Hey I'm back to update! So the promo is half incorrect. I added Rikaia! A lot of it. ANd I already PLANNED to have Kelli & Ross break up! Before you guys came in with the suggestions. Sorry for all the time skips!

*1 month later...*

Ross's POV

*the set of Austin & Ally*

Kevin: Hello everyone! Today we have a special guest star!

*Olivia Holt walks in*

Olivia: Hey!

Kevin: She will be playing Caitlin, Austin's love interest in Solos & Stray Kitties!

Laura: Hi Olivia! I'm Laura! I'm a huge fan of Girl VS Monster!

Ross: and I'm a huge fan of Kickin' It!

Kevin: And I'm saying Caitlin and Austin have to kiss!

Olivia and I exchanged nervous glances.

Kevin: I see you're all excited! Well, 10 minute break!

*Kevin leaves and Kelli enters*

Ross: *sees Kelli* Hey Kel!

Kelli: Hey Ross! *hugs him* I need to talk to you about something.

Ross: What is it? Is it my cologne? Sorry! I had to use Rocky's! And it stinks!

Kelli: Really? I don't smell anything on you except for the scent of flowers.

Ross: *sniffs himself* No! I used Rydel's perfume instead!

Kelli: Well that explains it.

Ross: So what did you want to tell me?

Kelli: Oh yeah. Iwasgoingtosaythatimbreaking withyou. Sorry Ross.

Ross: I barely understood a thing!

Kelli: I said, I was going to say that I'm...I'm...Oh I can't say it!

Ross: Just tell me. It's not like you're breaking up with me!

Kelli: Uh yeah. About that...

Ross: What! Why? Is it because I smell like flowers?

Kelli: No it isn't.

Ross: Then why?

Kelli: Well. I'm sorry Ross. I-I just wanna be with...Billy.


Kelli: Sure lets go with that.

Ross: Oh ok then.

Kelli: Well I have to go back to the set now. Bye Ross!

Ross: Bye.

*Kelli exits*

Raini: Well look who's heartbroken!

Ross: What? No! I'm totally fine! And, *looks at Olivia* Olivia's pretty hot!

Raini: Uh Ross?

Ross: *runs to Olivia* Hey Olivia!

Olivia: Oh hey Ross! What's up?

Ross: Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime.

Olivia: On a date?

Ross: Yeah.

Olivia: Ok sure! Why not?

Ross: Can I have your number?

Olivia: Sure!

*they swap numbers*

Raini: Hey look at the new lovebirds! How are you Olivia?

Olivia: I'm great! I was totally freaking out when I found out I got the role of Caitlin!

Raini: Cool!

Kevin: Ok everyone!

*everyone scrambles to the set*

Laura's POV

Kelli broke up with Ross? Sweet! Shut up Laura! Yeah I like Ross. He's single now!

Kevin: Scene 4, Take 1! And action!

Ally/Laura: Austin, I joined the Stray Kitties!

Austin/Ross: The Stray Kitties? What's that?

Ally: A band.

Austin/Ross: Wh-what? What about me?

Ally/Laura: You have to find yourself a new songwriter.

*Ally kisses him on the cheek (and the corner of his lip, where they both blush) and exits*

Austin/Ross: What have I done?

Kevin: And cut! That was perfect!

Kevin: Let's take a lunch break, shall we?

I went out to find Ross. I wanted to tell him about how great he did. I finally found him. With Olivia. And they were...making out. Well kissing to be exact. MY ROSS was kissing Olivia. Did I just call him my Ross? Why must this be? Maybe they were practicing. But why would they be making out hardcore in Ross's dressing room if they were practicing? Well, I was exaggerating. It wasn't hardcore. I ran out. I closed the door behind me carefully. They were too busy locking lips to notice me enter and exit. I ran to the set door to meet Raini to go out to lunch. She insisted on inviting Olivia. Olivia came running at us after 5 minutes. We went out to lunch and talked a lot. Olivia and I had a lot in common. I totally forgot about earlier. Until Raini asked Olivia about how Ross was. My smile faded away. That's why they were kissing. They're dating now.

*after in the Lynch Mansion (Note: After filming for Austin & Ally)*

Ross: *enters with Maia Mitchell* Remember when you fell off the surfboard? That was hilarious!

Riker's POV

Ross just entered with Maia Mitchell. I couldn't stop staring at her. She was gorgeous! Sorry can't help it.

Maia: Oh yeah! I have to admit it. That was pretty funny!

Ross: Hey guys! You remember Maia, right?

R5+Ryland: Yep/Yeah/Oh yeah/Hey Maia/Totally!

Maia: Hey guys! I think I remembered all your names! You're Riker *points to Riker*, your obviously Rydel! Hmm. This is kind of tricky now. You're Ratliff *points to Rocky*, you're Rocky *points to Ratliff*, and you're Ryland *points to Ryland*!

