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The Invasion Part 1 of 3

(Metropolis, Saturday, November 3rd, 15:09)

Th people of the city of Metropolis were just daily, everyday people. They had jobs, families and other normal things. But Metropolis isn't a normal city; it has a powerful protector.

But on this day like any other days, people were just doing the daily routine, such as playing games, walking down the street to get to work and many other normal things. That is…until people noticed the sky darkening.

People look up in shock and awe as they saw a large meteor coming down to them. The people scrambled, but a young teen stood by and sighs. "Great…just what we need." He said as he pressed a button on his watch, as a red blur flew through the sky towards the meteor.

(Meanwhile…in Space)

The meteor was heading for Earth at this time, but someone was already trying to slow it down. "Come on…" Grunted a man as a giant pair of green hands tried to grab the meteor, but the flames began to form as it began to quicken it's speed.

The source of the green hands was a green and black clad man with short brown hair, a green domino mask that made his eyes look pitch white, and a green ring on his left hand, which created the hands.

"Need a hand?" asked a voice as the man saw a blue and red clad man come next to him. The man wore a blue full-body armor-like suit with a pair of red boots, a red Shield with an 'S' in the middle.

"About time you showed up." Said the green-clad hero, annoyed. "What took you so long?"

"Hey, I have to take care of a city, Hal. It's not exactly easy." Said the man, known as the man of Steel himself, Superman. He flew around and tried to push the Meteor, using all of his strength to slow it down.

Hal, or rather the Green Lantern of Earth, says "Well, I'm not the one who can be here and destroy this at the time it takes to tie my shoes." He then let go as he asks "IS there a weakspot on it?"

Superman looked up as his eyes glowed a bit and began to look very closely at it. "Yes. It has a core. I think I can concentrate my Heatvision into it…" His eyes then glowed a dark red and fired at it.

"allow me to help." Said Hal as he fired a blast of green energy out of it and aimed at the same spot, but above Superman's head. The two beams began to cut through the stone of the meteor and cut into the core, which caused it to…


Explode into smaller meteorites, which began to burn up, as they got closer to the earth. "Should we stop them?" asked Hal.

"Nah…most of them will be gone within a few moments." Said Superman calmly. "I'll see ya around, Hal."

"Bye Clark, say hi to Lois for me." GL said with a nod as he flew back down to Earth, as Superman did the same. They didn't notice 7 of the meteorites were heading down the earth, and for some reason…weren't shrinking down as they went through the atmosphere.

(Meanwhile…in Gotham City)

One of them landed in the park of Gotham City, a dark and dank city full of the darkest criminals and most notorious gangs in all of the United States.

But there are several protectors of Gotham that keep it safe. And this protector was going to a warehouse near Gotham Bay, to take on a very dangerous man…the Joker.

Inside of the Warehouse, some people were tied to chairs as a sinister voice cackled in the darkness, the only light being a small lamp over them, which glowed white in the darkness.

"Eheheheh... answer me this, good ser? Which hit hurts more? A...?"


"Or B?"




"Or... backhand?"


The thick heavy metal of a crowbar smashed into a middle-aged man's face, knocking him straight down onto the ground with a heavy thud. Blood staining his pepper-grey hair, he weakly looked up to face the tall lanky shadow glancing towards him, twirling the bloodstained crowbar around nonchalantly. Bruises covered his entire body, his lip split open and his nose broken, as he tried to push himself up only for the cold hard leather of a shoe to press down on his back, holding him in place.

"I... I..." he choked out. However, the air in him was knocked away quickly and he was soon heaving and spluttering.

"I-I-I-what?" a chillingly calm voice sneered before the figure leaned down. Picking up the middle-aged man's lighter off the floor, he clicked down on the switch as a small flame flickered. Holding it up to his face, the figure revealed himself as a pale, almost sickly-looking, individual with wide cherry-red lips, locked into a twisted grin, and dark jade-green eyes, his hair the same shade, that blazed with madness as he sniggered. "You're gonna have to speak up there, buddy, I can't hear you," he casually commented, leaning forward. "Then again, with a collapsed lung or two, speaking up isn't an option now, is it?" The man glared up weakly before spitting a mouthful of blood straight into his assailant's face. A flat deadpan look crossed the pale man's face for a brief second before a scowl broke out.

