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XChapter StartX

"Karakura Town... this could be interesting" muttered a man that looked no older then 20 with waist length black hair with blonde highlights that had shoulder length bangs framing the sides of his face, covering his right eye entirely as he looked down and the small town in Japan. He wore a form fitting Black shirt with long open sleeves, black pants, and simple black running shoes. He also wore a necklace that had a deep green gem on it.

The man was carrying a small backpack which seemed to contain on a scroll of an unknown nature with small calligraphy and supplies at the side pocket. This man was Naruto Uzumaki, a wandering immortal sage that had been traveling the world for longer then he cared to remember. Naruto became immortal at the end of the 4th shinobi world war through a combination of means and knowing this began traveling throughout the world and witnessed the changes that took place over time.

Each century he found a new place to call home and used Henge (Transformation) to change his appearance to match other people so none would suspect much. He Spent much of his life keeping to himself not having it in him to watch someone grow old and die, so he simply made good friends that he stayed with till their ding dies.

Although oddly he saw their spirits when they left their bodies and when they did had been shocked to find Naruto could see and hear them so he would stay and chat with them before they simply didn't come back to chat, almost as if they had moved on. He accepted this as at times one did need to move on in life.

In his many years of travel Naruto's natural need to learn things continued as he had studied under many people in his life. He had met sages that oddly spoke of the true power of the spirit; they were ones who saw spirits like he did.

They spoke of those in black kimonos helping those gone to pass into the next life and find peace, naturally Naruto had discovered their words to be true as he found out that after many years the term shinigami came to any wearing the black robe and sword at their side, who helped wandering spirits but also strange creatures with horrible white masks.

A few of the creatures had seemed to be attracted to him for some strange reason but were easily dealt with when naruto utilized the Yin chakra which he discovered affected the white masked monsters. Naruto continued to do so for some time until he saw one of theses shinigami's wielding a daisho sword pair and drew their swords and change its shape by calling out a name, he never caught the name that was called but he looked at the person whose swords changed becoming a pair of huge, heavily-curved, black Chinese scimitars with silver edges with long red tassels dangling from the end. After many years of meditation Naruto was able to develop a spirit sense and he could feel the connection from the shinigami to their blade. He found that both were apart of each other in synch and both offereing power to the other.

After seeing it Naruto decided to look into his own soul and see if he could find the blade within himself and to his own surprise he did. The Blade was peculiar as were the versatility of its ability which Naruto could only grin at everything he could do with it while fighting and later his grin turned into a broad smile when he discovered that he could use his chakra with the spirit blade and as such Naruto was always carrying it form that day 1200 years ago.

It was shortly after discovering his Spirit blade Naruto came across what looked like a war-zone, the ground was scorched and bodies were laying everywhere a good portion of them were burn to the point it was hard to confirm if they were human, he continued looking around when he sensed something over the nearby hill and ran to the top of it to see a shinigami fighting what looked like a human army but noticed that this particular shinigami was wearing something over what he saw all the other shinigami wore and reminded him of the Kage robes but what drew his attention was the spirit blade that the shinigami wielded, it was engulfed in flames and even at the distance Naruto was he could feel the heat coming from the blade and would have continued looking at the blazing inferno that engulfed the blade but was distracted when the flames around suddenly vanished leaving only the shinigami a little scorched blade, Naruto would have examined the blade further but was distracted when the shinigami said "Bankai! Zanka No Tachi (Long Sword Of The Remaining Flame).

Naruto stayed atop the hill and watched as the shinigami and human fought each other in what was quickly becoming apparent a death match, he only stayed to watch the fight was that every time that the shinigami cut something with his scorched blade a tremendous fire would flare up incinerating what was cut, Naruto watched in interest and as the lone shinigami was proving to be in Naruto's opinion Hell's Guardian in human form as the shinigami burned his way through those that stood in his way. Naruto watched as the miniature war continued on until there was only the shinigami and what Naruto believed to be the humans Leader were the only ones left with the shinigami was standing over the leader and was glaring at him and said somethings Naruto couldn't hear before turning around and walking away where Naruto just stood there for a few more seconds before he to turned and walked away and continued his wandering.

