Day light filters through my dark curtains, as I sit in front of my mirror, checking how I look for what must be the tenth time this morning. A feeling of discomfort washes over me. I hate the day time, and I always have. I guess in a way, it's a blessing that I became a Vampire. I never sleep so at night I am free to roam and do what I want. I have always been a night owl.

One downside though, is how uncomfortable I feel during the day now; going out in the daylight doesn't kill me. But it doesn't make me sparkle either. It just hurts, quite a bit, actually.

I was transformed into a vampire in the late 1800's when I was seventeen. I was transformed by one of the people I live with. Since then, he has acted as a guardian to me, and he has treated me as if I were his daughter. I guess I have to be thankful to him for that.

I don't resent him for what he did. I mean it could have ended worse. I know, he didn't want me dead, I know I wasn't just another meal for him, had that been the case I'd be dead. To be changed into a vampire, they drink your blood, and then you have to drink their blood.

As a vampire- even though I hated myself for it at first- I have to live on blood. Me and my 'family' try the best we can to remain inconspicuous, and most of the time we do a pretty good job. We mainly live off the blood of animals, which we hunt for or get from the butchers. But every once in a while, we crack, and we kill a human, we can't help it. You have to give into the blood lust. I know I have.

I check the time on my Pearphone, and see that it's only 7:30AM.

School starts at 8:30AM, so I have an hour to get there. I don't need to eat, and luckily for me I don't need to do any make-up. That's another good thing about being a vampire eternal 'beauty' and youth.

I walk down the open stair case of my house, to find Sebastian, sat at the table reading the morning newspaper. He hears me approaching and lowers the paper, and smiles at me friendlily. Sebastian, is a tall man, with dark hair and dark eyes, he likes to keep up appearances. He always wears a suit, with a shirt and a tie. Sebastian is the man who changed me.

"Morning," he says, in a soft, silky voice.

"Hey," I say. I take the seat opposite him, and look around the room; it's odd to hear nothing in this house. It isn't exactly full, but you can always hear other people who live in this house. This is another perk of being a vampire, your senses become heightened, mostly your sense of smell and hearing.

"Where is everyone?" I ask, keeping my voice quiet, there is no need to have it a louder.

"Work." he says.

"But where's Ryder?" I ask looking around the house for the boy who is usually still here at this time. Ryder is my 'brother' though we do have different surnames, and use those independent surnames.

My family fabricated a lie, that I am in fact Sebastian's daughter, and that Ryder is fostered.

"He has already gone to school." He informs me.

"Why?" I ask.

He shrugs "I don't know, Jade. Why?" he asks.

"I just wondered, he's usually still here, it's odd that he isn't." I say. Then the room falls silent, my phone buzzes in my pocket, I pull it out and unlock the screen seeing I have a text from Cat. I roll my eyes as I see her name appear on my screen.

I like Cat, don't get me wrong. She's a nice girl, and it doesn't take much conversation with her, as long as you nod and smile and say 'yeah' every once in a while, she thinks you're listening. But she can be pretty loud sometimes, and she doesn't even realise she is doing it.

"Who is it?" Sebastian asks he has once again covered his face with the newspaper.

"Cat." I say "She wants to know if I'll give her a lift," I inform him "It's something to do with her brother." I reply to the text quickly and stand from my seat; I grab my bag from the hand rail of the stairs and sling it over my shoulder.

"I'd better get going." I say "Bye," I don't give him time to answer me before I have left the house and got in my car.

I buckle in, and set off to Cat's house, she doesn't live to far away from me, so it doesn't take me long to get to her house. I pull up on her street, and honk my horn three times, to gain her attention.

She bounds out of the house, smiling and waving at me. The light breeze in the air sends her scent into my car. She climbs in and grins at me, her dimple surfaces in her face "Hey, Jadey," she says happily. "Thank you so much for doing this, I'm sorry it was such short notice but thank you so much." She babbles from the seat next to me.

"It's fine Cat and don't call me Jadey." I say "You know I don't like it."

She sighs "I'm sorry," she says.

I shake my head "It's fine," I say. I pull off of her street slowly, and head for the stretch of road that leads up to Hollywood Arts High school.

I pull my phone from my pocket as I drive, and I can see Cat in my peripheral vision, fear, and worry fills her eyes. I check the time quickly, realising we will get to school about twenty minutes earlier than needed.

I place my phone back in my pocket and turn my attention back to the road; I can still see Cat watching me from the corner of my eye. "What?" I say with a shrug, turning away from the road briefly to look at her.

"You're not supposed to use your phone while you drive, Jade." She warns me "It's dangerous."

"I think I can manage, Cat." Obviously Cat doesn't know my secret, no one does. So she doesn't know that when I wasn't looking at the road a second ago, that I was still in total control, she doesn't know that I can sense what's happening on the road without looking.

"Don't do it again though Jade it scares me."

I sigh "Fine, I won't do it again," I tell her. I don't know why but seeing Cat, sad, or scared, affects me more than seeing anyone else in that state. I can't help but feel bad about what had just happened.

"Promise," she says.

