Hey! I'm updating this on my iPod so there might be some mistakes. I'll make a redo chapter on the computer there's to many mistakes. Enjoy!

Ross's POV

We took a few takes on the kiss but kept getting it wrong! Laura was so pretty and she was a good kisser. But Laura and I are JUST FRIENDS! No romance or anything! We hang out all the time and her sister is In love with my brother Riker.

-10 minutes later-

Riker: Yo Ross!

Me: Hey Riker!

Rydel: Where's Pixie?

Laura: Ross's dressing room.

Rydel: Thanks Laura!

Riker: so how's Kel?

Kelli Berglund was my current girlfriend. My parents just LOVED her. So did my siblings. Especially Rydel. Kelli was always busy working on Lab Rats but we have time to hang out together sometimes.

Rydel: you're such a good dog Pixie. Yes you are!

Riker: Come on Rydel!

Rydel: fine. Bye Pixie! Bye Laura!

We walked out of the studio and into Riker's car. I took out my iPhone 5 and started texting Kel.

Me: Hey Kel! What's up?

Kelli: Nm. U?

Me: just in Riker's car texting u.

Kelli: wanna hang out later?

Me: sure! maybe u can sleep over.

Kelli: hold on I'll ask

Kelli: my parents said I can sleep over!

Me: ok. Rydel'll get her room ready 4 u

kelli: bye! Cya later!

Me: bye!

-End of texting-

me: Kelli's sleeping over tonight!

Riker: it's just me, Rydel, and you. Do you really have to shout?

Me: yes. Rydel get your room ready when we get home

rydel: sure whatever

-At the Lynchs house-

my parents were gone for the weekend. Rydel started to get her room ready and Riker watched TV with my other brothers. I can't wait for Kelli to come!

That was kind of sucky. Well Raura will come wayyyyy later!