Sophie's POV

"Keep going, Sophie. It's your last day of training before you volunteer. Make it count!" My dad and trainer encouraged me, handing me my club for the last time until the reaping. After a few minutes of me attacking training dummies with it, he smiled, kissed me on my cheek, and told me to go get ready.

I put on a shortish skirt and a shirt a little fancier than my regular training outfit. I mean, it's the reaping. I have to make an impression when I volunteer. I braided my long blonde hair back and walked to the reaping with my dad. He smiled and hugged me one last time, and walked to the spectator section while I got my finger pricked. I then walked to the eighteen year old girls section and waited for our escort.

"Welcome to the reapings for District One!" Our escort, Shimmer, announced when she walked onstage. "Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor! Ladies first, like always," as soon as she pulled out a name, I walked out of the crowd.

"I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" I yelled, running onstage.

"We have a volunteer! What is your name, sweetie?" She asked. Sweetie?

"Sophie Lamp," I said with pride and a smile as everyone clapped.

Honrel's POV

I sighed to myself as I walked to the reaping in my ragged clothes. I got weird looks, seeing as I'm from District One and a poor orphan. I just ignored it, like always. I ran my fingers through my perfect hair, and then got my finger pricked. I rubbed it as I walked through to the fifteen year old boys. Our escort then walked out and did her usual welcome speech.

Before she could announce who she picked for the girls, an eighteen year old girl volunteered. I sighed, worried why on Earth someone would want to enter these stupid Games.

"Now to pick our male tribute!" She told us, scurrying over to the bowl with the male names. She picked one, and walked to the microphone. "Honrel Olti!" My eyes widened, even though I expected it. I had put my name in extra times to support myself.

I walked on to join Shimmer and Sophie, gulping. Sophie looked at my tall, lanky build and smirked. I sighed. "Go on, shake hands." I took Sophie's hand in mine, and she shook it firmly. I braced myself for the worst.

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