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The God of Light ignored my pleas.

In other words, when I woke up in the morning and quickly dashed to my mirror, I sadly found out that I unfortunately was still a girl. Quickly swallowing my disappointment, I went and got ready, mentally preparing myself for the day.

I walked to the conference room, our arranged meeting place. When I stepped inside, I was surprised to see that everybody was already there. Storm sat at the far end. Leaf gave me a smile and a wave as soon as he saw me. Earth, on the other hand, scowled.

"Am I late?" I asked, slightly wincing at the sound of my voice. It was still high and feminine.

"No. We were just here early." The Pope replied. He looked at me. "I can see that you didn't turn back."

"Mmm." I replied vaguely. I felt my cheeks heat up slightly as I felt at least 10 pairs of eyes on me.

The Pope sighed. "Well, let's see what you'll capable of as a girl today, Sun. Oh right, I thought of a new name for you."

"Eh?" I blinked and looked up, surprise clearly visible on my face.

The Pope sighed again. "Even if people don't figure out that you're Sun by looking at you, do you think that they won't figure it out if we call you Sun?"

I blinked again. "Oh…so what's my new name?"

The Pope smiled slightly. "In public, from now on, we'll call you Star."

"Star? Why?" I asked. It wasn't that I didn't like the name. I was just truly curious.

The Pope smiled again. "Because the sun is also a star, so that's why I decided it would be perfect."

I blinked and shrugged. "Sure. I'll be Star in public from now on."

The Pope nodded. "Okay! Back to your "tests", Sun, I specifically requested that the prayer room would be assigned to me this morning, so let's see if your abilities changed, Sun."

I nodded as well. "Sure, let's go!"


My first test was with Holy Light. I was supposed to try and see how much I could collect in a split second. Before, I could collect a fistful.

"You ready, Sun?" The Pope asked me. I nodded.

"Yeah." Leaf smiled at me.

"It's okay, Sun, if you'll bad at Holy Light now." Leaf started to say. "In any case, your "bad" would probably still the best any of us Holy Knights could do!"

I gave Leaf a smile. Leave it to him to dispel some of my worries! Ah! Leaf is truly the "Mama" of the warm-hearted faction!

Closing my eyes, I began to call Holy Light to me.

"Whoa!" I heard Blaze exclaim.

Startled, I opened my eyes. Just to see that my whole body was covered in the soft glow of Holy Light.

The Pope hummed softly. "Leaf Knight, it seems that your little speech was not needed. As a girl, Sun's ability with Holy Knight increased tenfold! But, unfortunately, Holy Light can only be used against the undead and to heal. So now let's see if your ability with weapons has improved!"


I ignored the amazed expressions as I swung around. And finished the exercise.

"Whoa…Sun, when were you so good with daggers?" Blaze Knight asked incredulously.

I shrugged. Judgment hummed an approval, and for the first time that day, he spoke.

"That's good! Your reflexes with your daggers should be transferred to your swordsmanship as well!"

Turning around, he asked his Vice-Captain, Radar…or was it Vidar…-never mind-, to bring me the Divine Sun Sword.

A few minutes later, he came running with my antique. Judgment started talking as Radar slowly gave it to me. "Sun, it seems that everything about you improved. Maybe you should have been born a gir-"

He wasn't able to finish, however, because I gave a startled cry and almost dropped the sword.

The Pope started and immediately ran over. "Sun, what's wrong?"

I strained my arms, trying to lift the sword, when I asked my question. "Why is the Divine Sun Sword so heavy?"

Everyone stared. "Sun, your Divine Sun Sword is one of the lightest swords in the world!" Storm exclaimed.

Silence was formed. After a few minutes, the Pope broke it. He sighed.

"Let's see if your ability with magic improved." I nodded. However, I didn't catch his last words. "If it didn't, then you'll really need bodyguards!"


I stared at the target. "Okay, Sun" The Pope stated to say. "Use any magic of your choice and break the target."

I pondered silently at what I should do. Finally, I decided to use a wind chop. I closed my eyes and gathered some wind when…


I opened my eyes just in time to see the target break into pieces. Whoa. I took less than half the time I would needed to gather some wind element.

The Pope looked pleased. "Amazing, Sun! Your magic is 2 times stronger than bef-Sun! Are you alright!"

He suddenly turned alarmed. As surprised as I was, I didn't have any more time to ponder about that, because the world started spinning violently and I started seeing black spots dance in my vision. And then I blacked out.


"What happened to Sun!?" Blaze yelled worriedly, looking at Sun's unconscious body. The Pope sighed.

"It's my fault. I should have known that her body would be weak after I saw her unable to pick up her sword. It'll probably take at least a month before she becomes stronger."

Everyone looked alarmed. "If someone tries to hurt her…" Leaf trailed off.

"She won't be able to protect herself." The Pope stated.

"Then what should we do?" Blaze asked, horrified.

The Pope smiled. "It's time for the 12 Holy Knights Babysitting Club to be made!" He announce happily.

Everyone stared. "…What?"


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