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i think Kelli and Ross's couple name should be Relli.

disclaimer: I don't own Austin & Ally. Only Alyssa. And I don't own I Knew You Were Trouble or Kickin' It or WOWP or GLC.

Ross's POV

Kelli was going to come in about 10 minutes. The guys and I decided to watch some TV while Rydel went into her room.

-10 minutes later-

Riker: Kelli's here!

Ross: thanks Riker!

Kelli: hey Ross!

Ross: sup Kels.

*Ross wraps his arms around her and leans in* *Kelli wraps her arms around Ross's neck and leans in* *they kiss for like 5 minutes* they pull away gasping for air.

Ross: How's Lab Rats?

Kelli: oh it's fine! Season 2 coming soon. How's Austin & Ally?

Ross: well we're still filming for Chapters & Choices.

Kelli: is that the one with the Auslly kiss?

Ross: yeah!

Kelli: I can't wait to watch that episode! I'm really excited for Auslly to kiss!

Ross: yeah. So you can go put your stuff in Rydel's room.

Kelli: Kay *leaves to Rydel's room*

Riker: dude, you totally played that off wrong.

Rocky: I wonder why that chick went out with you!

Rydel: Shut up Rocky!

Ross: When did you get here?

Rydel: right now

Kelli: *comes back* so what are we going to do?

Ryland: it's 4:25 so we can go to the movies!

Everyone: okay!

Ratliff: Riker's driving!

Rocky: I call shotgun!

Ryland and Ratliff sat in the seats behind the drivers and passengers seat, while Kelli, Rydel, and I sat in the back seat.

Kelli: hey what movie are we seeing?

Rocky: *checks his phone* hmmm. There's Wreck-It Ralph.

Everyone except Rocky: let's watch that!

Rocky: okay. The next showing in 3D is-

Ross: why are we watching in 3D?

Riker: cause it's cooler.

Ross: fine

Rocky: like I said before I was RUDELY INTERRUPTED!

Ross: sorry

Rocky: I'm interrupted again! Okay so the next showing is at 5:00. It's 4:40 right now.

Ratliff: ok so when will we make it there by?

Riker: in about 5 minutes.

Ratliff: then it'll be 4:46. So Riker, Rocky, and I can save the seats while Rydel, Kelli, Ryland, and Ross get the snacks and candy.

Everyone: got it!

*at Movie theater*

Kelli: ok what candies should we get?

Rydel: Sour Patches, nachos, popcorn, and soda.

Worker dude: sure. *gives them the food*

Ross: now let's make it back to the theater! *checks his iPhone* we have 10 minutes till 5:00!

Rydel: Come on Ryland!

Ryland: *flirting with a cute girl* Hey! Im Ryland! My siblings are from R5! What's your name and number.

Girl: My names Alyssa. And my number is 562-346-246. And I love R5!

Ross, Rydel, and Kelli: * pulls Ryland* Come on Ryland (Rydel said that).


Ryland: *being dragged* I'LL CALL YOU LAAATTEEERRR!

*in the Wreck It Ralph 3D Theater*

Riker: What took you guys so long? It's already 5:57!

Rydel: Ryland flirted with a girl.

Kelli: it was hilarious!

Ross: So funny!

Ryland: it wasn't funny! I was being smooth.

Ratliff: oh come on!

Rocky: whatever.

Everyone else in theater: SHHHHH!

Kelli: Jeez.

*movie starts*

*at the part where they reveal King Candy is actually Turbo*

Ross: AHHHH!

Riker: Shhh! It's just 3D effects!

Kelli: *screams and some popcorn flies up*

Ross: *puts his arm around Kelli*

Kelli: *snuggles up with Ross and buries her head in his chest*

*after movie*

Kelli: That was awesome!

Riker: Totally! I liked it when King Candy was actually Turbo! It was awesome and Ross screamed!

Ross: no I didn't! That was...Ryland!

Ryland: no!

Rydel: fess up Ross!

Ross: fine it was me!

Ratliff: I liked the racing at the end. It was so intense and epic!

Rydel: I liked the ending. Vanellope ended up a princess!

Rocky: whatever! I liked the cy-bugs attack!

Riker: the one at the end?

Rocky: yup!

*in the car*

*at the Lynch mansion*

Ratliff: what now? It's 7:30.

Rydel: we can go eat at In-And-Out. Or at least the drive through.

Everyone else: sure!

Ryland: *on phone* hey Alyssa! You want to come over tonight? Ok I'll tell them! Bye! Alyssa's coming over!

Rocky: whatever. I just want to see you fail at dating.

Rydel: come on! Lets go to in-and-out now!

*at the drive through*

*at the Lynch's mansion*

Kelli: that was yummy!

Ryland: Alyssa's here!

Ross: already? It's 8:10!

Alyssa: hey guys!

Alyssa's POV

i was in the Lynch's mansion wearing a pink and white striped tank top and a pair of cute gray sweats. My blonde hair was curled. Everyone of them stared at me. Even the Ross, who was dating Kelli. Finally Riker snapped out of it.

Riker: I'm sorry what?

Alyssa: hey?

Ryland: come on Alyssa! See ya guys! *leaves with Alyssa*

(No ones POV now)

Rocky: whoa she's-

Ratliff: hot.

