I stand, motionless for a while, looking through the door. I can no longer see Beck, which I guess is a good thing. I leave the closet, and walk over to my locker where I see Tori stood with a huge smile on her face.

I bite my finger s nervously; I move my hand away and bite my lip.

I walk slower than usual, my head is a jumbled mess, so many thoughts and feelings run rapidly around my mind.

"Hi," Tori says as I stand next to her and rest my head on my locker, I soon have to move my head as the scissor handle were starting to dig into my skull making me feel even more uncomfortable than I already do.

"Hey," I say. She gives me a sly and seemingly knowing grin, "Why are you looking at me like that?" I ask.

"What where and Beck doing in the Janitors closet?" she asks, in a tone that sounds like a joking scold.

"We were talking." I say with a nonchalant shrug.

"Why couldn't you talk out here then?" she asks in a joke accusation.

"I don't know ask him, he was the one who dragged me in there like the creep he is." I say.

She rolls her eyes at me "He isn't a creep." She says.

"Oh, really then why is he dragging girls he hardly knows into janitors closest?" I ask, "That is not normal." I add.

She shakes her head, and rolls her eyes towards the ceiling. "Oh, did you do anymore design ideas last night?" she asks, changing the subject- knowing she won't get much more information from me, on the whole me and Beck thing.

I shake my head "No," I say with a shrug.

"Well why?" she asks, she doesn't sound, annoyed or angry, which surprises me a little bit, because had the tables been turned I would be angry.

"Ryder threw a party last night, and it got a little packed, and I couldn't concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing," I say.

"What you mean is, your brother threw a party, and you went and got side-tracked and forgot about what you were supposed to be doing." She accuses.

"You know you really shouldn't assume things Tori," I begin "Because when you assume things you make and ass out of you and me." I say.

"Did you go to your brother's party?" she asks- though she already knows the answer

"Yes" I admit a little reluctantly-I have clearly just proven my own point about assuming. "But that isn't the point." I shake my head slightly "And we're not actually related." I say.

"No but he's as good as your brother, I mean he tells everyone that you're his sister."

"Of course he does," I mumble.

"So," she says with an arched eyebrow "How are you feeling after last night?"

"Fine," I say with a shrug "I didn't drink any alcohol." I say.

"I find that hard to believe," she chuckles.

I open my mouth to say something as but before any words come out I see Beck walking through the doors, he holds a thick book in his hand and walks towards me and Tori. "Sorry, I rushed off like that," he says "I left my History book in my car."

"Oh," says Tori. "That's fine."

He shoots me a quick glance and I know his apology was meant more for me than it was for her. I shrug at him and try to keep my face indifferent when I say "It's fine."

"Good." He says.

An awkward silence fills the air. The tension between Beck and I is so thick you could cut it with a pair of scissors.

The school fills with a throng of people, and the smell of blood once again becomes over powering, I try to clear the thoughts out of my head, but my throat burns and prickles with thirst.

I remain quiet for the rest of the morning. I stand and watch the others talk, and laugh about things, though. My mind is elsewhere, I want to be home, in fact I want to be hunting with Sebastian.

The bell rings, and echo's around the halls, for the first time, since he has been here I notice Beck wince at the sound of the shrill bell, the same way I used to.

He catches me glancing at him, and tries to compose his face. I can still see the discomfort lodged in his expression.

I walk to my History class, leaving Beck behind with the others; I take my seat at the front of the room and wait for him to make his appearance. As he had the days before with me.

He walks through the door with confidence; I can't help but think of how good he looks. I groan internally, as I think about the fact that I am being dragged in to his charm like all the other girls seem to be.

He nods friendlily at one of the boys who sits at the back of the room, and waves at one of the girls, he smiles at her. Before he takes his seat next to me. His face turns indifferent as he looks towards the front of the room.

When the lesson has begun, I hear his voice in a low whisper; he says "Jade, I need to talk to you."

I shake my head and keep my voice as low as his had been, I know that no one else will hear us "No, you don't we spoke this morning."