After many years his wandering and his spirit sense had led him to the small town of Karakura which for such a small town had quite a bit of spiritual energy, although quite a few had tried to hide themselves it seemed. Offering a mental shrug he went to find the local state agent and find himself a place to live, he found a nice apartment that was close to the local high school where he had just passed the enterance exam and would begin taking classes the next day.

One might ask where Naruto had the money to pay for things like this, which would be answered by him telling you that good memories make an excellent story as he had turned his life and all his many adventures into a series of books that had become famous where ever they were sold but no one truly knew what the author looked like as Naruto never let it be known, he had republished his godfathers work along with some of his own stories and Henge into the old pervert when he went to the publisher Naruto mainly did it to honor the perverts memory and for extra money cause even Naruto wouldn't deny how much money they made and would always shake his head whenever he saw someone reading the little orange book.


"Looks as though this could be an interesting place to live for a while" Naruto said to himself walking the streets at night like he had done so many times in other towns. Streets had a different feel to them at night, a tranquil feeling when no one was around; they allowed him to see how the town felt with no distractions.

When Naruto felt a pulse of energy with his spirit sense and sped off to find the source. Shortly after he was in front of a residential house where he saw a young petie looking woman leaning against a lamp post who had short dark hair and her shinigami clothes turned completely white.

The more interesting sight for Naruto was the teenager as he was now dressed in shinigami clothes holding a ridiculously large zanpakuto which he used to kill the nearby hollow (1)with ease.

"Well seems like things will get much more interesting around here and I have a feeling that the boy will be at the center of it" Naruto spoke softly to himself .

'Yeah, you should be happy that it's not you this time though something tells me that what that boy's going to be a part of will be more dangerous then what you attracted' said a deep masculine voice that only Naruto could hear.

Before Naruto could respond he sensed a presence a few feet behind him and turned to see a man with the green and white bucket hat looking directly at him for a few seconds before his eyes widened slightly when he realized that Naruto could see him "Well isn't this a pleasant surprise it appears that there was more then a single human that could see spirits I have a few questions I want to ask, you wouldn't mind following me after I finish with my original business would you" the stranger said.

Naruto looked at the man 'well Kuruma do you think we should go with this guy he could gives us the information that has been alluding me ever since I found out that I have the same type of energy that those shinigami seem to have' Naruto said to the giant multi tailed fox.

"Might as well even if this guy did attack you he knows absolutely nothing about the abilities that you have so it would be suicide" Kuruma replied.

Naruto looked at the strange man "Sure I'll answer your questions so long as you answer mine shinigami" Naruto said to the man having him gain a shocked expression.

"You even know I'm a shinigami I must say you definitely intrigue me, my name is Kisuke Urahara" Kisuke said slightly shocked that the human before him knew what he was.

"Naruto Uzumaki, and if you think of making a fishcake's comment or joke I'll show you just how much a maelstrom I actually am" Naruto said to Kisuke which made him chuckle and pulled out a fan and held it out in front of his mouth.

"I would never think of doing something like that Naruto-san, if you could just wait right here until I finish my original business with miss Kuchiki then we'll head somwhere where we can have a nice chat" Kisuke said before walking towards the small petite girl Naruto could now identify as Kuchiki, Naruto stood there and watched as Kisuke was having a conversation with the girl when he helped the girl up and started walking back towards Naruto"Now Naruto-san if you would please follow me we can 'kill two birds with one stone' or so they say" Kisuke said with a goofy grin on his face as Naruto walk in time with the small group where Rukia was looking at Naruto in curiosity and suspicion as he walked with the two of them.

Naruto walked along with Kiskue and Rukia and noticed that the girl had been staring at him since he started walking with them and became annoyed at her and without even turning to look at her "Is there something that you wish to say or ask me little shinigami" Naruto asked Rukia startling her.

