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Playing Video Games For Fun And Profit

"You know, playing that video game with you guys was pretty fun.. I've never really played much before" Annie said one day, as they sat around the table in Chez Troannibed.

"We should do a video game night" Abed said straight away in response.

"That's an awesome idea!" Troy replied, and they shared their handshake.

"I suppose it might not completely suck" said Jeff, not looking up from his phone. "Though you are talking to someone who owned an NES"

"Wow. Children in Africa were dying and you owned an NES" said Britta, to accompanying groans. "Anyway, video games are all jingoistic propaganda trying to brainwash you to do whatever you're told by the man" she continued to more groaning.

"You are the human embodiment of Windows Vista" Troy said to her.

"It would be nice to have a night away from the children..." Shirley ploughed through.

"I haven't got anything better to do. The house is cold and lonely" said Pierce.

"So when should we do it then?" Abed asked the group as a whole. They all looked at one another nervously.

"I'm not doing anything tonight" Britta admitted quietly. The rest of the group quickly, and ashamedly, admitted to as much as well.

"OK, Annie. This is Skyrim. You can find a spouse, save the world from dragons, do whatever you like. Fallout New Vegas really has more choice in term of what you can do story wise, but that's probably a bit too complex to start with" Abed said, plopping Annie down in front of the Xbox.

"So I use the stick thingy to move?" she asked. Behind her Jeff snorted and Pierce and Troy shared a silent fist bump as Britta rolled her eyes at them.


"OK. I'm... I'm going!" Annie exclaimed as, on screen the camera began to move. This happened for a moment until Annie came across a chicken. "Look! A chicken! Can I pick it up? Is it this button?" Annie said, hitting the right bumper.

Troy and Abed both leapt forward, screaming "No!" as the on screen chicken was immolated. Annie's face fell.

"Now the guards will try and kill you" Abed noted.

"Good, I'm a horrible chicken murderer! I should be killed!" Annie shouted, before throwing the controller down and running to her room, hiding her now tearing up face. Jeff quickly followed her.

"She got in to that kinda quickly" Troy said to the rest of the group, who looked a mixture of appalled and amused.

"Oh look, another military shooter. Who are we fighting this time? Russians? Taliban? Another of America's convenient enemies?" Britta accused/asked.

"Super religious aliens" Troy said, handing Britta a controller and picking one up for himself as they watched the Halo title screen. "Who want to destroy the Earth"

"Have we tried talking to them?" Britta shot back.

"Yes. They shot us" Abed said, looking at Annie's bedroom door intently. "They've been in there a while"

"Whatever. So, we're fighting aliens? Who declare us against their religion and try to wipe is out?" Britta asked.

"Yes" Troy replied.

"Huh. I might be able to get behind that" Britta said, as they opened fire on some Covenant. Abed sighed next to them.

"What if this turns in to another Jeff and Britta?" Abed asked. "Us eventually becoming Friends seems a good way to peter out in season five or so"

Jeff, Abed, Shirley and a tempted out Annie (Nobody new what she'd been tempted out with, but she had been smiling broadly) sat on the couch, each holding an Gamecube controller.

"So, this has Mario in it?" Shirley asked. On the confirmatory nods she said "That's nice"

"Does everyone understand how to play?" Abed asked the other three, and they all nodded.

"We smash and we brawl. Simple" said Annie, with a small self confirming nod.

The game of Super Smash Bros Brawl began, with Jeff and Abed each playing coolly, collectedly, whilst Annie and Shirley mashed buttons.

This quickly turned to their advantage however, as both Jeff and Abed were quickly thrown off the stage, much to Jeff's disgust.

"They're just hitting buttons!" he exclaimed, before feigning disinterest by playing on his phone.

"It's a common joking point with gamers that the new players win by mashing buttons. However, here we have two new players, both mashing buttons. So, who knows what way it could go" Abed said in his usual detached, meta style.

"Oh god"

The match went on for a while, as both Shirley and Annie, with less people to aim at, seemed to find it impossible to hit each other.


"We both fell of at the same time?" Annie said, in the dangerous calm that betrayed an oncoming storm of anger. "WE BOTH FELL OFF AT THE SAME TIME"

Whilst the rest of the group calmed down and cleared up the plates that had been smashed, Pierce had snuck on to the Xbox. He's quickly put in some Call of Modern Warduty game, and somehow stumbled in to an online match.

With a headset on.

The rest of the group gathered, intrigued and repulsed, as he blundered his way through the match, meeting every thirteen year old swear for swear, bigoted obscenity for bigoted obscenity.

The second he died (After a surprisingly long period of time) he threw the controller down, exclaimed "I'm done with this crap!" and stormed from the apartment.

"So... no more game nights?" Jeff suggested, to a quick set of agreements.

The apartment was dark. Troy and Abed were asleep in their blanket fort, and Shirley and Britta had left a while ago.

So, in the darkness, with only the illumination of the TV lighting the pair, Jeff and Annie sat, snug in a blanket, visiting death and destruction on the aliens on the screen.

"This is nice" Annie said with a grin. "This was your favourite game when you were young?"

"Yeah. I played it with my Dad once... He's the only person I've ever met who could make it all the way through" Jeff said with a small, almost fond smile. "Sorry, I don't usually... Tell people... Stuff"

"That's OK" Annie replied. She didn't want to press the topic. Jeff opening up even that much was rare, and forcing it would probably just annoy him. "Isn't Contra a little violent for a kid though?" she asked as they blew up a group of enemies.

"Wait till you see Doom kid" he said, taking a hand momentarily off the controller to pat her head.

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