Rocky: That was correct! Except I'm Rocky.

Ratliff: And I'm Ratliff.

Maia: Oh. Sorry! Seriously Ross! I'm so happy we ran into eachother! It's so great to see you again! *hugs Ross*

Ross: Yeah. I haven't seen you since Teen Beach Musical!

I started getting jealous.

Ross: So where are you staying?

Maia: Oh. I was going to stay at my friends place but she's out of town...so I'm staying at a hotel.

Riker: You can stay here!

Maia: Are you sure? I don't wanna disrupt you guys.

Ryland: It's totally fine Maia!

Rydel: It'll be nice to have another girl here for a while.

Rocky: If you stay, you won't want to leave. That's how fun we are!

Ratliff: I stay here all the time.

Riker: It would awesome if you stayed!

Ross: Come on Maia! We have an extra guest bed.

Maia: Well...okay. Only if its okay with your parents.

Stormie: *randomly walks in* Of course it'll be fine sweetie!

Mark: *walks in* What will be fine?

Stormie: If Maia stays here for a while.

Mark: Depends. How long are you planning to stay?

Maia: Well...I'm not sure. At the latest, a few months.

Mark: Stormie & I will be one for a few months so I guess it'll be fine.

Riker: Yes!

Everyone: *looks at him weirdly*

Riker: Uhhhh...I just was happy I was going to be in charge for a few months!

Mark: We're leaving next week. You're grounded until then Mister!

Riker: Aww dang it!

*Stormie and Mark exit*

Maia: Well I guess I should get my stuff!

Riker: I'll help you!

Maia: Thanks Riker!

Rocky's POV

Riker's been acting weird ever since Maia arrived. I wonder what's happening. I bet he likes Maia. I think he's jealous of Maia & Ross too.

*Riker & Maia enter with her luggage*

Riker: Hey baby bro. You mind helping us?

Ryland: Don't call me that! And sure. *takes some things from Raia/Miker/Rikaia*

Nobody's POV

*after 20 minutes*

Rydel: Hey Ross. How's Kelli?

Ross: Uh, about that.

Riker: Did you break up with her?

Ross: She broke up with me.

Rocky: We told you she was out of your league!

Ross: BUT! I got a new girlfriend.

Maia: Who is it?

Ross: Olivia Holt.

Ryland: You mean Skylar on Girl VS Monster and Kim on Kickin It?

Ross: Yup.

Ratliff: Dude, she's HOT!

Ross: I know. We have to kiss on Austin & Ally.

Rydel: Ohhh.

Maia: Hey what time is it?

Riker: 5:30.

Maia: Thanks Riker!

Rocky: Let's watch some TV!

Everyone else: Sure!

Ryland: What should we watch?

Rydel: A.N.T Farm!

Ratliff: Lab Rats!

Ross: Dog with a Blog!

Riker: Jessie!

Maia: Shake It Up!

Rocky: Crash & Bernstein!

Ryland: Well I say Jessie.

Everyone else: Ok.

*they watch Jessie's Big Break*

Riker: Maia you act amazing!

Maia: Thanks Riker!

Ross: *sniffles* McD & Shaylee are p-perfect for eachother!

Maia: Apparently you haven't watched the ending.

*fast forward a little bit*

Ross: McD's such a jerk! How is he hitting on Jessie?

Riker: He's a player. Duh!

*at the end of the episode*

Ross: I knew he was a player all along.

Maia: Yeah right! You kept yelling throughout the whole episode complaining how he's hitting on every girl in sight!

Riker: She speaks the truth.

Ryland: *texting* Oh come on!

Rocky: Dude! Get over it! Alyssa broke up with you!

Ryland: I know.

*doorbell rings*

Ryland: I'll get it! *opens the door* H-hey.

?: Hi, I'm Oana Gregory! I got a call from Rocky Lynch to come over here.

Rocky: Hey Oana!

Ryland: Hey I'm Ryland. And R5's manager.

Oana: Cool! And you're also very cute.

Ryland: Why thank you! So why did Rocky invite you?

Oana: He said something about being in the LOUD music video.

Ryland: I'll be right back. *winks* *goes into the house* Rocky! I'm supposed to be dealing with the music video!

Rocky: Sorry.

Ryland: *goes back to the door* Ok. How would you like to come here tomorrow?

Oana: I'd love to! I'll see you tomorrow then! Bye! *leaves*

Ryland: Suddenly my break up with Alyssa doesn't seem so bad anymore.

*Crazy 4 U starts playing*

Ryland: Sorry that's my phone. *picks up* Hello? What? Oh. What's up? You wanna what now? Are you serious! Awesome! Wait, sorry. Bye. *hangs up*

Ross: Who was that?

Ryland: Alyssa. She wanted to get back together.

Riker: You should've said yes! Who knows of they'll ever be another chance that a girl would like you!