"Now THAT was rude," he commented before flailing his arms out, "I organize a great big shindig, I bring ALL THESE PEOPLE," he began, pointing at the several other individuals, all bound by thick metal chains, behind him, "and THIS is the thanks I get? Honestly, nobody seems to like a good host these days... what is it with you civilians and being complete jerks?" He swung his crowbar around with a yawn. "Now, if I were a GOOD citizen, I would teach you some manners so that you could benefit society better," he began casually, pacing back and forth... before grinning darkly. "But I'm not. So I think I'll just keep beating you with this here crowbar..." He swung it forward once more and cracked it straight into the man's throat, a loud snapping sound echoing from the sheer noise.

Hostages stared in horror as a rattling sound rang out before fading into silence. "You... you sick, despicable MONSTER!" one of the hostages, a young man clad in the dark-blue uniform of the Gotham Police Department, snapped. "Just you wait, you overrated clown, you'll get what's coming to you! The Bat... the Bat will-!" He was quickly cut off by a cackling sound, looking up in horror, as two large ashen-grey hound-like beasts, chuckling and guffawing as they slunk out of the shadows, circled him.

"The Bat, yes, you bring up a good point," the man commented in mock-thought, stroking his chin as a 'pondering' expression formed on his face. Calmly, he walked over. "Bud, Lou, down." The dog-like creatures, his own personal pet hyenas, giggled slightly in response as they stood back, allowing the man to kneel down before the officer, cupping the man's broad chin into his hand. "The entire reason I am DOING THIS is so the Bat turns up... did the five other incidents this month alone not make that click in your head? Heh... this is the best Gotham's boys in blue can provide? I'd LAUGH if it wasn't so PATHETIC..." He paused in silence before shrugging. "Eh, I'll laugh anyway... AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The officer growled before glaring up as the man stood back up. "Just you wait, Joker... even IF the Bat doesn't stop you, Commissioner Gordon-!" he began.

"What? Will come after me with the resolve to avenge his dear sweet little girl whose spine I gleefully shattered a good four years ago? Bats and Gordon can play buddy-cop all they want... in the end, what I did ain't gonna be undone," the man, identified as the Clown Prince of Gotham 'Joker' himself, sneered cruelly before holding up the crowbar to strike, the officer closing his eyes as he braced himself for the pain. "...Nah... I already beat the other guy with a crowbar. It won't be as fun..." The officer opened his eyes before weakly sighing, unaware of the hyenas grinning. "Bud, Lou... dinner... is served."

The hostages' eyes widened in horror as the officer paled, the two hyenas closing in on him as they licked their lips. "W-Wait, no, stop! You... you'll get yours someday, Joker! You HEAR ME?!"

"I'm sorry, what? I wasn't listening," Joker responded nonchalantly, leaning against the wall with a grin, as the man's gasps and mumbles turned into agonizing screams, the sound of bone crunching and skin tearing echoing out. Hostages screamed as Joker grinned, a small chuckle escaping before it burst into a full maniacal cackle, the Clown Prince throwing his head back and hooting as crimson-red blood splashed upwards, turning away from the scene. "I'd hate to leave a perfectly good dinner theater behind, but I've got places to go, other hostages to torture and SMILES to spread... I'll let Bud and Lou show ya how things are done over here. Those two... ho ho, those two are so hilarious that they're killers! AHAHA! OH, sometimes I just KILL MYSELF! AHA!"

With a final hoot, the Joker walked out of the dark room, heading towards the next hostage room, shutting the door as the screams of hostages and the loud cackling of his pet hyenas rang out...

"Hmm…wonder when the Bat is gonna get here?" asked the clown in clear confusion. "Ya think he'd show up by now. Ah well, maybe he'll come back later."

"How about not?" asked a voice in the shadows as a strange looking projectile knocked the knife out of the man's hand, making him yell out in annoyance.

"Oh great, the party pooper is here…" said the man with green hair in annoyance. "What do ya want now, Bats. Can't you see I'm kind of busy."

