Iris's POV

As I brushed my long red hair back into a high ponytail, I heard my family getting ready for breakfast. My mother was cooking it, and my father and twin brothers, Rhi and Rhy, were running around the house, looking for clothes to wear today. Today is the day we have our annual reaping, and it's the only time I leave my house. You see, I've been sick my whole life, and I never leave my house and have never attended school. My mom stays at home to help me, and Rhi, Rhy and my dad work every day to be able to get my medicine. Life is hard for us.

I put on a knee length green dress that matches my eyes and a pair of flats for the reaping. I walked downstairs, where the rest of my family sat, eating nervously. Even though it is my last year to be reaped and I am the only one in the family who can be reaped, they would be devastated if I was reaped.

After a very awkwardly silent breakfast, my family and I walked to the reaping. My parents and brothers walked to the spectator section while I got my finger pricked. I rubbed my finger as I walked to the other eighteen year old girls, who stared at me. They never see me, so they stare every time they can. Just then, our escort Siri came onstage and did the whole "Happy Hunger Games!" thing and walked over to the girls names and picked one.

The last thing I remember was hearing the words "Iris Idel!" before the world went black.

Rook's POV

I put on a green jumper suit that matched my green hair (don't judge, it looks cool) and walked down to my mother, who was making breakfast. I smiled to her and helped her as best I could, and then we ate alone. After we were done, we walked to the reaping.

My mom went to the spectators while I got my finger pricked and walked to the fourteen year old boys. I know what you're thinking, Where's your dad?. Well, he died when I was a baby, so it's just me and mom. It's okay, because I love her with all my heart. But enough of my life, let's start the reaping.

Our escort reaped a girl named Iris, and she passed out when she was reaped. Ouch. Two peacekeepers carried her up onstage and held her there. When Siri picked a boy, I didn't catch the name, but a small twelve year old boy walked onstage, looking terrified. I then heard a voice yell "I VOLUNTEER!" and was shocked when I realized it was mine. I ran onstage, and saw my mother start to cry.

"And what is your name?" Siri asked me.

"Rook Froggot." I then shook Iris' hand, thinking that I need to win.

Because then my mother has no one, and I can't let that happen.

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