Bunny took a deep breath of the fresh mountain air, admiring his view of the beauty that was the Swiss Alps. The pristine snowy mountains that dipped down into a green, grassy valley full of wildflowers. Then the cold from the altitude and the fact that he was standing in snow hit him.

"Gah!" he wrapped his arms around himself and rubbed his arms for warmth as he bent down bracing himself against the mountain's frigid breezes. Ruddy cold, ruddy mountain, ruddy snow, ruddy flower.

Oh! He straightened, remembering his reason for being in the mountain in the first place. Steeling himself he hoisted his satchel of supplies on his shoulder and set his mind to the task at hand. Tentatively sniffing the brisk air he caught the sweet scent of his objective and followed it. After about twenty minutes of climbing the mountain's rocky face he finally found it.

Edelweiss. The long stemmed white flowers were growing out of the rock wall. Their stems stretching to lift their faces towards the sunlight. Groping the side of the mountain with one paw Bunny stared wistfully at the pale blooms.

How the blinkin' hell was he going to sketch them?

He could pick them, but that would be killing the beautiful flowers, and beauty in such a place was to be cherished. So that option was out. He didn't possess a photographic memory and drawing them from his mind wouldn't do the flowers justice. The giant rabbit heaved a sigh as he dragged his free paw down his face. What to do?

"Halloooo, Kangaroo!" a voice rang out of nowhere.

Startled, Bunny lost his grip on the rock and with a yell plummeted. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Bracing himself for the worst impact ever he closed his eyes and -

Was caught in a gentle breeze that floated him to the ground and deposited him with his satchel. Perhaps it was the sudden drop in altitude or the fact that he was still in a shocked daze. Whatever it was, as soon as Bunny touched down on the grass the world went dark and he tumbled down the rabbit hole of oblivion.

When Bunny finally regained consciousness he realized three things – First, his head hurt, a lot. Second, Floating right above him looking down was Jack Frost. Whose eyes lit up when he grinned down brightly as he realized that Bunny had awoken. Third, there was a sweet smelling, freshly cut edelweiss flower on his chest. Eh? Bunny quickly sat up and immediately regretted it as his head throbbed in protest. Catching the blossom as it fell off his chest he looked around himself, trying to identify his location. "What happened? My achin' skull…"

Jack alighted on the grass next to Bunny smiling, "Morning Sleeping Beauty. You got a bit clumsy and fell off a mountain. No worries though! Wind and I caught you." A sudden gust of air blew the winter spirit over. "Fine! WIND caught you, but I helped." He gave Bunny a cheeky wink and then nodded at the flower held in his paws. "What's with the flower by the way?"

"It's called edelweiss, I was lookin' for it ta sketch in mah book." Bunnymund stood up, stretching and twisting the tension out his muscles as Jack watched him quietly. He gazed down at the flower, examining the minute details in the blossom's petals. "Was just figurin' out how ta sketch it when – " He cut off suddenly glaring at the winter spirit.

"Oi mate, how exactly did I fall off the mountain? And don't try that 'clumsy' nonsense, I ain't clumsy."

Jack grinned sheepishly up at the rabbit, "Ah, um. Well it may have been a little bit my bad for surprising you when I got here. So hey! Sketching flowers? That sounds like a conversation topic. Why are you drawing daisies?" All this seemed to rush out as the youth sprung into the air, nimbly gliding over to Bunny's side to examine the flower.

Bunny snorted, "Shoulda known ya would have somethin' ta do with it. And it ain't a daisy, it's called edelweiss ya dill. How on earth did ya even know I'd be on a mountain, Frostbite?"

Jack leaned on his frosted staff and simply shrugged with an easy smile, "The Wind knew where to find you."

"Nobody else for ya to bother then?" Bunny asked as he bent down to retrieve his satchel from where it had fallen. When it landed it had fallen open and his dark leather bound sketchbook was now lying on the grass.

"You're my favorite."

Bunny stilled, glancing at the teen who seemed surprised at his slip of the tongue. His cheeks had begun to frost a bit, his version of a blush the rabbit assumed.

Jack recovered with a cough, "Ahem. So c'mon, stop avoiding the question. Why are you sketching flowers with strange names?"

Favorite, eh? Bunny chuckled but let the comment slide by, secretly pleased. "It's my off season. So I keep busy; collectin' colors, makin' chocolate flavors, creating new plant species and sketchin' flowers and designs. Helps me prepare for next year's Easter." He examined his sketchbook, there didn't seem to be an damage to it or its contents. Phew.

Then suddenly the book wasn't in his paws anymore. He blinked.

"Whoa Bunny! These are amazing! These are all the flowers you've seen? They look so real!" Jack's eyes shined as he flipped through Bunny's art, taking in the details, colors and – scribbles? He looked down at the rabbit quizzically. "What language is this supposed to be?"

"Oi!" The large rabbit snatched back his sketchbook from the airborne spirit, instinctively holding it close to his chest. "They ain't scribbles!" he snapped, ears laid flat against the back of his head as he brandished the flower angrily at Jack who merely smirked at him amusedly. "They're mah notes ta help inspire me when I design mah googies come Easter! Rack off about my writin'!"

Jack held his hands up in a mock surrender, laughing at the indignant Easter Bunny. His voice seemed to ring out brightly in the air and the rabbit's ears. Bunny relaxed, he didn't know quite what it was but he found staying angry at Jack actually difficult the longer that he knew him.

Abruptly Jack stopped laughing, "Oh! I forgot! I promised Jamie I'd go sledding with him!" He chuckled, swooping forward to tap Bunny lightly on the nose. "Guess you distracted me, Kangaroo. See ya!"

Then like a gust of wind he was flying off and away, leaving behind a startled Bunny. He twitched and rubbed his nose, the sensation of having cold Jack Frost touch still tingling. Finally, he could get back to work now. Had better things to do then just stand about and gab all day.

He settled down in the grass with his back against a large smooth rock and flipped on the sketchbook to a blank page. After settling the flower at just the right angle for lighting and aesthetic affect he began. The beautiful flower with its frozen looking petals seemed to glow as the sun set in the sky, the pink reflecting off the delicate frost on the bloom. Absentmindedly, Bunny began to sing to himself

Edelweiss. Edelweiss.

Every morning you greet me. Small and white. Clean and bright.

You look happy to meet me~

An image of Jack's happy face floating above Bunny as he awoke sprang to his mind. The rabbit shook himself out of his reverie and peered down at his work.

What had begun as a beautiful edelweiss blossom had trailed off into a frail almost frost like pattern that curled around the edges of the page. In the corner a familiar figure with a staff was beginning to form out of Bunny's sketch lines.

He probably would have been surprised if this were the first time he had done this without thinking. However, it was the third.

At least Jack had a shirt on this time.