"No," he says, his voice sounds urgent "We really need to talk." He says.

"I don't want to talk." I snarl.

A voice snaps my attention away from Beck as Melissa speaks "Beck, Jade, is something wrong?" she asks.

I shake my head "No, there is nothing wrong."

Beck shakes his head but remains silent "Then I suggest you stop wittering," she says.

I nod at her before she walks away "Just talk to me after class about what happened this morning." He presses.

I don't say anything; I just shake my head, and start to draw in my note book.

"Jade please." He says his voice growing urgent. Again, I ignore him "The least you could do is talk to me, after the way you have treated me." He says.

I turn and glare at him "The way I have treated you?" I say raising my eyebrows, I can feel the anger building in my body.

"I knew I could get you talking." He says in a mildly arrogant tone. I shake my head slightly.

"I seriously, don't know what we have to talk about." I say, though I am fully aware that we both have lots to say about what happened this morning. "You apologised." I say with a shrug "And I told you it was fine."

"Jade, please just talk to me after class." He begs.

I arch my eyebrow at him "You just want to get me back in that closest don't you?" I joke trying to make him feel uncomfortable. "Well, all you have to do is grab me when I walk past." I say sardonically. "That seems like your kind of thing."

He doesn't seem fazed by my comment, instead he gives me a devilish look "I think you liked that more than you are letting on."

"Listen," I say my voice rising slightly in volume, I open my mouth to continue but Melissa's voice cut's me off.

"Jade!" she screeches- I can't help but notice, how Beck starts when she speaks, he then goes on to rubbing his earl as if he is in pain- I wonder why he has been acting this way today. Is he usually like this, and I have just never cared enough to notice? Or is this a new thing?

Melissa says "I don't want to have to tell you again." She gives me a warning glare, and I roll my eyes before apologising half-heartedly.

I spend the rest of the lesson ignoring Beck the best that I can, however sometimes he does get on my nerves, so I snap a reply at him. But that just seems to spur him on to keep talking to me.

Most of the day seems to be like this, until I get to lunch. I walk outside and once again, Beck pulls me away from where I was heading, he pulls me to one side and keeps his voice hushed. "Talk to me." He begs in a whisper.

I shake my head "No," I say "I thought we already covered this." I say. "I don't want to talk about what happened."

"We have to talk about it sooner or later." He says.

"Yeah, well I pick later." I reply, before walking away from him and taking my seat next to Cat at the round table, where all the others sit, eating and talking. Conversation seems to flow easily enough, though Beck keeps shooting looks at me, which I try my best to ignore.

Today seems to go faster than the others have; in fact everything that happened since this morning seems like a blur. But I am happy when school is over.

I all but run out of the school, when the final bell rings, I don't stop to say bye to anyone. I speed home with one thought on my mind. Hunting.

I wait until the sun is down before I go out, when I hunt, I tend to go on foot, it's easier, you can be stealthier than if you were driving.

I don't really know what I am looking for or where I am going, I'll let my instincts decide on that. I look into the cloudy sky. I can see no stars; in fact the sky is total black, apart from a thin new moon in the sky.

It sounds stupid to have a favourite way that the moon looks, but this is definitely the one I prefer, closely followed by the full moon.

I look around the street as I am walking, I watch as many cars speed past me. I hear many honks of car horns, and crude comments from many of the drivers, and other pedestrians that walk along the street. I can't help but smile and wave at some of them as they drive past me.

I cut down a dark alley, feeling no sense of fear. When I was human, though, I would have felt completely different.

It was down an alley like this one that Sebastian changed me. I don't remember much about that night, but what I do remember is that it hurt- and it wasn't a good kind of pain- and that it happened, on a cold, damp night in an alley way.

I see no signs of life, and decide to give up on hunting tonight, I am not in dire need of feeding, I just want to, I want to taste the sweetness of human, blood something that hasn't passed my lips in years.

It's selfishness that drove me out here tonight.