"N-nothing really I was just curious as to why there was another Shinigami stationed here I was told that this was a solo assignment I wasn't told that I would have backup, and my name is Rukia Kubhiki not little shinigami" Rukia said proudly as even though in her powerless stateshe could feel his reiatsu although she couldn't measure how much he possed.

"I'm not a shinigami nor am I with Kisuke Urahara" Naruto said to Rukia again without turning to look at her as they continued to get closer to where ever Kisuke was leading them to.

"Well if your not a shinigami and you're not with that guy then who are you" Rukia said pointing to Urahara, even though she had her suspicions she wanted to hear it from the mysterious guy walking with them.

"It's simple I'm human" Naruto said simply before looking at Kisuke "So how much longer until we get to the place your leading us to Kisuke Urahara" inquired Naruto as he was getting bored and impatient.

"It's not that much farther Naruto-san" Kisuke said with that same goffy grin hidden behind his fan, he looked back at Rukia and chuckled at her gob smacked expression on her face from finding out that Naruto was human.


"This is… a candy store" said a slightly confused Naruto looking as the small shop getting the scent of sweet things in his nosie.

"why yes it is, I'm just a humble little shop keeper" Kisuke said with his goofy grin getting wider and on Naruto's nerve's while at the same time giving Kisuke a look that said 'Yeah right'.

"So what is the business that you need to finish with the little Shinigami before we can get to ours" Naruto said ignoring Rukia's outcry of calling her a little shinigami again.

"Getting her a Gigai that'll allow her to interact with humans" Kisuke said as the door to the shoped opened up reveling a tall, muscular, lightly tan-skinned man wearing a tall, muscular, lightly tan-skinned man.

"Boss your back I have the Gigai for miss Kuchiki ready an-" Tessai was saying when he noticed Naruto and the reiatsu that he had "It seems that you've brought an extra with you please come in while I prepare some tea" Tessai said deciding to make the man's short stay comfortable.

"Thank you tessai now if the two of you would please follow me we can get miss Kuchiki here sorted out, then move on it more interesting matters" Kisuke said as he took off his geta shoes and walked inside while motioning for Rukia and Naruto to follow him.

Naruto followed Kisuke inside his shop and noticed that Rukia followed as well but stop at the enterance and sat down on the floor, Naruto instead took off his shoes and followed Kisuke to another room where a table was where he saw Kisuke sit down and sat down as well then he took off his backpack and set it next to him "I'm guessing that you'll give this 'Gigai' to the little shinigami after we've had our talk" Naruto asked Kisuke seeing the man in front of him wasn't moving.

"No no Tessai the man from early will do that right now I'm much more interested in you now, so how long have you been able to see spirits let alone shinigami" Kisuke asked the most obvious question.

"That answer is a complicated one my body is…. unique certain events during my young life lead to me becoming immune to the ravages of time to simply put it I don't age, and with my life now no longer having an expiration date on it I simply continued on with my life and with time I started to see spirits, I actually didn't know of shinigami until I had meet with some sages that talk about the 'True power of the spirit' as they called it they also had the ability to see spirits which included shinigami, So since I've answered one of your questions I think it's only right that you now answer one of mine" Naruto said after he finished his long explanation to Kisuke.

Kisuke just looked at Naruto in shock when he was told that Naruto was immortal "Your immortal I didn't think that it was possible for humans to achieve that… that's fair enough I guess so then what questions do you have for me" Kisuke said to Naruto in disbelief, now all different sets of questions were going through his head.

Naruto said nothing for a while as he was trying to decide which of his questions that he wanted to ask before "It's hard trying to decide which of my questions that I want answered first so instead I'll ask you a few question all at once and in return you can ask multiple questions, sound fair to you" Naruto said to Kisuke who thought on it for a second before nodding.

