Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Accel World, Kuroyukihime, Haruyuki, Chiyuri and Takumu. But I Do Own Hime, Sumizome, Taka and Inju Hisui.

I pledge my allegiance,

To the Brown King of Brain Burst,

And to follow her ways,

As long as I have the will to do it.

"That's a lame pledge…" Hime said. Even though she's my best friend, and my second official legion member, I'm still going to be mad at her for this.

"Then what do you have in mind?" my first official legion member, my best friend's boyfriend and my second best friend, Taka, asked.

"Well…" Hime smirked and began to say her version of the pledge,

I, (insert brain burst name here) Pledge my Eternal Allegiance,

To the Brown King, Steel Lily, and her Brown Legion,

To follow her in her ways,

To help her in need,

And…for this legion to reach level ten,

And to finally, meet the Creator.

And especially beat the living heck out of the other kings.

The End.

Me and Taka stared at Hime. I looked behind her to see Kuroyukihime-san (Black King Black Lotus), Arita-san (Silver Crow), Kurashima-san (Lime Bell), Mayuzumi-san (Cyan Pile) and of course, Inju-senpai (Jade Ribbon, an OC of mine) talking to each other, obviously planning on how to beat us.

"Those in favor of this pledge say I." I announced.

"I!" Hime squealed.

"I…" Taka groaned.

Well…at least our new pledge is long.

After school, Hime and Taka went on ahead on a date, meanwhile, as I headed home, I decided to make my own pledge to myself, and myself only-

I, the Brown King Steel Lily,

Promise to myself that,

I will reach Level 10 before the other Kings do,

And… (I sigh) will beat the living heck out of them,

And will be the one…who will be the Creator of this game.

After saying that, I headed towards home.

A/N: What a really short drabble! The real reason I made this is because I wanted to reserve the title 'Brown King' and 'Brown Legion' I originally decided Orange but I was too late in conjuring up a story to reserve it. I couldn't do silver because Haruyuki may become a King someday.