"That's why I'm here…" said the voice in the shadows as a silhouette of a man came into view. "I am here for the hostages, Joker."

"What are ya going to do about it, Batsy?" asked Joker with a smirk, as the man came out of the shadows slightly. He appeared to be a very tall, muscular man with dark gray and black armor, a flowing cape, blade-sided gloves, a yellow belt covered with pouches around his waist, and a bat-like cowl on his head, making him look quite intimidating.

The man glared at the Joker, as he says "You really want to find out?" as he cracked his knuckles.

"Really think you can win this time, Bats? After all…I DID defeat you three years ago…in the most PERFECT victory of my career I might add." Said Joker with a smirk. "when I killed that LAST bird brain partner of yours."

The man, known as the one and only Batman, just glared as he says "That is enough, Joker…" as his tone was dark and he spoke through clenched teeth.

"oh-ho! I struck a nerve! I'm really getting to ya, aren't I bats?" asked Joker with a loud laugh. Batman just got out another bat-shaped boomerang and threw it right for Joker's head, but Joker ducked and smirked as he cracked his neck a bit.

"Lets do this, clown," said Batman calmly as he advanced towards Joker. Joker just smirked and sent a kick his way, sending Batman back a bit as he glared and punched him back. "It's over, give up."

"Hmm…nah." Said Joker as he yells "Bud! Lou! Sick'em boys! Got a big ol' Batsnack for ya!" the two large beasts stopped their meal and growled at Batman before running at him. Batman caught a glimpse of something…gravely shocking; the dead bodies of the hostages that were left with them.

The two growled before jumping on him and trying to bit thorugh his armor, but couldn't pierce it all the way, the Kevlar getting in the way of their bone-crushing bites.

"Aren't they cute, B-man?" asked a voice as a woman walked out. She wore a black and red shirt, black leather pants, leather combat boots, long gloves (Red left ones and black right ones), and a domino mask with white face paint and black lipstick. Her blonde hair in a pair of pigtails, her dark blue eyes shining as she grinned down at Batman.

"Lets leave before he gets any funny ideas. But first…" Joker grinned as he walked over to Batman and gets on a Joybuzzer. "Sorry, just doin' some business. He then pressed it down on his chest, making Batman yell out in pain as he was electrocuted and the hyenas let go.

"come on, Babies! Lets get out of here1" said the woman, known as Harley Quinn as she and the two Hyenas ran out of the building.

Joker laughed as Batman staggered to get up, glaring darkly at Joker as the clown prince of Crime says "I hope you're fireproof, Batsy." He laughed as he began to leave, but Batman got up.

"Why leave so soon…" asked Batman, groaning a bit as his suit continued to spark a bit.

"Because I'm sure you'll want to at least save SOME of the hostages before the place goes up like the Fourth of July!" said Joker with a loud, cackling laugh as he skipped out and slammed the door shut. "I would suggest, say…the last door to the right. The last of them are in there…"

Batman glared as he quickly ran over to the darkness and pushed a door in, as he saw 7 people were left in the room. The others were already dead. The four were young men, all of tem with Police uniforms on, and two others were two teenage girls, no older then 17. That made Batman's frown deepen.

"Batman, thank god…" said one of the men with a groan as Batman cut the binds off of them. "We got to help the others, fast!"

"…" Batman just stayed silent, as the six looked shocked.

"You mean…" began one of the other officers as Batman just nods grimly, guilt on his face. "listen…it's not your fault."

Batman was silent and just sighed before looked around on the wall, as he pressed a button on his cowl looking over the wall before noticing a weak spot. He then got out a strange-looking device and began to spray it into a bat shape before backing up.

"What is that?" asked one of the officers with confusion. "It looks like foam." Batman pressed a button as an explosion was heard, making an opening.

"Lets go, now. Before the place explodes." Said Batman as he and the four officers ran out.

"Wait, there's someone here!" said one of the girls who were about ot leave, but kept going as Batman told her to do.

Batman then heard a groan as he saw a young woman, who was clenching a wound as she looked at him with fear in her eyes. Batman then says to the men "Keep going." Batman then quickly ran back inside and used a laser pen to cut through the chains.