"Alright then What's the energy that all Shinigami seem to posses called?, are there any other ways that shinigami can use that energy?, and for my last question, what is the place where shinigami come from" Naruto asked Kisuke the questions that he considered the most important at the time.

"Ah you can even sense the energy I must say you continue to surprise me Uzumaki-san and those question's I can answer easy enough, the energy that everyone not just shinigami have is called Reiryoku (Spiritual Power) and shinigami can utilize Reiryoku into a set of skills that they use for combat, they're called Zanjutsu (Swordsmanship), Hakuda (Hand-to-Hand Combat), Hohō (Fast Movement), and Kido (demon way) each of the four combat skills have several techniques that one can learn while progressing through them, and as for where the shinigami come from it's a place called the Soul Society it's where most of the souls dwell until there reincarnated into the human world, it's commonly referred to by humans as the afterlife" Kisuke explained to Naruto as he watched him take all the information in and gave him a minute.

"Now I believe it's my turn Uzumaki-san and really the only question I have at the moment is how did you become immortal" Naruto just sighed when Kisuke asked him that particular question and brought the pack that was next to him and pulled out a scroll and opened it up revealing several circles with kanji written in the center of them.

Naruto put his hand over the one that had the kanji for shinobi and unsealed the contents which turned out to be another scroll after wrapping up the original scroll Naruto opened up the new scroll to find that it was exactly the same as the other one circles with kanji written in them.

This time Naruto went over to a circle that said immortal and unsealed what was inside which this time turned out to be what looked like a simple journal and handed it to Kisuke while leaving the scroll open "Inside that journal I've written down how I became like I am and I prefer the word Eternal, Immortal makes one think I can't die which I most certainly can" Naruto said to Kisuke as he watched him read through the journal's pages and saw his eyes widening when he reached the end of Naruto's journal entry where Kisuke then looked up and at Naruto in shock and opened his mouth to say something but was beaten by Naruto "I can assure you Kisuke that everything written down in that journal is true".

Kisuke looked at Naruto in shock then looked down at the journal then back to Naruto "I must say that the information in this journal is something I know a few individuals would stop at nothing to get their hands on and you, though there is something near the end of your entry that has me wondering. How many are there?" Kisuke asked Naruto while looking at him intently.

Naruto chuckled at Kisukes question while mental wondering just how much information he should reveal to the man before he raised up three fingers to Kisukes face slightly shocking him "well Kisuke that's two question's you have one more to go before it's my turn" Naruto said to Kisuke while leaning on the table in front of him.

Kisuke only nodded while continuing to think about everything that he just learned before pushing all the questions buzzing around his inside of his head to the back of his mind for latter "yes I suppose I do have one more question and it pertains to some of the information written in that journal the type of energy that you call chakra" he said as he watched Naruto move his hand over the scroll again and stopped at the circle that said beginners and unsealed it, revealing five different scrolls that Nin, Gen, Tai, Ken, and Chakra written on them.

Naruto picked up the one that said chakra and handed it to Kisuke "inside that scroll is a detailed explanation on what chakra is and what everything that one can do with it, the other scrolls also contain information on skill sets that you can use chakra with sort of similar to you shinigami" Naruto said to Kisuke as he opened the scroll up and began reading the explanation on what chakra was.

After reading through it Kisuke rolled it back up then grabbed the Nin scroll where he skimmed over it until he came to a section that said Bushin (Clone) and took a closer look at it where there was an actual list that Naruto could do or have seen among them were Mizu Bunshin (water clone), Moku Bunshin (wood clone), Raiton Kage Bunshin (Lightning Release: Shadow Clone), Iwa Bunshin (rock clone), and Kage Bunshin (shadow clone) "I must say Naruto-san the abilities that your able to do are to do are very similar to the offensive abilities of kido, but these bushins that are written down in here I can picture what most of them can do just by their name but the Kage Bushin, that one I'm not exactly sure what it does would you mind if you demonstrated for me so I have a better understand of all these Bushin variants" Kisuke asked Naruto after reading though the Bushin listed down.

