine. Don't move, see if I care!", Sakura growled as she stormed to her room for some much deserved rest.

"God, what's her problem."

"Like I care."

A couple hours later Sasuke and Naruto looked up to see Sakura walking over to the couch and plopping down while taking the controller off the table.

She then stopped the movie which did not sit too well with Sasuke and Naruto.

"Hey Sakura-chan!"

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Duh, what does it look like I'm doing, picking something to watch."

Sakura rolled her eyes.

They could be such idiots sometimes.

"Um, but we were watching that!"

"Well, now were watching this."

Both boys eyes widened in horror at what Sakura picked:


"No way are we watching Glee!"

"What the hell is wrong with you? "

"What? It's a good show, and it's cute!"

"The hell if it is!"

"Were not gay Sakura-chan! Why would we watch this!?"

"Because I said so. And that's not what everyone else said."

"I don't care what everyone else says! Were not gay!"

"And were not watching this," Sasuke said as he took the controller from her hands.

"You're funny Sasuke-kun. Now give it back. Now."

Sasuke rolled his eyes at her. He didn't take her threat serious.

"Im serious, hand the controller over now Uchiha."

"And if I don't?"

"Teme just hand her the controller so she can stop bitc-um complaining! Yes complaining!"

Sakura fumed. Like hell she'd give them the controller back now! Especially since she just sneakily swiped it from Sasuke.

"Well because of that little comment were watching all of season two of Glee!"

"No Sakura-chan I'm sorry!"

"To late Uzumaki! You should have thought about that before you said I was bitching!"

And much to the dismay of the boys of Team 7, Sakura stayed true to her word and they watched all of season two of Glee.

When it finally ended-Finally! I thought I was going to have to kill myself in there! You're not the only one- Sakura decided to speak up.

"Maybe now you two idiots will listen to me when I tell you to go and actually do something! Now, I feel kind of bad for making you guys watch season two, so let's watch season one!"

Naruto nearly choked and died. After recovering from his near death experience he spoke.

"What! I thought you felt sorry for us!"

"I do! It's horrible watching season two if you haven't seen season one!"

"No. No we are not watching anymore of this crap!"

"Awww, Sasu-cakes! You're so cute! No wonder I love you. No who's up for season one?"

Half-way through season one Naruto found himself strangely not hating Glee as much as he had before.

And that scared the crap out of him.

"Hey, you guys aren't scowling anymore! Omg, You like Glee!"

Naruto screamed 'No!' for a while until Sakura punched him in the throat and Sasuke wished he would've stayed in Sound, living a Glee-less life.

It was then that Sasuke and Naruto concluded that Sakura was the Devil in disguise.

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