"Ple-please…help me…" the woman gasped as Batman nods as he carefully picks her up and runs outside, as he heard a ticking sound. Batman quickly jumped with the woman as the warehouse exploded behind them, lighting the Gotham skies with fiery explosions.

Batman looked at the people he was able to save, and looked at the woman, as he took some bandages from his belt and began to quickly wrap it as Police cars arrived.

Out of one car was a Hispanic woman as she showed her badge to Batman. "Renyee Montoya. I am new here in Gotham. What happened here?"

"The Joker struck again. He killed about 20 hostages before I could arrive, but these are the lucky ones…" said Bruce, looking at the people he was able to save.

"Lucky is right, with vigilantes like you around." Said a voice as a big, gruff looking man came over. He had a large gut, a balding head under a fedora, and a dark gray trench coat.

"It's good to see you to, Detective Bullock." Said Batman with a nod. He then saw a graying haired man walk out of the cop car that Bullock came out of. The man appeared to be a bit older then Batman with dark brown, graying hair, a pair of glasses over his dark gray eyes, a brown trench coat over a white shirt under a SWAT shirt and black pants.

"Hello Batman. And Bullock, behave." Said the older man, adjusting his glasses a bit. Bullock just grumbled a bit at this, as the man asks "Where's Robin and Spoiler at?"

"I'm not sure yet…I'm sure they're behaving right now." Said Batman. "Take these people to a hospital, I'm heading out, alright Gordon?" The man, Commissioner James Gordon, nods as Batman left.

"Why do you trust that guy?" asked bullock, a frown on his face.

Commissioner Gordon just chuckled at this and says "You'll never know, Bullock…you'll never know. Come on, lets go to the crash site after we get these people to the hospital."

(Meanwhile…in Middleton, Colorado)

A meteorite crashed landed in the Chicago-like city of Middleton, a relatively nice town that had an average crime rate, but had one of the best police on the force; John Jones, who was secretly it's super hero protector, Martian Manhunter.

The sound of the crash caught the attention of everyone, as police a car came into the area. Two men came out of it; one a Caucasian man with a blue and yellow Middleton police uniform, as he says "Yo John, you seeing this?"

The person next to him was an African American man with short black hair, dark brown eyes, a brown jacket over his own uniform, and having a short beard. "Yes, I am seeing this." He said, his voice very thick and calm, showing no intimidation by it. He took out a small, Oreo-like cookie out of a small box in his pocket and chewed on it.

"What do you make of it?" asked the other officer, as John looked it over. He walked over, but cringed at the heat emanating from it. "You alright, Jones?"

"yeah…yes, I am…" said John, showing clear signs of uneasiness. Suddenly he noticed a large crack in the side as he asks "What in the world?"

"GAH!" screamed a voice behind him as John turned to see the other officer was crushed under a giant foot. John looked up and frowned deeply.

The large foot was made entirely of a dark gray stone as a towering, 15 foot tall giant glared down at him. It was a large, bulky collection of moving boulders that had shifting stones around it, and a larger stone that could be it's head glared down at him with a pair of dark glowing eyes and a cracked mouth.

It growled, as John glared at it. Suddenly his eyes glowed a dark red as a mental energy began to enter it's mind, as John asks in it's mind "Who or what are you?"

"I am the Stone-God! The Future Kalar of the Appelaxians! And you're conquer! As I use the very stone of this planet as my armor." Said the giant calmly, clenching its thick fist into a fist and sent a powerful punch down on John.

But, to it's shock, John walked right out of it, phasing through it. He glared as his body began to change in appearance. His dark skin turned into a dark shade of green, his brown eyes glowed dark red, his hands turned green and lost one, giving him four appendages per hand and a narrower head with smaller lips.

But his clothing was the thing that changed most; his clothing was now a blue, flowing cape with a red "X" shaped cloth connecting it to his pants, with a dark blue pants, a black shirt and black boots. He glared as he floated up and looked it right in the eyes.

"A Martian?!" asked the large stone monster, surprised at this. IT then growled as he says "No matter…I shall defeat you." as he fired a blast of energy at him and sent him flying backwards.

