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Bunnymund was having a problem with Jack Frost and Jack wasn't even there.

He looked down at his sketchbook only to see Jack's mischievous grin and twinkling eyes looking back at him. He let out a huff of annoyance; this was supposed to be a sketchbook filled with colors, designs and beautiful flowers. Pieces of inspiration that would help him to create the most beautiful eggs that would fascinate the children that would find them on Easter day. Instead, what had once been a mere thumbnail sketch had turned into a complete takeover. His book was now brimming with Jack; flying with the wind, flushed and full of joy, sitting atop his curved staff with perfect balance, in the midst of an intense snowball fight, leaning casually against a wall with that teasing smirk. Bunny had even managed to capture an image of Jack sleeping, his face soft and peaceful as he smiled even in his sleep.

And of course, there was THAT one. The very first absent minded sketch that had begun this downward spiral into madness.

Shuffling to the back of the book Bunny yanked out the particular page. He should throw it away. He should never have drawn it. All it did was give him a strange fluttery feeling in his belly.

The colored sketch itself was of Jack standing upon a grassy knoll, his body relaxed and loose while he curled his toes in the lush grass. He was smiling down upon three of Bunny's little egglettes as they meandered past him, off to be painted masterpieces. Jack himself was absolutely covered in colors; pinks, blues, greens and yellow. All spattered upon his thin frame. His typically pale hair a kaleidoscope of colors that rivaled those of a rainbow or the Northern lights. The smudges of paint on Jack's face only seemed to accentuate his laughing eyes and bright smile.

Also, he wasn't wearing a shirt. Because apparently under that ruddy hoodie of his, Jack didn't wear anything.

When Bunny had first come upon the winter spirit he had been in the process of herding his eggs to the dye river. The moment he'd stepped on the paint spattered blue hoodie he had groaned inwardly. What havoc was that troublemaker causing in his precious Warren? However, instead of finding Jack harassing his stone egg sentinels, he found the teen merely standing in an open glade. It had almost looked as though he were basking in the sunlight; he eyes open lazily as he gazed at the Warren around him. His ice pale chest reflecting the colors that were splashed around him, dancing off his skin into colorful light fragments in the air.

The sight had rendered Bunny speechless and rather obsessed ever since. The image of Jack's pale skin reminded him of a blank canvas, one that Bunny just itchedto paint upon, to decorate with color, and admire, and kiss and… things. He felt his face warm up beneath his fur, *ahem* yes. Things. Things that the thought of made his heart beat like a drum and his stomach flip.

He carefully placed the sketch back within the book, letting out a shaky breath of air. Calm yaself Bunnymund. He needed to get past all these feelings Jack kept arousing in him. Needed to distance himself; meditate. Lying the book down upon the grass he closed his eyes and regulated his breathing, his body relaxing. Separating himself from his surroundings and focusing his mind. He envisioned swirling colors, shades and tints, colors of the past that he had discovered, and colors that could be, waiting for him to find. Envisioning –

"Is that a picture of Jack SHIRTLESS?"

Bunny's eyes sprang open as he nearly jumped out of his fur. What? His fur stood on end, giving him that lightning struck look as he jerked his gaze upward to see Tooth.

Looking through his sketchbook.

"T-Tooth?!" he spluttered. How the ruddy hell did she manage to sneak up on him? He looked about wildly, where had she even come from?

Above him Tooth continued to squeal, "Dear sweet MiM! These are all so – and I just can't – EEEEH!" She clutched the sketchbook to her chest with a dreamy sigh. Suddenly realization seem strike her as she looked back down at the book, "Oh hey Bunny this is YOUR sketchbook."

Bunny continued to stare dumbly up at her in stunned horror as her face slowly broke into a shiny grin. His heart skipped a beat as she turned on him, a wicked smile on her face as she giggled gleefully.

"Bunny are you in looooove?"

If his face was warm before now it was practically on fire. He scowled to cover up his surprise and leapt to his feet. "Rack off Tooth!" he growled, jumping for the book. As he snatched back the sketchbook the ripped out page of Shirtless Jack flew out and drifted to the ground by Tooth's feet. Bunny darted to grab it but Tooth beat him to it, immediately darting into the air out of his reach. She stuck her tongue out at him in play and continued to admire the drawing.

"This is so beautiful though! That CHEST. When did you see him shirtless? WHY WAS I NOT ALERTED?" She spun around Bunny in circles as he tried to catch her. Eventually he got so dizzy that he tripped and landed square on his tail. He shook his head trying to clear it. "Give it BACK Tooth, ya crazy Sheila!"

