Finn's heart was beating and beating. He had never felt like this before. There wasn't even a way to escape anymore, because he had already sworn the Oath of Enlistment. Finn's thoughts were racing through his head and he suddenly felt a little bit dizzy.

The train would depart in five minutes. Finn was at the Lima train station and about to take the train to the boot camp to somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky. He looked at all the people who came to see him for the last time and recalled all the memories he shared with any of with them.

His glimpse wandered to his mother. Carole was the most important person in his life. She was the strongest and most beautiful woman Finn knew. It was just him and his mother for 16 years. No one was able to understand how close they were. Carole raised him alone since his father had died when Finn was a baby. He never had the chance to get to know him. His father was the reason Finn joined the army. He wanted to relive the moments his father had. Christopher Hudson – the commissioned officer.

Finn suddenly felt bad because the thought that he didn't show his mother enough how much he appreciated her came into his mind. But then he looked to Burt next to his mother. Finn was so thankful Burt was there. Because of him his mother could finally love someone again and more significantly finally feel loved again. Finn always tried to be there for Carole as much as he was able to, but the love from your son isn't the same as from your husband and Finn knew that.

Next to Burt stood Kurt with his boyfriend Blaine. Kurt really became a brother to him and Finn was so sad that he had to leave him, but he was sure Blaine would take care of him.

Then Finn took a look at Matt and Mike, his football mates and before looking at his best friend Puck. Finn knew Puck since kindergarten. Puck was his only friend from the very beginning. He saved Finn from this rude girl who was always scratching him and stealing his food when Finn was a little, helpless newbie. From this day on Finn and Puck always did everything together. Puckerman was always being the top dog though but that was okay for Finn.

In High School Puck turned into an attention whore. Puck was literally searching for the spotlight all the time and did everything to be in the center in High School. Puck wanted to be the one everybody was talking about in the hallways. Finn didn't like the spotlight as much as Puck did and it was okay for him to just stand behind him.

McKinley High School wasn't the type of High School you would call good anyways. The teachers were incompetent and everything was just a torture. Unlike Puck Finn HATED it. That was the reason Finn barely graduated. The only thing he learned to love in High School was football, but he wasn't good enough to make it into a college with a good football team. He wasn't good enough for any college or anything or anyone in general. Finn couldn't wait to get on the train and when he would come back someday, he wanted to be somebody. But right now all he was was so, so scared.

"So it's time" Finn said and he heard a sob from Carole who was already crying for a few minutes. First he shared a bro hug with Mike and Matt."Don't even dare to not keep in touch with me, man, or otherwise I'll be standing right next to you one day and kick you in the ass ok? I need my bro to tell him from my newest adventures. Anyways take care", Puck said to Finn when they hugged for the last time. Finn nodded. He was already about to cry but that would be awkward and he didn't want to look weird in his mates' eyes.

The next one in the row was Blaine. Finn just gave him a short hug before he turned to Kurt. "You'll be great Finn. I know it." Kurt said to him and gave him a smile after he released him from their hug.

"Take care of my mum" Finn said in a warning, but at the same time kind tone before saying goodbye to Burt as well.

So his mother was the only person left. Finn wrapped his arms around her. Now tears also started to stream down his face. Embarrassed he wiped them away while still hugging his mum."You're amazing. You'll make it, Finn, I believe in you." Carole said while Finn slowly let go of her.

He took his suitcase and a long breath. "Goodbye, everyone. Thank you for everything" Finn said and waved back before he walked towards the train with little steps.

When Finn got on the train, he put his case in the overhead compartment. The train was almost empty. As he took a seat he was so nervous and his hands were starting to tremble. He looked out of the window. Finn started to cry for real now. Then the train took off.

After the train left the station Finn saw all the houses of Lima passing by. He wanted to keep every little detail in his mind, but suddenly the train left the city and all he could see now was nature. Finn took his Ipod out his pocket. He didn't even know what to listen to because no kind of music would be able to describe his feelings at the moment. Not even he was able to. He just put the Ipod on shuffle and closed his eyes.

Finn didn't remember how long he sat there with his eyes closed and listening to music. He wasn't sleeping or anything, he just had so many things on his mind at the moment. Finn had already felt the train stopping for a few times on the way but he couldn't be bothered to open his eyes and look for the other guys who had entered the train. Since his thoughts were more sorted now, he became a little bit curious about who else would have the same fate as him.

Finn opened his eyes put his earphones out his ears. Then he turned a little bit to look at the other seats. A few more people had entered the train but not a lot. The seat next to him was still free. Finn looked around interestedly now, but everyone he spotted seemed as lonely as him. It was dead silent.

Suddenly he remembered that he cried earlier and started to blush a little bit. He wondered who of the guys who were on the train were already there at the Lima train station and saw him crying. Finn didn't remember, because honestly he didn't dare to look at the other people when he entered the train feeling miserable and confused. But when he would think back to the moment now, they must think he's a fool after he cried. Crap.

Since there was nothing else to do Finn paid his attention to the nature outside of the window and put his earphones back in. Finn had no idea where they were at the moment.

Finn didn't do anything the last two hours. He just played some apps on his Ipod. His battery was almost dead now and he put it away.

The train had come to a few stops and was fuller now, but Finn hadn't paid attention to who entered the train because he had totally been into Angry Birds.

His mood became worse because he was already impatient and exhausted from the trip. Long trips had never been his strength since he was a little child, but he and his mother never really left Ohio so it had never been a big problem for him. They didn't have that much money and they always just drove to that lake during summer break but it was three hours away from Lima though.

A few minutes later the train stopped at another station. Finn recognized a sign with the town name. It was called "Olde Brightgrove". A few guys were waiting on the platform to get on the train. When the doors opened Finn saw them waving back at their families, friends or sometimes also a girlfriend.