Naruto chuckled at how he imagined Kisuke would react when he saw what he was about to do, Naruto raised his hands together in front of him, the index and middle fingers of both of his hands joined together in a cross and calmly said "Kage Bushin no Jutsu" and after a puff of smoke sitting next to Naruto was an exact duplicate of himself which left Kisuke completely wide eyed and shocked to the point where he dropped his fan.

After a couple of minutes to collect himself Kisuke picked his fan up and closed it "Well I must say Naruto-san you really are the most surprising fellow I've ever met, Judging by how the Kage Bushin technique was described it was easy to conclude that the technique creates clones of what I assumed was the person that initiated the technique but with that Kage Bushin I assumed that the technique involved shadows but it actually creates a complete undistinguishable copy of the original" Kisuke said and would have said more but was interrupted by Naruto.

"Actually Kisuke the two of us in front of you right now are both Kage Bushins the actual original is waiting back at his Apartment, if you wish to know he'll be coming by tomorrow once he gets the information I've gained he'll want to see if he can learn the shinigami combat skills" Naruto said as he once again enjoyed the completely shocked look that came across Kisukes face when he was told that he had been talking to a clone the entire time.

"You mean the one I've been talking to has been a clone the entire time what I don't understand is what reason would you have to use this method just to interact with others" Kisuke asked Naruto after he had gotten over his shock.

The KB (Kage Bushin) Naruto just chuckled which then turned into a soft laugh "Like I said the Original will be coming by tomorrow to see if he can learn you shinigami combat skills and when you meet him face to face you'll understand why you're talking to a Kage Bushin Kisuke Urahara, if you have any more questions now would be the time to ask them, if not then I'll leave those beginner scrolls with you so you can learn the basics of what each of the arts that use chakra" Naruto said and saw Kisuke thinking for a couple of seconds before he shook his head "very well if you don't have any more questions than the original Naruto will come by tomorrow so please have either the necessary material or teachers ready, now if you'll excuse me it's getting late and I'm attending school tomorrow at someplace called Karakura High of course when I say me I mean another Kage Bushin, good day Kisuke Urahara" the KB Naruto said before he, the other clone, his bag and the scroll that laded open on the table disappeared in puffs of smoke leaving Kisuke by himself with the unopened scrolls on the table.

Kisuke looked at where KB Naruto disappeared into smoke along with the clone in shock, the only thing that remained were the scrolls that KB Naruto unsealed and shook his head to clear his confusion.

"So many things are going through my mind from everything that I learned from the man but for now I need to contact Yoruichi" Kisuke said as got up and went through his house looking for Tessai.

-Apartment somewhere in Karakura Town-

Naruto Uzumaki was about to go to sleep when he received the memories from his Kage Bushin and started to chuckle which caused one of the women in his bed to awaken "Naru-kun is there something that's keeping you from us" the woman said sensually .

Naruto again chuckled to himself "I just received information from my Kage Bushin, apparently it was stumbled upon by a Shinigami" Naruto said gaining a shocked look from the women's face before continuing "the shinigami was surprised to see that a human was capable of seeing 'them' so after a small talk the Kage Bushin and another shinigami followed after him to a small candy shop where after a small discussion the Kage Bushin and the shinigami began to explain the basics to each of our kinds combat abilities along with a couple of other informative facts, I'll be going to see him personally tomorrow to see if I'm able to learn their combat skills" Naruto said to the woman before smiling "if you want you can come with me as I'm sure that he would be very interested in meeting another person that's able to use chakra".

The woman just giggled "Sure thing Naru-kun now come back to bed" the woman said while doing the 'come here' motion with her index finger where Naruto willingly followed the woman's command and slide under the covers and snuggled tightly with the woman "Night Naru-kun" the woman said as she drifted off to sleep using Naruto's chest as her pillow.

Naruto just smiled at the woman sleeping on his chest before laying his head on his own pillow "Good night Mei-chan".

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