Her mother never wanted her to join Starfleet in the first place. "The galaxy is no place for a telepath." she had said. "You belong here with me."

Regardless, the day she turned 18, Kymberli Rzepka enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Three weeks later, she excitedly said goodbye to her mother in a docking station and was gone. She was a spirited individual and Starfleet was happy to have her. Not many Betazoids joined the fleet.

Through her time at the academy, she was nearly expelled several times for fighting, excessive mischief, drunkenness, or unprofessionalism. Her grades were near the top of her class, but her conduct was never the Starfleet standard. She was on her last warning with the Academy when she met Ro Laren.

Cadet Ro helped her straighten up. Ro was an upperclassman while Kym was just a second-year. They became fast friends and through Ro's disciplined demeanor, Kym learned how to calm down a bit and concentrate on her professionalism.

After Ro graduated, Kym rose to the top of her class in academics and became Cadet of The Year in her final term. She graduated with high honors in the fields of Molecular Engineering and Military Studies.

Immediately out of the Academy, she was stationed aboard the USS Titan, where she served as an engineering crewman ensign. She was promoted that same year to Lieutenant second class and began studying interstellar relations as post-graduate work. Without much of a plan for her life, she just followed what was fun for her.

Her mother got over the Starfleet enlistment drama and was quite proud of her daughter. As part of her mother's terms of acceptance, she made one request of Kym: marry a Betazoid man. One preferably not in Starfleet.

Kym didn't pay much attention to her mother's request. She was too busy to be married.

After the Titan underwent a major demobilization, Kym received orders to transfer to the Excelsior to work on the newly developed transwarp drive. She spent four years there working as a molecular engineer until the ship was decommissioned for rebuild.

With six years in the fleet under her belt, she received the most disturbing orders in her career - engineering and military compliment aboard the Space Station Deep Space Nine. Along with the new orders came a promotion - Lieutenant Commander. She was to assist the crew assimilate the Cardassian technology to fit with new Federation Technology aboard the station. Along with the refit, she was assigned to assist the military analyst aboard the station, a Klingon. By the time she had received her post-graduate degree in Interstellar Relations, she was ready to deploy. She knew exactly what lie ahead in the Gamma Quadrant - and she didn't like it one bit.

The original orders were for 18 months until the Excelsior was to be re-commissioned. Thinking she would only have to be aboard for 18 months, she accepted the assignment and arrived aboard the station on her 28th birthday. With the Dominion War on the horizon, she spent most of her time in meetings and researching and very few hours actually working on the station's systems. She served as Chief Engineer aboard the Defiant when Chief Miles O'Brien was not available. They shared the responsibility equally and Kym enjoyed being out in space again.

The Dominion war officially started six months after she arrived aboard DS9. She had her work cut out for her as an analyst, but also faithfully worked as second in command engineer. She was quite busy.

During this time she made close friends with Major Kira Nerys and Commander Worf, who was her mentor in the area of military operations. She went to battle many times aboard the Defiant with a crew that she became very close to.

Kym's mother fell gravely ill the following year and she was on shore leave to Betazed when the station was captured by the Dominion. She fell under strict orders to remain on duty at the Betazoid embassy, but received a message from Major Kira telling about a plot to re-take the station. She knew she had to get back to the station to help. She disguised herself as a Bajoran mercenary and smuggled herself onto a transport back to DS9.

During a station sabotage mission led by Major Kira and Rom, she participated by guarding an anterior entrance to the relay station in which Rom was working to disarm the weapons systems. When she received the notification that the station had been disarmed, she began to make her way out of the crawlspace. Before she had a chance to escape, however, the station rocked with phaser fire, causing part of the crawlspace and bulkhead to collapse on her. The collapse caused a broken pelvis, two broken ribs and a punctured lung.

A second jolt to the station caused the floor under her to give way, causing her to fall over 25 feet to the chamber below. One of her lumbar vertebrae was broken by the fall, severing her spinal cord.

She lay in the chamber for over four hours before anyone found her. She was rescued out of the chamber by Commander Worf and Odo, who detected her presence during a security sweep of the station. Dr. Julian Bashir helped extract her from the rubble. Amid the seriousness of her injuries, she was happy to see her colleagues again.

Two surgeries later and despite Dr. Bashir's best efforts, Kym was paralyzed from the waist down. Normal therapies like genotronic replication were not viable options due to the complexity of her neurons and her brain. She attended her Starfleet Court Marshall hearing and her friend Jadzia Dax's wedding in a wheelchair. Due to extenuating circumstances and the war situation, she was placed on a year's probation with all charges of insubordination dropped if she stayed out of trouble for her tenure on Deep Space Nine. She gave up her engineering duties and focused solely on military analysis. She celebrated her one-year anniversary of arriving on the station by enduring a third surgery to realign her pelvis.

Several months later, Dr. Bashir had convinced Kym to try neural transducer therapy with a spinal fusion. She agreed in order to avoid a medical discharge from the fleet. Dr. Bashir implanted seventeen transducers through her spine and legs, allowing her brain to receive electrical impulses through a fusion core at the site of her spinal injury. The procedure allowed her to walk again, but only limited intervals and with incredible pain. With extensive physical therapy, she was able to regain 80% of her mobility with pain management.

After the war ended, she became acting Chief Engineer until orders were completed for Nog to take the responsibility. After a year in physical therapy, Dr. Bashir came across new research involving Betazoid stem cell transplantation and prototype DNA. He was able to clone new spinal cord tissue from her mother's DNA and inject the cells into the damaged part of her spinal cord, forming new connections. Three weeks later, she learned to walk again on her own.

Following her transplant, Kym was healthy enough to be recruited into Starfleet Intelligence and was promoted to Commander second class. She was able to pass their training program with flying colors and agreed to becoming an operative with one condition - that she would be able to return to Deep Space Nine.

She will be in physical therapy for at least another year while her body continues to build new neurons in her spinal cord. It's been nine months since the transplant. She has nerve pain in her legs as a result from her injury, however, the pain should subside within the first two years following the transplant. Within five years, she will have regained total mobility and be pain-free.

As an Intelligence Operative, her mission is to obtain covert intelligence about external humanoid species and internal Federation species. She is also responsible to obtain covert intelligence about internal Starfleet Officers, reporting back to the Federation any instance when she finds inconsistencies or discrepancies.