John hit the wall of the nearest building, as his eyes narrowed slightly as he says "So…you believe you can defeat the Martian Manhunter, yes?" as he levitated again and concentrated. Suddenly several empty cars floated up and were thrown at the large giant, making them crash against the large stone goliath, making it growl as it got sent back a couple inches from the combined force.

The Stone-god growled a bit as it got up and tried to punch him, but Martian Manhunter flew out of the way and sent a powered up punch, his skin and bone density increasing greatly into the punch, creating a large crater into it's head, sending it back a bit.

The large creature growled as it says "NO ONE SHALL DEFEAT ME! I SHALL BE THE KALAR!" as he fired a beam of light out of his small eyes, creating an explosive force that sent the Manhunter flying into a building.

Manhunter groaned as his eyes began to glow a bit, his eyes searching the large giant over and frowned a bit, seeing a strange energy going through it's body. His eyes glowed darkly as he says "This world is full of heroes…while I am still just one of them, we will not let you take us over."

The Stone God growled as he says "So be it…" As it fired giant stones at him, which stopped mid-flight and were flown back at him, as the Manhunter's eyes glowed darkly. "What in the…"

Suddenly a giant burst of dark orange energy fired from Manhunter's eyes and went into it's chest, making a few cracks appear before he flew forward, as he began to turn into a large, bull-like creature before ramming face first into the crack, causing it to get worst.

"Do you yield?" asked Manhunter calmly before being smacked aside. "I guess not…" Suddenly his eyes glowed darkly, as he sent a powerful telepathic blast into the Stone God's mind, making it roar in pain before he flew forward, his body density increasing as he flew right through the creature's torso, ripping right through it.

An energy discharge came through it as it groaned and began to fall apart, turning into a small pile of boulders as the torso fell apart. People began to crowd the area, as Martian Manhunter floated down calmly.

A reporter came over as he asks "Martian Manhunter, what happened?"

"I came across this scene when I was on patrol. A strange alien took the form of a large stone creature and killed one of your city's noble policemen. May he rest in peace." Martian Manhunter sighed with sadness at this.

"So…what now?" asked the reporter, as Manhunter looked at the camera at this.

"I will give everyone this warning; I do not think that this is the only alien to land here…and for all we know, they could be anywhere…" said Manhunter calmly as he began to float up. "I'll go search for them."

"And there you have it, folks. Martian Manhunter has saved our city again…though at a cost, he has defeated this strange new threat. But the question is; who are these aliens? Why are they here? And more importantly…who will stop them?"

(Elsewhere…in the Bottom of the Atlantic Ocean)

A bustling underwater city was gleaming in the light through the city, as soldiers dressed in armor of different forms were fighting some sort of creature, but some were being cut down by sharpen glass shards.

The thrower was a humanoid, robotic being with a oval-shaped head with a glass dome over it's head, a translucent body, a cylinder body, thick legs and arms with clawed fingers and toes with dark blue triangular eyes.

"So…this is what Atlantis has to show for fighters? Pathetic." Said the creature in a robotic tone, stabbing into one of the warriors with clawed hands, extending ot stab into him.

"Stop this." Said a voice, as the soldiers all backed away as a man with a flowing cloak began to walk down the street, people watching with awe.

"And who are you?" asked the figure, the triangular eyes narrowing slightly

The man took off his cloak, revealing himself fully; a muscular man with long, blonde hair, dark blue-green eyes, the same shade as the ocean itself, tanned skin, a short goatee, and wearing a orange and green scaled armor with green webbed gloves and finned boots.

"I am King Arthur Orin Curry, the King of the Seven Seas and the protector of Atlantis. But you may call me 'Aquaman'. And you are not welcome here, stranger." Said the man calmly as he threw off his cloak and picked up a trident, a three-pronged golden spear.

The creature had a cruel, cold laugh as it says "Interesting…you believe you can defeat me? Lets try it then." He said, his eyes narrowing. "You shall fall to the clawed hands of the Glassman."

Aquaman glared as he glared down, as the soldiers watched in awe as Aquaman prepared to battle, pointing his trident to charge.

End of Chapter 1

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