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Spike wasn't someone you wanted to mess with. That much was clear from the biker boots and leather duster. If you saw him walking along the street, you'd give him a once over, taking time to appreciate his incredible cheek bones, dreamy blue eyes and the defined muscles under his tight black t-shirt. And then you'd continue on your way. Just another bad boy. Not someone you wanted your daughters to date, but mostly harmless nonetheless. No one in their right mind would guess the truth; that all those story books, dramatic love triangle TV shows and bad, bad movies weren't all made up.

Every legend comes from a seed of truth. Spike was one of those seeds. He was a vampire. Not the first, definitely not the last, but he was one of the best.

Although, times like tonight, when said vampire is sitting in a little apartment drowning his sorrows in an entire bottle of Jack Daniels to a song more depressing then Adele's latest hit, it was hard to remember he was an evil, badass murderer.

But Spike had always had one human emotion he could never shake, one thing that kept him from being like his grandsire, Angelus: Love. His weakness, his downfall, but ultimately his strength.

And that's where our story starts, following the arrival of a dainty raven haired woman returning to claim her prince after throwing him aside to be with the dragon.

"But Miss Edith and I came to take you back!" she replied defensively.

Spike turned around and looked her in the eye. He had been ready to just walk out of that little apartment without a word, but he needed to say something. He just couldn't feel like this anymore.

Last time, and all the times before that, he had been a wreck when she left him. Bawling baby. But it seems your heart can only take so much, he guessed, and eventually it hurts so bad that all you feel is hollow, like someone carved out your insides like a pumpkin on that bloody American holiday.

"But you finally left me alone long enough for me to realize something. That whatever I do, how much I try, and I do try, so hard and...I love you. But no matter how hard I try, I'll never be good enough for you," He smiled sadly.

"The pixies are yelling! Stop, stop, stop talking! We have to go, Daddy's waiting!" Drusilla shrieked, her eyes angry.

"No. I'm not going. Go have your Daddy, because I'm done,"

Her eyes widened in disbelief.

"My William!" she gasped, bringing a pale hand to her chest in shock.

"I'm not your William. And I'm done being your bitch," And he walked out the door.

Spike often wondered what it was about Angel that made him so much better then him. Because that's where all his problems boiled down to; one arrogant, broody brunette. And that fact that he always got everything that Spike had ever wanted. He should be used to it by now. That's how it'd been a hundred years ago, that's how it would always be.

But he was wrong, because even though the Powers That Be were getting things ready to curse Angelus with a soul to stop his slaughtering, Spike had always been their favorite. And little did he know, that in a small hospital room in L.A. a baby girl was being born. She was meant for him, and him equally meant for her. Spike would go back to Drusilla shortly after this little fight, but the time would come when he met this girl. And the PBT knew that soon, not right away, because both their hearts would need time to heal, but soon, Spike and the girl would fall madly and passionately in love. It wouldn't be easy, real love never is, but the Powers are good at what they do, and even better matchmakers. They were made to be together, but for now, Spike would just have to wait. For when a man is immortal, the one thing he has in his favor is time. Though knowing Spike, everyone knew how well he did with waiting.

The Powers That Be were feeling rather pleased with their work that day, and proud of Spike's recent actions of sticking up for himself, so they sent him the name of the girl in a dream to give him some hope for the future.

Her name was Buffy.

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