If Finn would've had a girlfriend he'd have never have joined the army. Finn always thought, that when you have a girlfriend you have a future with her but, well, Finn noticed that he shouldn't insult them. He couldn't understand their thoughts of joining the army even though they had a girlfriend, because to be honest he never had a real girlfriend. All he had were a few dates in High School and they never turned out to be more. Finn was also ashamed of the fact of how he lost his virginity. Puck thought it was really time for Finn and he had organized a sex date for him with a cheerio girl named Santana who had slept with half of the guys in High School. Due to that Santana later turned out to be a lesbian. Finn didn't even know how it would be to have a girlfriend. He wished he could make this experience.

Finn first didn't see the guy who was suddenly standing in front of him and wanted to take a seat.

"Excuse me. Is this seat taken?" The guy asked in a friendly voice.

Suddenly pulled out of his thoughts Finn beheld the guy, put out his earphones and said "Yeah sure."

"K. Great" He replied and sat down. Finn gave him a weak smile. He tried to remember if he saw him outside the window a few minutes ago with his family but he couldn't remember if he did.

"So, my name's Finn and yours?" Finn tried to make a conversation.

"Sam. Sam Evans"

"Cool Sam. Can I ask you something? Do you know how long it'll take from here to the boot camp?"

"Yes, we're already on the edge of Kentucky so it'll be around half an hour or something."

"Oh, that's not that far away. Have you ever seen it before?"

"Yeah, I already went there once to look around the camp and stuff. I thought I'd already live in the middle of nowhere, but there's nothing around the camp except the town where the train will stop."

"Oh man, that sounds so crappy."

The train suddenly came to a full stop. Finn and Sam were deep in a conversation, but then they both shut up and looked around. The train reached the last station as there weren't even rails ahead of them anymore."So, welcome everybody my name's Officer Barlow. Get off the train and come down here", an officer called through a megaphone. They weren't even doing any practice or even reached the boot camp and the officer was already using a megaphone. Finn came to the conclusion Officer Barlow had to be very high-ranked, because he had lots of flashes on his uniform.

Finn and Sam left the train just like everyone after they picked up their cases from the overhead compartment. All the guys met in a group around the officer. When everyone was there they started walking in the direction to the little town which started right next to the train station. As Finn read on a sign the town was called "Spring Creek".

The group entered the town and followed the main street. Finn tried to count how many new soldiers were there but he gave up , because it was hard while they walked. He always missed someone or counted a person twice.

"So, this is the only town which is near to our camp. You can come here if you want to, but you have to be back by midnight every day. There's nothing going on here it's rather boring, but well it is in your only option", Officer Barlow said with faked joyfulness when they reached the center of Spring Creek. Finn had Barlow pegged as someone who never laughs or smiles for real.

Finn was curious about the town and took a look in the streets which leaded away from the main street. The streets were small and looked really old as well as the houses, but this town had something enchanting.

After around 15 minutes of more walking the group reached the other end of the town. All Finn saw in front of him now was such a beautiful scenery that his jaw almost dropped. He looked to Sam next to him and saw that even he was impressed although he had grown up in Kentucky not that far away from here. How can something like a boot camp be amid such a beautiful scenery?!

"So, twenty minutes of walking left until we reach the camp." The officer said and earned a moan from the group. "I see you guys are exhausted from the journey and it's already 1.30am but that's nothing compared to what you can expect from tomorrow." Officer Barlow smirked nastily.

The officer was exactly right that the walk would take them twenty minutes, because Finn looked at his watch the whole time. He talked a little bit with Sam, too, but it was a drawn-out conversation since both of them were tired.

When they finally reached the boot camp it was so dark that Finn barely saw what's around him although he tried to. There were floodlights in the camp, but they just shined feeble light. The group came to a stop in the middle of all the houses. Officer Barlow told the new soldiers that they would make a tour through the whole camp tomorrow. He told them as well that there was no service in the whole camp. Great. They had to use telephone booths to make a call. Finn felt like in the middle ages.

After that Officer Barlow read out the names of the soldiers who were in a house together. All the new soldiers would be in 52 to 56. Finn heard his name belonging to house number 53 as he entered it.

The house was built at ground level. It was very small and shabby, but that didn't even bother Finn anymore, because he was so tired. He was the third guy to enter the room. He counted five beds.

Finn noticed that he had lost Sam earlier while the names were called out. Shitty that he wasn't in the same house as him. Finn had to admit that Sam was a great dude. He liked the same stuff as him just like football and his taste in music and movies was similar to his as well.

Another guy appeared as well. They were in a group of four now. Finn had a little conversation with the guys while he unpacked the most important stuff. He was too sleepy to unpack completely tonight.

Finn heard the noise of an opening door. The missing guy must've walked in. Finn turned around. It was Sam.

"Hey man", Sam exclaimed.

"Sam! Where have you been?"

"It's a long story. When we entered the camp I walked in the first bush, because I needed to pee badly. When I came back everyone was already in their houses so I needed to find Officer Barlow and ask him to which house I belong to. He wasn't amused at all and offended me."

"That sucks. Are you alright? Didn't he scare you?"

"Nah, I can stand him. Anyways Finn, we're roomies. Isn't that great?"

"Yeah, it is", Finn was honestly really happy about the fact he already got to know someone.

As it was really late Finn undressed to his boxers and got into his bed. It wasn't really comfortable at all, but Finn had to deal with it for the next months if he wanted or not. The other guys with the time did the same until everyone drifted off to sleep.

Yet Finn wouldn't have dared to dream that someone he didn't know yet was just a few miles away and would change his life forever.

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