This chapter will be short.

LoveShipper: it was a dare from Riker..

*the next day*

Ryland: *smiles* Hey guys!

Riker: not even gonna ask.

Rocky: *comes down* Not even gonna ask wh- *sees Ryland smiling* oh now I see.

Ross: *comes down* see wh- never mind.

Riker: maybe he's smiling because of last night.

Ross: ohhh.

*Rydel and Kelli come down*

Rydel: we have a huge problem.

Riker: what?

Kelli: read this edition of Tiger Beat.

*hands them Tiger Beat*

Ryland: I don't see anything. The main thing on the cover is about 1D.

Rydel: not that! We mean this. *points to a part of the cover*

Riker: hey give me that! *grabs the magazine* Oh. Now I see.

Ryland: yeah.

Rocky: oh.

Ross: what? *grabs magazine* *his eyes turn big* Ross's late night kiss on Pg. 45?

Ryland: *flips to page 45* *reads* Ross Lynch was caught flirting and kissing Laura Marano late at night on February 10, 2013. Additionally, We caught Ross tickling Laura. Is this what we're waiting for? What is happening? Are Ross and Laura in denial? Tune in to find out!

Riker: And on the side it shows a quiz of who Kelli should date next. 56% Billy Unger, 24% Spencer Boldman, 11% Ryland, and 9% back to Ross.

Ross: Well that's unfair! I'm tweeting that none of this is true! Even of there's a picture. *tweets on his iPhone 5*

The tweet: No the newest edition of Tiger Beat is NOT true! Laura and I are not dating, and I am still dating Kelli Berglund! Most of it is fake. Do not believe it!

Laura's POV

I can't believe Tiger Beat posted that article about us kissing! I better tweet to tell my fans that its not true.

The tweet: The newest edition if Tiger Beat isn't true! Sorry for the disappointment! rossr5 and I didn't kiss! I am still dating Billy Unger!

Ross's POV

I checked Twitter on my iPhone again. There were some replies.

rauraftw!: rossr5 what? Awww!

r5andraurarocks: rossr5 well we can wait longer!

VioletCupcakeR5: rossr5 R U KIDDING ME? Then how did they get the pic? :/ well I hope u and Kelli are going great!

R5_tiger: rossr5 awwww! So it's fake?

bobsiebabe: rossr5 we waited our whole life for this?

Then I saw Laura's tweet. I read some of her replies.

VioletCupcakeR5: yaylauramarano I guess it is true. How's Billy Unger?

r5_tiger: yaylauramarano Awww!

TutuKittyRydel: yaylauramarano WHAT?

shaygirl1995: yaylauramarano


Wow. I didn't know so many people wanted us together.