I look around the dank, alley and bask in the late night air feeling no pain, and feeling complete comfort. I can relax at night. As I walk I sense someone behind me. I can both smell and hear them, it's a smell I recognise, but only very vaguely. Mixed in with the night air, it is a very earthy smell, like freshly cut grass. I turn quickly, to see nothing and no one. I turn around once more and continue to walk.

I can hear the person again, and smell them, though their scent is getting stronger, and I can hear a steady heartbeat, and steady stealthy breaths. I decide to keep walking this time, and I cut down another alley. I can smell a slight air of dampness and moss, as I walk along the stone floor.

I stop quickly and I turn around and see Beck standing in front of me in the darkness, the moon light vaguely lights up his face. He looks amazing like this.

He seems shocked, at the fact that I have caught him. But he stays looking down slightly at me; his eyes pitch black in the night.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

He shrugs "Following you," he says honestly, I mean he can't really lie about it can he?

"Well you do know stalking is highly frowned upon?" I ask sardonically.

He nods his head "Yeah, I know how things work." he says, in a friendlier tone than I used with him.

"Why were you following me? And how long have you been following me?" I ask, feeling uneasy, maybe this guy was just a creep.

He shrugs "Awhile" he admits. "I wanted to know if I was right about you." He says in a matter of a fact tone.

I shrug "Right about me how?" I say, playing it dumb, I am more than sure he knows what I am. 'Awhile' I think, how long is 'Awhile'? The uneasiness slips away from me, but it is replaced with another form of nerves. I feel the same as I did this morning when Beck stormed away from me.

"You think that I don't know what you are?" he spits "You think that I couldn't smell it on you the minute you walked into that room?" He shakes his head "I wanted to be wrong about you." He divulges. He looks at me, from my head, down to me feet, inspecting every inch of me "I should be repulsed by you."

"Are you?" I ask my voice shaking. He shakes his head, but remains silent. I stand closer to him, and he backs away slightly "Look at you," I say "You can't even stand to be near me. If that isn't repulsion then I don't know what is."

He shakes his head "No, I can it's just… I..." he pauses trying to think of the right words to say.

I stammer in a mocking tone, at him "You what?" I ask, venom filling my voice.

"Jade, don't be like that." He says, his dark eyes begging me. "I have been warned about Vampires," I feel my eyes widen as he says the word 'Vampire' I had an inkling that he knew about me, but hearing him say the word, makes everything real. He moves his eyes from my face, to the floor. He looks back to me, his dark eyes begging for forgiveness.

Why had he been warned about me? I think. I scan my mind, for reasons why anyone could be warned about us- other than the obvious, but then, that's just folk law and no one really believes in us. What other reasons is there?

Then the sudden realisation hit's me, earlier today, why he winced in pain, when the bell rang. It seems so easy now, why couldn't I see it before? "So, are you one of them?" I ask, the way he looks at me tells me he knows what I mean when I say 'them' "One of the people, I've been warned about?" He doesn't say anything; instead he holds an ashamed look on his face.

"You're a Werewolf aren't you?" I ask, I see a flicker in his eyes, and before he has said anything, I know I'm right.

Werewolves and Vampires are known for being rivals, enemies even. And it makes sense that he smells so different to everyone else that I know, because in the simplest term, he is different to everyone else that I know.

"Yeah," he mutters "I am."

"Why didn't you say anything?" I ask, looking at him. "If you knew what I was then why didn't you say anything sooner?"

"I tried, twice." He says "But you always walked away or shut me out." He plucks at his lip with his teeth before he says "And before that, I didn't know what to do or say, I think, I was more shocked, that I had run into a V-Vampire." he stammers on the last word.

"You still could have said something." I say, not wanting to admit, that me shutting him out was one of the main problems in our situation. Had I not walked away from him so many times, this could have been solved days ago.

"Like I said, I wanted to be wrong about you."

"Why?" I ask.

He looks down but remains silent. I know this is him refusing to answer my question. I roll my eyes, before licking my lips. I pluck at them, with my fangs.

