hey everyone's! im back with a promo for the new chapter! I'm going to start posting promos of the next chapters!

Narrator: From Raura kissing *shows clip of Raura/Auslly kissing scene* to Maia coming back! *shows a clip Maia hugging Ross*

Maia: Im so happy to see you again, Ross!

Riker: H-hey Maia!

Narrator: And...GASP! Riker's in love!

Riker: Psh! Are you kidding me, Rocky? I'm so not jealous of Maia & Ross!


Kelli: Im sorry, Ross. I just want to be with...Billy.

Ross: Billy Unger? That jerk who dumped Laura?

Kelli: Yeah. Him.

Narrator: It's an all new chapter/episode of...MULTIPLE TRY'S BY *drumroll* FIOLET4EVA!

Ryland: Hey Alyssa!

Narrator: Oh and Ryland's STILL has a pathetic love life!

*Ryland pops into the screen*

Ryland: Hey! It's not pathetic!

*R5 pops in*

R5: Uh, yes it is!

*Oana Gregory [1] pops in*

Oana: It's not that pathetic!

Narrator: Whatever! Just be sure to tune in!

[1] Oana Gregory is actually Alyssa so I'll just start calling her thy that name. I don't really know how to spell her name BTW.

Oh and when the actors/actresses are talking, its showing the clips. But when they pop up, they're just talking on the screen. Those parts dont show in the chapter/episode. Kay?