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"Good work today!"

Returning from his millionth trip to the comfort room, Io bowed his head to avoid eye contact. The woman who were working in that building who passed him by had pretty faces and good bodies to boot. Not just that but they all seemed to have this lively air around them to which Io was royally disgusted.

"Good work today!" the woman with a shorter hair greeted once more, directed at Io.

Silently cursing, Io lifted his gaze and mumbled a 'good work' begrudgingly. The women's faces froze and hurriedly left Io alone.

The teen turned to the long hallway to his left. But after completely hiding himself away from the ladies' view, he stopped. Those women were the kind Io hated the most. For he could clearly smell from them the scent of back-stabbers.

"I don't get why their boss is even putting up with that wayward guy," Io heard from his spot as the women waited for their elevator to arrive.

"Shush!" Io started smiling. At least the other one was sensible enough to try to be discreet. "Walls have ears you know..."

"I have ears, bitches..." the brunette mouthed, lifting his green orbs towards the lights above.

"I'm not saying anything wrong," the woman countered defensively. "I am not saying anything wrong. The least he could do is pay some respects to his seniors. Besides, isn't it annoying that he goes here with that bored face of his?"

As Io listened to the on going conversation, he started twirling the hair behind his ear with his finger. His face unexplainable.

"If he's so not interested to be in here, why go here? Why shouldn't he just quit? There are others who would kill to be where he is right now. Chances aren't always given to those who ask and he have it but he's not the least bit grateful. Annoying."

Io opened his mouth to say something in his defense, but he ended up closing the once more. For it was just as the woman said. Why was he putting up with that stupid set-up?

He badly wanted to say something to raise his red flag, but he chewed on his tongue because the woman completely nailed the spot he was trying to avoid.

"Oi, what are you spacing out here?"

Io turned his head to the voice's direction and rolled his eyes. Not in the mood for fake pleasantries, the teen passed Minase without so much as a glance.

"Look at this..." Minase smiled, but the pissed kind. "Could you at least listen when someone's trying to talk to you?"

The ex-idol's boots clicked against the chess-board like tiles. And as if Io was walking in the cat-walk, he just maintained his slow pace and just waived his hand a little.

"I'm listening."

The blonde laughed despite of annoyance. "I saw the lyrics from sensei for that wedding..."

Io stopped suddenly. "What of it?"

"He was so eager to show it to me I was like what could be the crap you came up with..." Minase continued, his blue eyes fixed at the back of Io's head. "I think I understand a little why even though you're a walking attitude disorder, he puts great trust in you."

"What the fuck..." Io mumbled, turning to look a little at Ijuuin's representative at the Sonates new year's special. "...are you going on about?"

Minase placed his arms behind his head. His black leather jacket made him look more mature looking.

"I say 'good job'," the blonde grinned. "Don't let that get to your head though. See ya."

Io didn't answer or anything. He just resumed walking with his eyes at his feet. The two-way mirror walls reflecting a small smile on Io's lips.

He liked annoying Minase from the start and though he didn't like him at the first go he knew what Minase was capable of and that he respected. If he had to choose between Minase ad the women earlier and they were in the middle of the ocean and he had one extra lifevest, he'd rather let Minase have it than those women who loved gossiping despite not knowing anything .

Reaching the farthest room in the hallway, Io knocked on the door.

"Hey, I am going," he announced a little softly.

It had been a habit of his to do that before going home. And he'd only go after hearing Ijuuin's short 'hmm' as if dismissing a lowly servant.

Tapping his foot as he waited, the crease on Io's fine brows grew deeper as the silence was the only reply he got.

"What the heck, I am leaving Ijuuin!"

Making his way far from the composer's office, Io sighed. He was feeling conflicted because he felt like he just had been ignored. He didn't care being ignored nowadays but it felt different and he couldn't settle properly if it was Ijuuin.

"Damn...why you..."

His long, slender fingers reached for his neck, unconsciously wanting to tug at his scarf. His fingers still in the air, Io looked down and noticed he didn't have it wth him. With a blank face, Io stomped bact to Ijuuin's office.

"I left it in there..." he whsipered. Totally ignoring the sensible voice screaming inside his head that he was just using it as an excuse to take one last look at the man before leaving.

Turning the knob silently like a thief, Io blinked between the narrow space he created. His thick lashes almost touching the door. He was ready barging in when a serious sounding conversation reached his ear.

"That's so unlike you Ijuuin," the voice Io knew to be coming from Fuji remarked.

Io wanted to see more but it was just Ijuuin's shoulder he could see. The orange tints of the about to set sun gave the atmosphere a glum feel.

"Well, Io's a complicated kid. A kid is still a kid no matter how we twist the situation."

"So you're heaving a hard time telling him. Think he'd refuse?"

Io had no intention of eavesdropping. But the good intention was all thrown out the windows when he heard his name. He just had to listen.

