hey! I'm back! Here's a new chapter for ya!

*the next day*
Rydel: the rumors are still going on.
Stormie: what rumors?
Everyone: NOTHING!
Stormie: ok. *leaves*
Ross: ugh.
Ryland: *still smiling* well on the bright side, Alyssa and I are dating!
Rocky: we can tell by the way you guys flirt on Twitter
Ryland: we do not!
Riker: oh yeah? *looks at Alyssa's twitter*
AlyssaCupcake's tweets:
rylandr5: night Ry!
rylandr5: luv ya! Cya tomorrow!
rylandr5: Happy Early Valentines Day! ? ゚リヘ❤?( *:, heart eyes, heart, sparkly heart)
Riker: ha
Rocky: Alyssa's "Crazy 4 U", bro!
Ryland: haha. Very funny
Ross: well I better go to the set!
*tweets on his phone*
The tweet: I'm off to the #Austinandally set to see RainiRodriquez, CalumWorthy, yaylauramarano, and aubreykmiller! Luv to kelliberglund!
Kelli's reply: rossr5: luv u too!
Rydel: bye Ross!
*at the A & A set*
Calum: hey Ross!
Ross: sup Calum!
Calum: sorry about the rumors.
Ross: yeah. Do people want me and Laura together so bad?
Raini: *pops out of nowhere* Yup!
Raini: Jeez. Do I act like Trish that much?
Laura: hey guys!
Calum: hey wizard!
Kevin: Ok everyone! Scene 8, Take 13!
Ally/Laura: Um Austin? Can you teach me how to kiss?
Austin/Ross: You want ME to teach YOU how to KISS?
Ally/Laura: um, yeah?
Austin/Ross: ok then, *kisses Laura/Ally*
Ally/Laura: *kisses back and wraps her arms around his neck*
Austin/Ross: *wraps his arms around her waist*
*they kiss for like 2O seconds*
Megan/Aubrey: *enters practice room* Who's ready to haang? *sees them kissing* Um wrong room! *runs out smiling*
Ally/Laura: *pulls apart smiling and blushing*
Austin/Ross: *smiles and blushes*
Dez/Calum: Hey guys! Heard the news!
Ally/Laura: what news?
Dez/Calum: You guys finished the song!
Austin/Ross: yeah! We did!
Dez/Calum: congratz dude!
Daustin: *does 'what up' handshake*
Ally/Laura: *stands there smiling*
Kevin: AND...CUT! You guys did great! Awesome as always!
Aubrey: OMG that was awesome!
Laura: thanks Aubrey!
Billy: *enters* hey Laura! *kisses her* how was filming?
Laura: it was great!
Billy: well that's great to hear!
Laura: ok what's going on?
Ross: *on the other side listening*
Billy: why would you suspect something's going on?
Laura: it just sounds like it.
Billy: ok, here's the thing. I think we should breakup.
Laura: You think we should break up? But why?
Billy: weeellll, I think we just need a break from our relationship. But we can still be friends!
Laura: well ok then.
Billy: thanks Laur. *hugs her* *exits*
Aubrey: So Ross. How's Kelli?
Ross: she's great! Why?
Aubrey: well just wondering.
Ross: ok then.
Laura: guess who just became single?!
Ross: you did?
Laura: yup.
Raini: that must be horrible!
Calum: whatever.
Ross: *Crazy 4 U plays on Ross's phone* Oh that's Ryde! *answers his phone* hey Rydel! Band practice? That's today? Ok I'll be there! *hangs up* sorry guys! I have to leave! *leaves*
*at the Lynch's mansion*
Ross: I'm here for band practice!
Riker: band practice? That's how you persuaded him to come here?
Rydel: yeah.
Everyone: SHUT UP!
Ryland: jeez.
Rocky: anyways, there was a picture of you and Laura kissing so there's even MORE rumors.
Ross: where did the pictures come from?
Riker: Aubrey tweeted it.
Rydel: which is why we needed you home.
*doorbell rings*
*opens door*
Alyssa: hey Ry! *smiles*
Ryland: hey Alyssa!
Riker: sup
Rocky: hey
Ross: yo
Rydel: hey
Ratliff: sup
Alyssa: well can I use your restroom?
Ross: sure. It's upstairs.
Riker: Next to my room.
Alyssa: thanks! *leaves*
Rocky: Why would Alyssa Gliss fall for you? You're you!
Ryland: i was being charming.
Rydel: no you were being weird.
Ryland: whatever!