I nod "I promise."

We pull into the car park of Hollywood Arts to find that there are very few parking spaces left. I pull into the one closest to the school. I turn to face Cat "Will you need a lift home, or is that covered?" I ask.

She shakes her head "No, I need a lift home too." She says "You don't mind do you?"

I shake my head "Nah, meet me here after school." We both climb out of my car, and walk through the double doors to the entrance of the school.

The smell of blood and life fills my nostrils clinging to the inside of my nose. I can hear, footsteps coming from all directions. I look over to where mine and Cat's friends are stood, by a light up locker.

We walk over to them and earn many smiles as we are on our way over-from people we don't particularly talk to. "Hey guys," Tori and Robbie greet us, in a miss match of time, each of them clip their words over the others making a mess of sound- to me at least.

I smile at them "Hey," I say. Cat smiles widely like usual and goes to stand with Robbie, who stands closer to Tori's locker than anyone else.

"So, what's up?" Asks Tori looking over to me, Tori, is a thin girl, who has bronze skin, and dark eyes, she has brunette hair, and one of the first things I noticed about her was her cheek bone structure. She started at this school, a year after I did, and at first I didn't really like her all that much, but now we tolerate each other.

I shrug, "Not much." I say "Why?" I stand fully clothed in blacks and dark blues- save for my burgundy boots. While everyone else near me seems to be dressed in colour. This is a usual for me, though.

Tori shrugs, and smiles "No reason."

"Hey", I say looking around the small group. "Where's Andre?" I ask.

"Oh, he's showing a new boy around the school," says Robbie, "He said he'll meet us in Sikowitz's class."

"There's a new kid?" I ask.

"Yeah," says Tori "A really cute one." I roll my eyes, at her and shake my head slightly "What?" she says looking at me.

"Nothing," I say "So you've seen this boy?" I ask.

Tori nods "Yeah, Laine walked over to us earlier, before you and Cat got here and asked Andre to show the boy around he's called Beck." She says his name like it matters what he's called, I am sure I would have found that out sooner or later. We will probably be stuck with him all day.

"Well what's he like?" asks Cat, in her usually happy manner.

Tori shrugs, "I don't really know, we didn't speak to him, really. Andre kind of walked away more or less straight away and started showing him around."

"Oh," I say "But you know his name?"

She nods "Yeah, Laine told us what he was called, he seems quiet." She says. The bell rings through the hall, the volume and shrillness of the bell, hurts my ears slightly, it used to be worse, but I guess I'm used to it now.

"Well, I'll see you guys in Sikowitz's class." I say, I wave at them all once and walk to my next lesson.

I hate History; I find it, really boring, but maybe that's because I was there for most of it.

As I walk through the door a smell hits me, it's a new smell. A different smell, I look around the room, and see boy who I don't recognise. This must be where the smell is coming from. This must be Beck. Beck sit's in the chair that is usually empty, a chair that is next to mine.

I groan internally and take my seat next to him. I didn't want anyone to sit next to me in this lesson, I like sitting alone.

I glance at him casually, and get a better look at his face.

What Tori had said, about him being 'cute' was an understatement. He has bronze skin, and soft features. His eyes are a dark brown, and his hair is jet black. As I sit near him, his scent becomes stronger. He like everyone else has his own scent. People scents depend on their personality.

He smells, well, amazing. But there is something mixed in with his scent. Something I haven't ever detected at this school or anywhere really. It's a strong smell, that can't be likened to anything else; it is completely unique.

He looks towards me, and I can see him from my peripheral vision. I look towards him and give him a slight smile, before turning away.

I did notice, though, something set deep inside his chocolate eyes that took me by surprise when I looked at him. He looked confused, which was odd. What could he possibly be confused about?

The lesson begins with Melissa Darling- our teacher- showing us a quick presentation about World War One. Again I groan internally, as I learn what we will be studying for the term.

I make unneeded notes in my book, and I can see Beck from the corner of my eye, keep glancing at me, while he makes notes in his own book. I take a quick look at his writing; it's scratchy and loose, but still readable.

While I make notes, and doodle on my page he looks at me once again. I can feel the anger building in me, as his eyes only leave my face, to look at my work now, after he has looked at my page, he looks back towards my face.

This continues for the duration of the lesson. I keep shooting quick warning glances at him, but nothing stops this boy from staring at me.

I have never been more thankful for the end of a lesson. As soon as the bell rings, my bag is packed and I am on my feet heading out of the door.

Anger swarms my body. As the image of this boy sticks in my mind, the way his eyes never moved from me.

I leave the school, not thinking of heading back. I climb in my car, start the engine and go straight home; I refuse to spend any more time with this boy.

I pull up outside my house, and within seconds, I am inside the comfort of my home.

Luckily our house is pretty secluded, so I can act like a vampire without any repercussions.

Once I am inside the house I start pacing the floor.

The anger only grows stronger.

But the main problem is; I don't know whether I am more angry at the boy, or at myself for letting him get under my skin, before he has even spoken to me.

There is something about this boy, something strange, and I am determined to find out what it is.

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