"What could they be talking about me...?"

"I think it's going to be for the best," Ijuuin's barritone voice explained. "I've got to pull him out of that shell he made. He's just like a shy, little turtle."

The teen made an annoyed face at being compared to a turtle. He had looks he takes pride of, only to be compared into a slow poke?

Fuji's voice cracked. "You're surprisingly patient with him. It's a refreshing change for you too."

Io dared to push the door ever so slightly. It was only Ijuuin's profile he could see from the space.

"So," Fuji stepped, blocking Io's view. "When are you going to tell him? I'm sure he'd be surprised."

"I don't know. But I don't want to wait until it's too late."

The brunette bit his bottom lip to the point it hurt. "Tell me what?! Tell me what?!"

"Anyway Fuji, don't tell Io anything. I want it to come directly from me."

"Sure. I don't want to have to explain it anyway..."

Through the cramped space, Io saw that man's smile he hated. He hated it because it was the kind that made his heart a thumping mess.

"If Io refused, I'll use force," said Ijuuin confidently.

"Moron. That won't work," Fuji replied lightly.

Io couldn't almost think what he would do to hide himself. From his space, he saw Fuji fast approaching the door.

Too late to take a hiding, Io pretended like he was just about to open the door.

"Io?" Fuji had a not-so-surprised look on his face. Totally not what Io was expecting. "About to go home?"

"Ah, yes..." Io answered, calming his chest. " I just forgot something inside."

"I see...good work today."

Watching Fuji disappear from the long hallway, Io sighed with relief before facing the door. And instead of the smooth surface of the door, it was something like an adam's apple he saw.

"...!" Io didn't know what kind of face he made at his overly shocked state.

"You seem like you've seen a ghost there," Ijuuin observed as he blocked the door to his office. "Leaving?"

Io swallowed hard and forced a bored voice out his throat. He hoped that his face wouldn't betray him. "I left something on the sofa."

"Hmm..." Ijuuin looked up as of thinking. Then he looked at Io's face once more. "Want me to drop you off at the station?"

Hurriedly walking past Ijuuin, Io had noticed he had been trying so hard to act normal that he ended up not being able to look at Ijuuin square in the eyes.


"Why? I am meeting someone in that direction."

"I see," Io gave Ijuuin a cold stare. "Thanks but I have something important that came."

"Oh." Ijuuin watched the brunette pass him by. The moment the two of them were under the door frame too cramped for two persons, Ijuuin grabbed Io's blue scarf. Surprising the hell out of the latter.

"What are you doing?!" Io snapped, grabbing the end of his scarf off o Ijuuin's grasp. "Are you trying to break my neck?!"

With his dark eyes as unreadable as ever, he peered into the green vivid ones before him. "The news said it might snow hard later this evening. Go home early and don't wander around too much."

"What now are you my mom?"

Still glaring, Io was about ready to shout. But before he could even retort, he fell silent the moment Ijuuin placed a finger in between Io's furrowed brows.

"You frown too much. That's not good."

Scandalized, head gone completely useless, Io didn't know what he did anymore. He slapped the warm sensation on his skin away and pathetically fled.

As Io ran his way out, he could still hear Ijuuin's voice as his background. "Be good and go home early! Don't go spreading your snot here if you catch a cold!"

Beet red, Io drew a deep breath. "ASSHOLE!"

Ijuuin shook his head at the word. No matter how much he told Io to stop using those vulgar, words, the teen still used them as if doing so was just second nature to him.

The composer yawned and softly closed the door behind his back.

"You're so easy to read, Io."

Io walked down the busy streets to the station with his hand over the space of his brows.

"You frown to much..."

"Tsk..." Io gritted his teeth remembering that. It made other people look at him and thanks to his bowed head and his scarf almost hding half of his face, no one seemed to recognize him. Hiding his face like that, he looked like a college student who had just gotten himself bullied.

"What was that?" he hissed. "All of a sudden..."

The sun had completely hidden itself and was replaced by the merry lights of the Christmas season. Everyone around him looked happy but he was the total opposite.

"He's crazy that's why he's like that," Io's hand fell on his side slowly. His eyes fixed at the pavement as he suddenly stopped walking. "Anyone will do."

The boy fished his phone out of his jeans. He had been receiving a lot of mails lately to which all he ignored. He swiped his finger on the most recent one.

Eyes narrowing, he replied a quick 'OK', before walking once more. He looked like a fish swimming against the current. Undecided but willful he went on.

"Anyone will do. It doesn't have to be him."

He sighed at the sight of the establishment's neon colored sign. Truth be told, he didn't like going into places like these anymore. But that night, he just couldn't refuse.

"Come on! Cyrus! the whiney voice nagged. "My good for nothing boyfriend just got fucking married!Even had the nerve to make me his best man! Screw him!"