Ross: how did Ryland get her?

Kelli: I have no idea.

Rydel: so you wanna listen to music, Kelli?

Kelli: sure!

*Kelli and Rydel leve to Rydel's room*

Kelli's POV

Rydel: listen to this.

Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago. I was in your sights, you got me alone. You found me, you found me, you found me-e-e-e. I guess you didn't care, I guess I liked that. And when I fell hard, you took a step back. Without me, without me, without me-e-e-e. and he's long gone, when's he next to me. And I realize, the blame was on me. Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me now. Flew me to places I've never been, till you put me down, oh. I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me now. Flew me to places I've never been. Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground! Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble. Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble. No apologies, he'll never see you cry. Pretends he doesn't know that's he's the reason why, you're drowning, you're drowning, you're drowning-ee-ee-ing. I herd you moved on, from the whispers on the street. A new notch in your belt, is all i'll ever be. And now I see, now I see, now I see-ee-ee. And he's long gone, when's he met me. And I realize, the joke was on me. Hey! Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me now. Flew me to places I've never been, till you put me down, oh. I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me now. Flew me to places I've never been. Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground! Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble. Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble. And the saddest thing, comes creepin in. That you never loved me. Or her, or anyone, or anything, yea-ahh! Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Trouble, trouble, trouble. Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Trouble, trouble, trouble.

Kelli: I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift?

Rydel: yup!

Ross's POV

we watched TV, again for the 3rd time today. We decided to watch Kickin' It. The episode was Kickin' It on Our Own.

Riker: Kim's so in love with Jack.

Rocky: duh! But she's dating Brad!


Ratliff: don't go copying Dez's lines!

Ross: Come on Kim! Dump Brad! You know you love Jack!

Kelli: *she and Rydel come into the living room* whoa what's happening?

Riker: Ross is getting emotional about Kim dating Brad.

Ross: I am not!

Rocky: yes you are!

Ross: whatever

Rydel: what time is it?

Ross: 9:00.

*Alyssa and Ryland come down*

Ryland: bye Alyssa!

Alyssa: bye! *she wraps her arms around Rylands neck and kisses him* *she leaves*

Riker: whoa!

Ryland: told ya I wasn't a failure at dating!

Riker: what-

Rydel: ev-

Ross: -va

Kelli: what should we do now?

Ratliff: I dunno. How about Truth or Dare?

Everyone: sure!

*they sit down on the floor in the living room*

Rydel: ok Kelli. Truth or Dare?

Kelli: Dare

Rydel: I dare you to...swear at Ross!

Kelli: umm I wanna change to truth!

Riker: come on Kel! Do it!

Rydel: For truth...what's your least favorite Austin & Ally song?

Kelli: Break Down the Walls or Don't Look Down. They weren't the best in my opinion.

Kelli: truth or dare Riker?

Riker: Dare!

Kelli: I dare you to get a random kid who has blonde hair and say that you're the future him!

Riker: tomorrow?

Kelli: yep

Riker: ok. Truth or Dare, Ross?

Ross: dare

Riker: I dare you to go to Laura's house and...

Ratliff: kiss her

Rocky: slap her!

Rydel: swear at her?

Everyone: enough with the swearing!

Ryland: how about flirting?

Riker: i got it! You go to Laura's house and flirt with her, kiss her, and slap her! Is that ok with you Kel?

Kelli: yeah! It's just a dare after all!

Riker: Come on everyone!

Ryland: now?

Riker: now.

*Laura's house*

Riker: come on everyone! Lets hide in the bushes!

Ross: *rings doorbell*

Laura: *opens door* hey Ross! What's up?

Ross: you look so hot.

Laura: *looks down at her outfit* thanks?

Ross: *tickles her*

Riker: he's terrible at flirting. How did he get you, Kelli?

Kelli: i don't know. Keep watching!

Laura: Ross are you feeling okay?

Ross: yup. *kisses Laura*

Laura: *shocked but kisses back* *wraps her arms around his neck*

Ross: *pulls back*

Riker: slap her!

Ross: *slaps her gently then runs away* come on lets go! Now!

*everyone runs to the car*

Laura's POV

That was so awkward. First he flirts terribly with me. Then he kisses me. Then he slaps me? All I saw after was R5, Ryland, and his girlfriend, Kelli Berglund,run to the car. I'm not going to worry about it.

Ross's POV

Riker: what the heck was that?

Ross: I have no idea!

Kelli: I feel bad for Laura.

Rocky: yeah whatever!

*at the Lynch's mansion*

Kelli: I'm tired.

Rydel: yeah me too. Kelli and I are going to sleep. Good night! *they leave to Rydel's room*

Ross: let's keep watching Kickin It.

-after a while-


Rocky: shut up Ross!

Riker: you guys wanna watch WOWP or GLC?

Ross: GLC!

Rocky: WOWP!

Ratliff: GLC!

Ryland: WOWP!

Riker: We'll watch 'All Fall Down' GLC.


-at the part where Spencer tells Teddy he's going to college-



Ross: Fine.

-after the episode ends-


Riker: i know right!

Ryland: Now can we watch WOWP?

Rocky: Let's watch the series finale!

-after the episode-


Rocky, Ratliff, Ryland, and Riker: SHUT UP ROSS!

Ross: FINE!