The wind blows lightly, sending his scent drifting through the air.

We both stand in silence for a while, until my curiosity gets the better of me "So," I say, as I set off walking again. Beck follows my strides, and soon catches up to me "Do you have a pack?" I ask.

He smiles at my question, and turns his view to me. It's the first time he has smiled at me, and I like it. His smile is so charismatic. "No," he says shaking his head, his face grows serious again. "There are more of us, obviously otherwise I wouldn't have been bitten, but we don't live with each other, or even talk to each other."

"Oh," I say.

"Oh?" he asks mimicking my tone.

"Well, it's just; we- vampires- always assumed that you had packs." I say.

"In general," he says "We do. It's just I don't," he says "But I could make one. If I really wanted to." He explains. "Do you have a coven?" he asks.

I nod "Yeah, but it's only small." I explain "Again there are more of us, situated in different places, some I have met." I continue, "But in my house there' only three of us."

"Interesting," he says, and he sounds genuine. This is the longest I have ever spoken to him, without things feeling tense and awkward. I feel comfortable around him. For now anyway.

As we walk my hand brushes against his and he pulls it away quickly. He looks at me, and notice the expression on my face "Sorry," he says quietly.

I shrug "It's fine." I say, I pause and then look at his face. "You know the others were right about you." I say, keeping my voice as quiet as his had been.

"What do you mean?" he asks.

"I had you all wrong." I admit "You're a nice guy aren't you?" I ask stopping once again; I turn slightly to face him. He stops next to me, and does the same as I had. He looks down at me, and has a small smile on his face.

Had my heart been beating, his smile would most likely have sent it fluttering.

"I try to be." He says. I smile at him, and the notion feels so easy, not forced like it does with most people. "Why?"

I shrug "I just wanted to know." I say.

We walk some more, Beck pulls his jean jacket around his body, and then looks down at me. His eyes follow my moves as they have so many times before, but his eyes and expression are softer now.

"What?" I ask, feeling paranoid about him staring at me.

"Nothing," he says with a shrug. He checks the time on his phone, and slips it back into his pocket. "Can I walk you home?" He asks his voice is barely a whisper.

"Why?" I say "You trying to get rid of me?" I joke. He laughs nervously and rubs the back of his neck. I nod at him "Sure."

We walk side by side, keeping a steady pace, talking to each other about who-what- we are "So, when did it happen?" he asks me.

I pause, and think back "It happened in 1889," I admit with a shrug "So it happened a long time ago. How about you?" I ask.

He shrugs "A couple of years ago."

"How do you hide it from your parents?" I ask, getting the jump on him before he can ask me anything else.

"I live alone," he says. I arch an eyebrow at him, prompting him to continue. "Well, I live in an RV inside my parent's drive." He admits "They don't seem me often, if at all, so they never really notice." He thinks for a while before saying "How did you hide it from your parents, you know when it first happened?"

"I just disappeared for a while; I was gone for so long that people just thought I was dead. I lived life only going out a night for almost a decade, and then Sebastian and I moved away, and that's when I started to live life like a normal person would." I explain.

"Sebastian?" he asks.

"Oh, he's the guy who changed me. He acts like my dad, but obviously he isn't."

"Oh," he says.

We walk the rest of the way in silence, our hands keep brushing against each-others, I fight the urge to grab his hand in my own.

When we reach my house, he looks at it, and his eye widen in shock. I look at him and shrug "I would invite you in but, I don't think that would be wise, Ryder…my 'brother's' home." I say to him. I use air quotations on the word brother.

"It's fine." He says. He turns to walk away but stops after about three steps "Jade," he says turning back to face me. He shakes his head "Never mind." He says. He smiles at me before saying "Sweet dreams."

"You too," I say.

He waves at me once. I return the wave by wiggling my fingers at him. As he walks down my drive he keeps turning his head to look back at me over his shoulder, he still has a broad smile on his face. A lot like the smile that I can't help but wear myself.

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