Ijuuin gently tugged the hand around his arm off and looked at his friend's face with a pissed but remoarseful look. This friend of his was the only who knew his real identity other than his fake name "Cyrus" he was using.

"This is your third bar you know."

"My gut is as deep as the wound that bastard caused me!" The shorter guy with braided hair countered. He was totally uncaring about the stares he was getting around Kabuki-chou. "Nothing's gonna fill this empty feeling! Drink! Drink to my misery!"

Exhaling, his cold breath tickling his airway, Ijuuin decided to just let his half-drunk friend do what he wanted. After all hew knew that feeling of loss. And though he wasn't okay with wasting one's self with booze, he couldn't stop this friend of his. Because there were a lot of people who get their release by doing different stuff. What could work to others might not work with the rest.

If his friend was into drowning himself, Ijuuin was into throwing himself with work.

"This is the last. Then I'll drop your ass home. Got it?"

Attempting for a failed salute, the friend then entered the dark and lusty place. Totally dissolving with the people dancing as if in an occult offering.

"What the hell? Most are still babies!" he shrieked.

Meanwhile, finding a less crowded place, Ijuuin sat on a high stool and watched the ongoing partying of the young and not-so-young people. Through the years, the appeal of booze and dancing and partying and getting hooked up with a no namer had already lost its appeal to the man. Not because of age or something like that. It was more like because he became more mature, though at times it didn't show.

His goals had become different. And his music was his anchor keeping him in check.

After more minutes, he finally got absorbed with the rythm of the on going slow music being played. Without thinking about anything in particular, he enjoyed his drink while tapping his fingers on the surface of the counter top.

And then he saw him.

Like magnets he couldn't take his eyes off that pair.

Unconsiously he stood from where he was and squinted his eyes. Despite it being dark, despite it being crowded, despite everything, there was no way on Earth he'd mistake that face for anybody.

At first Ijuuin thought he was just seeing things, truth be told. But the plain gush of hot blood to his head was more than enough of a sign that he was seeing real.

"Damn...you smell so good..."

"I know," Io absentmindedly replied.

There Io was, letting some guy named Nitori or maybe Kaga, he wasn't really sure, nibble and lick away at the skin of his white neck. Allowing himself be carried into the flow, the things he used to do ages ago.

Pushed against a wall, neck and upper chest exposed like some vampire had been preying on him, he watched the flickering lights of red, yellow and green roam around. He let his ears absorb all the noise.

In that kind of place, there were others making out at their own corners like animals in heat. Io and his partner was just one of them. But unlike before, the fire wasn't there. He just stared into some faraway world while onlookers watched them with interest. Wondering how far they'd go in that open area.

"Strange..." Io thought. "I don't feel anything..."

He had been fed up for quite sometime now and he was expecting himself to be the wild Io he was after stepping once more into the place he used to be one of the gods. But as if he was just having a dog lapping at him, he was as unresponsive as ever.

"Ne...let's go somewhere else?"

The brunette could hear that horny voice whisper in his ear. He even remembered that just that simple act could turn him on already but he felt zero nothing. Or maybe he did but it was one would call disgust.

Io's dreamy eyes darted from the ceiling to the dance floor. They all had similar faces and figures in the dark and playful lightings it hurt his head. But at least he enjoyed watching the people swaying with the music and the booze. And then Io saw Ijuuin looking at him angrily.

"I must have really fallen hard for him right?" Io mumbled to the guy sniffing every bit of Io's scent.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" the guy impatiently replied, undoing another button on Io's shirt. In no time he'd have the teen half naked.

Io smiled at the approaching man. Despite the darkness, Io could still clearly see those dark eyes he liked. He liked them because it was like orbs of the vast midnight sky sucking him in.

"Because everywhere I dart my eyes..." Io thought. "I see him."

The brunette blinked. The effects of the booze he had earlier seemed to be too strong for him when he wasn't even the type to get drunk easily. To his surprise, the imaginary form with Ijuuin Kyo's angry facegrabbed Nitori or Kaga off Io and threw the guy on the side like some trash.

"So this is the important thing that came up?" the voice as deep and as nerve racking as what Ijuuin has whispered softly.

Still confused, Io felt strong hands grab his shirt that was dangling off his shoulders. The hands grazing at his skin lightly as they swiftly buttoned his shirt all the way up in silence.

It was then that Io realized he wasn't hallucinating at all.


"You," Ijuuin threw a sideway glance at the guy he just shoved aside. His voice was so soft it could easily be drowned by the loud music around them. But strangely, it was only what Io could hear that time. "Don't you dare, follow us."

About to say something, Io felt his tongue roll back the moment Ijuuin looked at him in the eyes. A scary seething anger was there, rendering him immobile.

Ijuuin grabbed Io's hand, the teen wincing at the tight hold. And without saying anything, Ijuuin dragged Io into some back alley meaning business.

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Kabuki-chou- is located in Shinjuku district, also knows as the 'red light district'...