Rocky, Ross, Rydel, Maia, and Ratliff: True that/Oana might not want to date you/Really dude?/Why did you say no?/Oh come on bro!

Ryland: Hurtful!

*the next week*

Ross's POV

Ross: *wakes up* It's...*looks at his clock* 6:00 AM? Ugh. *goes downstairs and stops in his tracks*

Maia's POV

Maia: So, Riker. You're on Glee?

Riker: Yup!

Maia: I totally love that show!

I was trying get to know Riker better. His parents left yesterday. I admit I have a crush on Riker. People thought Ross and I were dating. We're just friends! As of for Riker and I, I hope we can be more than that.

Riker: Cool. *smiles* I was uh wondering if you uh- *sees Sour Patches* like Sour Patches!

Maia: I love them!

I thought he was going to ask me out. I guess not.

Riker: So um, do you want to go out sometime?

Maia: Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?

I think I said that with too excitedly.

Riker: Um...yeah.

Maia: Then yes, I will be you're girlfriend!

Riker: Score!

Maia: What?

Riker: Nothing!

Maia: Ross, I know you're watching us!

Ross: Okay fine. I was spying on you guys.

Riker: You can't tell anyone.

Maia: None of your siblings, co-stars, parents, and not even your girlfriend!

Ross: Why not?

Riker: They might not like the idea of us being together.

Ross: Okay. I'm going to the set now! Bye!

*Ross exits*

Maia: You wanna go somewhere?

Riker: Okay. *smiles*

Maia: Okay let's go at 8:00!

Riker: Deal.

Maia: *kisses him on the cheek on leaves to upstairs*

Riker: SCORE!

*3 weeks later...*

Ross's POV

I realized I was in love with Laura Marano 2 weeks ago. So I broke up with Olivia. She was fine with it. I was at the set about to sneak up on Laura. I was still the only one who knew about Rikaia.

Ross: *sneaks up on Laura and covers her eyes* Boo!

Laura: *screams* Ross!

Ross: Sorry babe! *turns her around and kisses her softly on the lips*

Laura: *returns the kiss smiling*

Raini: Hey guys!

Raura: *break apart* Hey Raini! JINX! DOUBLE JINX!

Raini: Did I interrupt something that had to do with 'lips'?

Ross: No...

Laura: Whaaattt? No...

Raini: If you say so...*leaves*

*at the Lynch mansion*

Rydel's POV

Rydel: Um, Maia?

Maia: Yes Rydel?

Rydel: Well you know your sheets?

Maia: Yeah.

Rydel: Well we sent it to the dry cleaners and it won't be back for a week. I don't know why.

Maia: Are there any other sheets?

Rydel: No...but you can sleep in Riker's room! For some reason he has an extra bed.

Maia: Well, okay then!

Riker: I heard my name!

Rydel: I was just saying that Maia was going to be sleeping in your room for a week!

Riker: Ohh. Because of her sheets?

Rydel: Yeah.

Riker: Fine with me!

*Rydel leaves*

Maia's POV

Maia: Why do you have two beds?

Riker: just cause.

*they go to Riker's room*

Maia: It's cleaner than last week!

Riker: Don't judge my room!

Maia: I wasn't. *kisses him*

Riker: *returns the kiss and wraps his arms around her waist*

Maia: *wraps her hands around his neck and tangles her diners in his hair*

Rocky: *knocks on door* RIKER!

Rikaia: *break apart*

Riker: YEAH?


Oh gosh, Rocky...

*downstairs in the living room*

Ryland's POV

I had a choice. To choose between Alyssa or Oana. They both had gorgeous, long, shiny, silk, curly, blonde hair. I just couldn't choose! Sure I've never kissed Oana. But I have kissed Alyssa. Multiple times! Once when she slept over, we slept in the same bed. It was weird but we didn't actually 'do it'. I had to choose between two girls by the end of the week. Maia, Riker, and Rocky said I should choose Alyssa. Ratliff, Rydel, and Ross said I should start new and fresh and date a new girl. I just couldn't choose.

*at the set of Austin & Ally*

Laura's POV

I finally became my crush's girlfriend. 2 weeks ago. Not George Clooney's, of course. But Ross Lynch's.

Laura: hey Ross!

Ross: Oh what's up babe?

Laura: nothing much.

I smiled when he called me babe. He started last week but it's so cute how he says it!

Kevin: Time to leave! See you all tomorrow!

Laura: Bye Ross! *leaves*

Ross: Bye babe! *leaves*

*Lynch's mansion*

Riker's POV

Ross: *enters into Living Room (LR)* Hey I'm ho- *sees Rikaia kissing* nothing!

Rikaia: *pulls apart* Again?!(Riker)/Can't we ever get some privacy here?(Maia)

Ross: Sorry. Where's everyone else?

Riker: Out. Doing something.

Ross: Oh ok. Well I'll be going to Laura's house! *exits*

Rikaia: *continues kissing*