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~ Chapter Two ~ ThunderClan ~ Seedpaw ~

Seedpaw lay in her nest, feeling the soft sunlight dapple on her back, creeping in through the walls of the den. She blinked open her eyes, sleep still trying to pull them down. She fought against the urge, forcing her eyes open wide.

She stood up and stretched, her small muscles still not yet visible beneath her soft pale-ginger fur. Her tail twitched as she sat up, licking her fur with swift motions.

When she was still grooming, a darker golden-brown tom poked his head into the den. "Seedpaw, we're on dawn patrol." He meowed.

Seedpaw stopped grooming, looking over to see her mentor, Brackenfur. "Okay," she meowed, standing up.

Brackenfur led her out of the den, padding over to the camp entrance where Poppyfrost sat waiting beside her mate, Berrynose. "Shall we be going?" Brackenfur asked the three of them.

Poppyfrost and Berrynose both nodded, standing up and padding out of the den behind the golden-brown warrior.

Seedpaw bounded after them, staying close to her mentor as the patrol padded in the direction of their border with ShadowClan. They stopped as they reached it, re-marking it with ears pricked for intruders.

Noticing nothing unusual, the group left, heading along the stream until they reached the lake. They padded alongside the lake until they finally reached WindClan's border. It was a common place for quarrels over almost nothing, yet to their surprise it was quiet.

Seedpaw glanced at Brackenfur, confused. "Where is everyone? Usually WindClan are all over the place here."

Brackenfur shrugged, looking across the stream border, his amber gaze searching for something. He shook his head, looking back at her. "Usually, yes. Not today though, I guess."

Seedpaw nodded, bounding away to mark a rock. The others went to mark the border too, heading along.

When they had all finished, Brackenfur gathered them up again. "All quiet." He announced, flicking his tail over at the border. "We may as well hunt on our way back."

Poppyfrost nodded, the tortoiseshell she-cat bounding away into the forest with Berrynose on her heels.

Brackenfur looked back at Seedpaw. "You decide where you want to hunt. I'll follow."

"Okay," she meowed, trotting in the steps of the other two into the forest.

Tall oaks stretched into the air above, surrounding the otherwise silent clearing as Seedpaw entered. The ground was soft, dappled with sun-lit moss and leaves, with clumps of grass and earth. Birdsong filled the air, along with the scuffling of small land prey in the bushes around them.

"Looks good." Her mentor meowed, padding out into the clearing beside her.

The young ginger she-cat nodded, padding silently as she searched for prey. With pricked ears, she heard a particular rustle in the closest bush to her.

By instinct, she dropped down into a hunting crouch, and began to stalk towards the sound. A very plump squirrel soon revealed itself, nibbling at an acorn the oak tree above must have dropped. Taking one step after another, she got closer to the brownish-gray prey.

Suddenly she leaped, her front paws flying out into the air. The squirrel didn't have enough time to escape, and Seedpaw landed squarely on top of it.

Happily, she bent down and nipped at the squirming creatures neck, killing it instantly. Standing up straight, she grabbed the prey in her jaws and carried it over to Brackenfur, who had just caught a blackbird.

"Very nice." Brackenfur praised, burying his bird along with Seedpaw's squirrel. "You'll be ready for your assessment when it comes."

Proud of herself, Seedpaw padded away in search of more prey.

"That's enough prey for one hunt." Brackenfur meowed, uncovering his blackbird and the two mice he had also caught. Seedpaw had caught the squirrel and a mouse to make up for the second squirrel she had missed. As they gathered up the prey, there was a large rustle in a bush when all of a sudden a giant hare came springing into the clearing, Poppyfrost right behind it.

Suddenly, Berrynose leaped out of another bush, landing on top of the over-sized rabbit. Seedpaw's eyes widened as the cream warrior killed the prey, puffing up his chest as he picked up the giant piece of fresh-kill.

"Woah!" Seedpaw squeaked, bounding over to it, her prey dangling from her jaws.

The hare hung almost as big as her, with large feet and long ears.

"Impressive. It must have strayed a bit too far into the forest from WindClan's territory." Brackenfur meowed as he padded over.

Poppyfrost looked down at her white paws. "We didn't catch anything else though." She mewed quietly.

"That is fine. Come on, we need to get back to camp. The sunhigh patrol will be leaving soon." Brackenfur told them, kinking his tail over his back, directing them to follow him.

The three of them followed, and they soon arrived back at camp. Rosepetal was the first to spot them, her eyes widening at the sight of them. "I thought this was a dawn patrol! Not an early hunting party!" She meowed.

"It was." Berrynose meowed proudly, the hare dangling from his jaws. His voice was muffled with fur as he meowed. "We decided to hunt on our way back."

Poppyfrost padded up from behind the cream-colored tom, rubbing against his fur with affection. "We caught the hare. It strayed too far into the forest from WindClan." Berrynose nodded in agreement at his mates words.

Seedpaw ignored them, padding over to the fresh-kill pile beside Brackenfur to drop off her prey. After doing so, Brackenfur padded away to report to Bramblestar, leaving Seedpaw to do what she wanted.

Looking around the clearing, she spotted her sister, Lilypaw, chatting with Amberpaw. The younger apprentice had only just become an apprentice a few sunrises earlier. "Hi Lilypaw! Hi Amberpaw!"

Amberpaw, the gray and white apprentice, turned to look at her with large amber eyes. Seedpaw sat down, but the two other she-cats just continued chatting.

After a few heartbeats, Seedpaw got bored, and stood up. At that moment Brackenfur calls out to her, saying that she can go feed the elders if she's bored. She nodded, padding over to the fresh-kill pile. Molestep and Snowpaw where already there, looking around through the pile.

As the toms searched the pile, Berrynose finally padded over with his hare hanging from his jaws. He dropped it on the pile, and as Seedpaw went to grab it to give to the elders Snowpaw grabbed it from right underneath her nose.

"I was about to go give that to the elders!" Seedpaw complained.

"But the queens need it more! Cinderheart has three kits to feed, and Dovewing's are due in just a moon!" Snowpaw mewed, his white tail lashing, yet still fluffy.

"The elders need it more, though. There's four of them to feed." She mewed, but before Snowpaw could respond Leafpool padded over, picking up the hare and handing it to Snowpaw and Molestep.

"The queens can have it. Cinderheart needs plenty to feed Hollykit, Ravenkit, and Honeykit, while Dovewing looks like she could kit a whole clan." Leafpool explained, nosing the large piece of fresh-kill to Snowpaw's paws.

Leafpool's right. Seedpaw thought. The queens do need it more. Even with Dovewing's kits not due for another moon, the young queen's belly was growing a lot everyday.

Seedpaw picked a plump vole and a squirrel, making her way over to the elder's den. As she entered, Purdy, the oldest of them all, looked at her. "Would you like a story?" He meowed as Seedpaw dropped the prey. "Oh, 'der was 'dis time when I 'as just mindi' my own business 'hen a 'igantic fox 'ame runnin' over to me-"

Seedpaw ignored him as Graystripe grabbed the vole from right under her nose. "Yum!" The long-haired gray warrior meowed, gulping down the vole quickly.

Sandstorm spotted the squirrel, picking it up and bringing it over to herself. "I better eat this before Dustpelt wakes up." She joked, poking the sleeping dark tabby bundle with her tail as she ate the squirrel.

Seedpaw nodded, and left them to eat.

Purdy didn't notice any of it, and just continued to ramble. "Oh, 'ut I was too 'ick for 'da ol' fox an' it 'ust 'ent runni' into n'thing-"

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