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Sleeping At Sea For Beginners

Jeff threw his suit jacket aside, letting it crumple on the floor of the study room without a care. As soon as he'd heard the '30's Gangster' themed picnic would have a 'small, innocent' game of paintball assassin played at it, he'd rushed to the nearest, cheapest store and brought the cheapest suit that still made him look good.

Now that it was covered in enough glittery paint to drown Mardi Gras, he was extremely grateful for his own forethought (He was working on the narcissism, he swore).

Behind him came Annie, barefoot and angry. She wore a somewhat stunning red dress that was marred by a horrible green paint splodge right in the stomach.

"I still don't understand how the bullet got me through the window. I wasn't close enough for it to go that way. It makes no sense!" she said angrily, stamping her foot.

"Yeah yeah." Jeff said bitterly, flopping down on one of the couches. "I don't see why Leonard had to put glitter in that paint bomb he threw at me. I'm going to look like Tinkerbell for weeks"

"Well I think you look pretty" Annie said, grinning as she moved to lie on one of the other couches. Unfortunately, both the others were covered in paint. Jeff had nabbed the only clean one and now he was half asleep.

Luckily for Annie, her slowly increasing self confidence gave her an idea of how to deal with Jeff. She bent low, hooking her hands together tightly in her lap and smiled innocently.

"Jeff, could you please move?" she said, assuming what she hoped was the perfect medium between innocent and sultry.

He didn't even look. He did however, roll over slightly and offer her an arm to curl up in. She glared at him for a moment before sliding in to it. She was tired and... it did look comfortable.

They were sound asleep in moments.

"I have to admit, rigging that paint bomb to go off when we turned the key to get in to the Chemistry Lab was rather brilliant..." Britta said tiredly as she and Troy entered the study room. "Like in... a mafia movie. Help me here Troy"

"Too tired. Brain... shhh" Troy replied.

"You can't sleep yet" Britta said loudly, before she noticed Jeff and Annie on the couch and shh'ed Troy's presumably loud reply. "Look at them. Aren't they cute?" Troy took a moment to regard them.

"Can I sleep now?" he eventually said, though Britta noticed him discreetly wiping a tear away.

"Where do you want to sleep exactly?" Britta asked sarcastically.

"Bean bags and blankets from when our apartment was fumigated. In the cupboards where those old testbooks with penises drawn in were kept" Troy directed her. Britta went and came back with a pair of bean bags and a pair of blankets a moment later. She threw one blanket over Jeff and Annie and placed the two bean bags next to each other.

"We'll just have to share the blanket" she said.

"You're the best Britta" Troy mumbled as he fell in to the nearest bean bag. She smiled a little, a hand going by reflex to her hair to twirl it around her finger before she stopped and chastised herself for acting like a school girl. Instead, she just slumped in the other bean bag and pulled the blanket over the pair of them.

As she drifted off though, she felt a hand slip in to hers.

Shirley entered her house and instantly met her husbands stare with a sigh.

"Paintball" was all she had to say, before heading to their bed to collapse.

"Sorry about the shooting you Ay-bed" Pierce jovially said to Abed, patting him on the shoulder.

"It's OK. All's fair in paintball. And I won in the end so..." Abed replied easily.

The pushed through the doors in to the study room, and saw the sleeping group. They both stopped for a moment, and quietly moved to sit on the table and watch them.

They watched the four sleep, until eventually Abed spoke in a whisper.

"Is this how it felt being left out of the group Pierce?" he said. Pierce almost made a crack back at him, but he heard Abed sound something very unusual.

He heard him sound human.

He watched Abed quietly for a moment. Abed was watching Troy intently, his eyes zeroed in on . Then smiled.

"Not at all. They aren't excluding us on purpose. They're just... happy with each other" Pierce said sounding... content.

"You've shown a lot of character growth Pierce" Abed said.

"Thanks Abed" Pierce replied.

"Maybe we could be... happy together" Abed said after a second, carefully resting his head on Pierce's shoulder. They sat like this for a moment.

"No this is wrong. Horrible. Bad, wrong and terribly horrible" Pierce said.

"Yes I feel... disquieted..." Abed said. They both stood and, with a nod of solidarity, forgot the incident ever happened.

"So, Ay-bed, you like those Star War movies right?" Pierce asked as they both began walking quickly from the scene of the... horrible, wrong, soul destroying moment.


"Wanna come over mine and watch them. I have them on old VHS tapes. I saw the first one in the cinema"

"I haven't seen the original versions since I was a kid, and hearing about the original viewings... Cool. Cool cool cool"

And they left the study room, leaving the two pairs to sleep.

Yes, the title is a pun about shipping.

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