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~ Chapter Fourteen ~ RiverClan ~ Mistystar ~

"No more cats are too stray near the river until the flood dies down. It is far too dangerous and we can't risk losing anymore cats." Mistystar's words where strong, breaking out over the heavy rain that cascaded down onto them like the lake itself was falling from the dark, stormy clouds above.

"Then how can we catch prey?" Demanded one of the cats, their tail lashing, outrage lining their voice. "We've never had the river against us before, so why should we avoid it now? We're RiverClan cats! We can swim!"

Mistystar sighed, lifting a paw as if to take a step forward. She set it back down on harder ground about a mouse-length away. "Didn't you see what just happened? Both Mothwing and Robinwing died because of the river. Isn't that enough reason? Or do you want the entire clan to risk their lives like this?"

"The leader's word is law." Reedwhisker put in simply with a soft flick of his sleek black tail. The cat didn't reply, just glanced down at their paws as if they where guilty.

"Thanks, Reedwhisker," Mistystar muttered.

Reedwhisker looked up at her. "But wait - where can we go? The entire camp is flooded, destroyed completely." He asked, motioning his head to one side slightly.

"It's risky, but we ought to check out the Island. Maybe it would be possible to stay there until the storm has died down." Mistystar meowed, pointing her ears in the direction of the lake.

Minnowtail piped in from where she lay, he tail wrapped protectively around her newborn kits. "But what about the gathering? We can't risk the other clans stealing my kits from us!"

"I understand your concern, Minnowtail, but we have no other choice." Mistystar meowed, flicking her tail. "Let's go. Now." She kinked her tail over her body, and begun padding away. Minnowtail and Reedwhisker scrambled up behind her, each grabbing one of the three kits while Mosspelt helped with the third. They followed their leader, the rest of the clan trailing out behind them.

The cats padded on, leaping over streams and avoiding the rivers, preferring to stay in the shelter of the trees. Willow branches brushed their pelts as they padded by, unsheathed claws, for the extra grip in the marshy ground, occasionally snagging one as they walked on.

Eventually, the cats reached the usual marsh that surrounded the the land leading the tree-bridge. With flood still going on, they had to wade on for a while before they, eventually, reached the spike of solid ground, water lapping hungrily at all shallow shores. Mistystar leaped ahead, landing evenly on the natural bridge. It was slippery, dark from the rain and she had to unsheathe her claws to keep a grip on the damp bark.

She padded cautiously forward, allowing the cats behind her to scoot up onto the dead tree. It wasn't long before she reached the other end, but right as she was about to leap down onto what should've been the island, she saw it.

The island was flooded. Completely flooded over with just the single sign of the usual presence of land being the tall oaks that towered out fro the water, all wet with branches drooping slightly like a willow.

"We can't stay here," she told the clan, staring out with eyes widened at the otherwise un-imaginable sight.

"Why not?"

"The island is flooded."

"But how?"

"Then what now?"

"My kits! They might die!"

"Calm down, I'm sure we'll find a place somewhere."

"We'll all just die! No food, no camp, nothing!"

"We'll survive, have faith."

"Doubt it."

Panicked meows spread out throughout the clan like a wave, leaving Mistystar almost clueless. One tiny idea still lingered in her mind, like a single feather stuck to a rock as a swift stream flows overtop. The other clans. Lifting her tail to silence the worried clan, she meowed. "We'll have to ask another clan."

"We can't do that!"

"They'll just drive us out!"

"I can't raise kits in a rival clan!"

"It might be the only choice..."

"It'll be too dangerous!"

"They'll never let us have prey!"

"There would be no room in WindClan!"

"ShadowClan would attack us instantly!"

"ThunderClan is too far away!"

"We would drown if we travelled that far!"

Once again, her statement only sent more worried complaints rippling over the clan. Would they agree about anything? At this rate, they would all drown in the lake before anything happened, and that'd be worse than any one of these suggestions Mistystar'd given. They must be extremely loyal cats to object. Raising her voice, she tried again to reason with the clan, this time slight roughness lining her voice. "What do you want to do? Drown? It's our only choice, unless you're willing to risk your lives further!"

Not many cats had heard her angry side, as she had always been more of a gentle, yet loyal cat who fought for what was right. Hopefully that would silence the soaked cats, who all still stood balancing with claws unsheathed. Kits complained for having to be held for so long, while apprentices where excited at the drama. Trust the younger cats not to see what danger they where all in.

Chatter spread over the clan again, with Reedwhisker on her side, trying to convince them all that it was their only choice. Eventually, after several long, freezing moments of constant meows, the black tom turned around.

"We will go and ask WindClan for help."

The drenched clan tramped along, not a word being spoken among the swarm of cats. Toms and she-cats, long and short-furred, white to ginger to brown and black pelts, the old and the young. They leaped, one by one up onto a small ledge which ran a short distance up from the lake, marking part of the border between RiverClan and WindClan. Mistystar was in the lead, the pounding rain pinning her ears down against her head. But her blue eyes remained bright, narrowed as she searched keenly for even the smallest sign of a passing WindClan patrol.

As they neared the camp, a hollowed dip in the ground surrounded by small bushes and weeds which lay just a tree-length ahead, Mistystar paused. "Is everyone still with us?"

Reedwhisker swiftly checked on the cats, before bounding back over to the leader's side. "Yes, we're all here and more than ready for shelter." He joked a little at the last statement, but Mistystar didn't notice, and just nodded.

"Good. Follow me."

The clan did as they where told, and slowly, cautiously, they approached. Still no cat had seen them, and she hopped that they wouldn't attack them, expecting them to be wanting to steal their prey or some other mouse-brained idea like that. Mistystar noticed two cats sitting guard at the entrance, their damp pelts almost invisible against the long yellow-brown grass next to them.

Taking a deep breath, she gathered all her courage as she padded over to the skinny cats. "We have come to ask for your help."

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