"Can I have it?" She squealed, flitting so close that Bunny could SEE the crazy in her eyes.

"No! Why would I – "

"Ooh! I know!" She exclaimed, jabbing a victory finger in the air. She whipped around, nearly whacking Bunny with her wings as she rustled about for something in her – feathers? "Here!" She grinned brightly at the rabbit and held out a quarter in her palms as if it were the most precious gem. "I'll give you a quarter! Ooh so shiny?" she said enticingly.

"I'm NOT givin' it to ya for a quarter, Tooth." He said deadpan, laid his ears back. This was not amusing.

She rolled her eyes in exasperation, "Ugh, FINE." She tossed the sketch into the air where it floated until Bunny managed to grab it. Slowly she flitted away in seeming defeat. Then she was back. "TWO QUARTERS!"

"For the love of – NOT GIVIN' IT TO YA TOOTH!"

"Pff, fine!" she said folding her arms and turning away, "keep your Jack porn to yourself."


"Oh please, Bunny. That has 'unrequited love issues' written all over it. Technically drawn all over, but you get the point." Tooth said, she gazed at him questioningly, "Have you told Jack about your feelings at all? Oh no, let me guess; you've been Mr. Tough Guy holding your feelings in and letting them burn a hole into your chest. Am I right?" she crossed her arms and fixed him with a piercing gaze that made Bunny uneasy. He sighed and let his body sag in defeat, he could tell by the determined look in her eyes that this conversation was going to happen whether he liked it or not.

"What am I supposed ta say Tooth? I dunno where ta start with how wonky mah life has become. All because of him." He leaned forward placing his head in his paws. Tooth plopped herself on the ground next to him, placing a comforting hand on Bunny's shoulder. "You can start with answering my question. Do you like Jack? In that way?"

He sighed and lifted his head to meet her eyes. Why bother hiding?

"Yes I do."

Tooth lit up with a grin and gave his shoulder a happy squeeze, "That's fantastic Bunny! So tell him that! There's no sense in moping around and drawing. He deserves to know."

With a huff of frustration he stood up, waving her hand away. "It's not that easy Tooth. I can't just… TELL him that I – love him." Wow. He'd actually managed to say it.

"Why not? He trusts you and –"

"300 YEARS. That's why Tooth." He growled, fists clenched as he turned to face her. Tooth was looking up at him, her violet eyes widened and confused. "he was alone for 300 years, WE left him alone. Sure the bloke is startin' ta trust us now, ta trust me even though we fight all the time. But that doesn't mean he's goin' ta trust me with – with love. Aftah all that time of being alone and suddenly I'd pull this? Just because I feel this way doesn't mean he will… Not ta mention the fact that I'm a male. "

She frowned, "What does your gender have to with love? Why should that matter? Love is love. Jack is a wonderful person with an open mind, you can believe in him, can't you?"

"It ain't just him." Bunny snapped, ears laid flat. "There are those in this world, human and spirit, that would HATE us. Because we don't fit in with their culture or beliefs. I don't want to drag Jack inta somethin' like that, where he could get hurt."

"Well." She crossed her arms and seemed to flare her feathers as she spoke, "That's fine and dandy for them, but I wasn't asking about OTHERS' feelings or beliefs. They can do whatever they want. I was asking about YOU. You love Jack, can you believe enough to let him love you? Can you believe that you two could be happy together?"

You're my favorite. Jack had said that. But could it happen? "I think so. Maybe. I – I dunno for sure Tooth. I can't."

She smiled warmly at him and pulled him in for a hug. "Well you love him, you trust him, you believe in him, I know it. Now all you have to do is TELL him and ask."

He nodded silently, not really wanting to speak. Suddenly Tooth spotted a small rustle in a clump of flowers, bending down she found an egglette. She picked it up and passed it to Bunny with a wink. "I should probably go. Just know that no matter what, we ALL love you and Jack no matter what; we're a family. Now I have to go see Sandy!" She began to flit away, a mischievous grin on her face. "We made a pact that to share stories in case something like this happened with you two!"

Bunny started, ears flying as he realized what she said. "Y-Ya mean you two bloody KNEW tha whole time?!" He glared after Tooth's retreating figure as she zoomed off towards the tunnels.

"Of course!"

Ugh. He looked down at the googie. "What is mah life even anymore, eh?" The little egg kicked its feet in response, he chuckled. It certainly was a beaut, it's coloration of blue and green swirling into each other gave it a new color: teal. It looked almost like a mix of his and Jack's eye color together. He smiled down at the little egglette as it rolled around in his palms, kicking its little feet. Tooth was right; he could do this.

He just had to wait for the perfect time.