A/N: We want to thank you all for sticking with us through this journey. This is a very special story for both of us and you guys made it extraordinary. We love you all.

May 1, 2016

Kurt sat at his drafting table, his pencils and pastels strewn out in front of him, the black worn down to close to the nub. Their New York apartment was small of course, but this second room, all his own where he could work on his designs in silence, had been a deal breaker. He was so engrossed in his current sketch that he didn't hear the door open or the footsteps cross the room. But Blaine's intent was not to scare him and he came up behind him softly, wrapping his arms around Kurt and sneaking a peak at the secret drawing.

"It looks like a tuxedo for our wedding at the Ritz, not my senior project at NYU," Blaine mused with a smirk.

Kurt put his pencil down. "First of all, your senior presentation will have both faculty and industry people at it, you need to look your best and if someone should just so happen to ask who you're wearing it wouldn't hurt at all to drop my name. And second of all," Kurt said, turning slightly to gaze at Blaine over his shoulder, "I don't remember saying yes to any proposal of marriage or even hearing you propose in the first place, so I have no wedding to design for."

"You're absolutely right," Blaine grinned, grasping Kurt's chin with his left hand and giving him a soft but lengthy kiss.

Kurt lost himself in the taste and feel of Blaine's lips for a moment, but he couldn't allow Blaine to distract him while he still had so much work to do. He pulled away from Blaine with a small reluctant smile and turned back to his rendering.

He froze at the sight of a small velvet blue box sitting atop his sketch and his heart leapt into his throat while every nerve in his body immediately started tingling. "Blaine?" he squeaked, not daring to touch the box for fear it would disappear in his hands that were now shaking. "What the hell is this?"

Kurt turned all the way around in his chair and his hand flew to his mouth at the sight of Blaine in the middle of the floor. "Oh my god, you're kneeling," he mumbled into his hand, tears welling in shock-filled eyes.

"This is certainly not the first time I've knelt for you," Blaine said, full blown mischief glowing in his eyes.

"That was two knees Blaine!" Kurt yelled. "This is one knee, that is completely different!"

Blaine smiled, but said nothing, instead reaching behind him for his guitar. He swung it around, onto his knee, and began to play.

You think I'm pretty, without any makeup on
You think I'm funny
When I tell the punchline wrong
I know you get me,
So I let my walls come down.

Blaine strummed the chords with delicate precision, singing with his heart full of emotion, soft and slow, remembering himself and their journey with every single word.

Before you met me I was alright
But things were kinda heavy
You brought me to life,
Now every February
You'll be my Valentine

He remembered back to the child that he was, so scared and confused, afraid to lose everything just for loving Kurt. He remembered learning that he had nothing important to lose, and everything worth living to gain.

Let's go all the way tonight
No regrets, just love
We can dance until we die
You and I, we'll be young forever

Blaine regretted nothing. Not the mistakes or the fights. Not the time in jail or the motorcycle accident. He didn't regret singing in the middle of school or the moments that led to the video Puck and Quinn had taken. And he certainly didn't regret the first time or anytime that he and Kurt had made love to one another. He didn't regret finding Kurt and he knew he wouldn't regret living the rest of his life with him.

You make me
Feel like I'm living a
Teenage dream
The way you turn me on
I can't sleep
Let's run away and
Don't ever look back
Don't ever look back

"I thought we weren't going to run away anymore," Kurt interrupted at Blaine's pause in the lyrics.

Blaine shrugged with a hint of shyness. "I thought if we ran away together it might be okay?" Blaine watched Kurt, who stared at him with shining blue eyes but said nothing. Blaine felt his confidence slowly fading. He put the guitar down behind him and sat back on his heels, biting his lip. "You're very quiet," Blaine said, his voice hopeful for a response.

"I just…I mean…I'm just in shock," Kurt stammered, trying to form words in the middle of his entire world changing. "I mean, you've never brought up marriage yourself, you change the subject every time I mention it, You can't even say-"

"I guess I just realized that I'm ready," Blaine said. "I want to be the man you think I am, Kurt. And you think I can do this, so I thought, maybe it's time I trust myself to be able to do it too." He held his own shaky hand out for the box and Kurt handed it to him. Blaine turned it and opened it to reveal the most gorgeous platinum diamond solitaire Kurt had ever seen. Blaine's heart filled with hope and longing. "I love you Kurt. Will you marry me?"

"Say the word Blaine," Kurt whispered.

Blaine closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Kurt believed in him. It was time for him to believe in himself. "Kurt, will you allow me to be your…" He swallowed hard. Old habits die hard.

"I won't say yes until you say the word," Kurt prompted with a small smile.

Blaine took one more breath and looked into blue eyes filled with faith in him, and suddenly he wasn't so afraid. "Kurt, will you allow me to be your…husband?"

Kurt jumped out of his seat and flew to Blaine, kneeling in front of him and wrapping his arms around him, never prouder in his life. "Yes! Yes, Blaine Anderson I will absolutely allow you to be my husband." Kurt kissed him, a passionate spicy kiss filled with excitement and promise that Blaine returned with fervor. Their heartbeats continued to race against one another but for an entirely different reason now as the passion between them sparked. They finally parted, both desperate for breath and Blaine for one last request.

"So, I can stay a fiancé for a while, right? Maybe even after we marry?" he asked with a nervous bite of his lip.

Kurt stared at him for a minute then threw his head back and laughed. "Oh my gosh Blaine, what am I going to do with you?"

Blaine tightened his arms around Kurt and pulled him close. "Fuck me?" Blaine suggested playfully though his lust blown eyes betrayed his desire.

Kurt chuckled again and shook his head. Blaine had grown so much over the years, but some things would never change and that was what he loved the most. "I think that can be arranged."

June 1, 2017

"I still can't believe you wanted to come all the way back to Ohio to get the tattoos done," Kurt laughed as they stepped off the airplane in Cleveland. He already missed the palm trees at the Honolulu airport. Their perfect honeymoon had indeed been perfect, but Blaine insisted on returning to Ohio instead of home. "There are only a thousand tattoo parlors in the city."

"But there's only one place we got these done," Blaine said and he pulled his husband into his arms. "Call me sentimental."

"I call you a peasant," Kurt smirked and pecked him on the lips. "And a liar, because your real reason is to surprise the family before we go back to New York."

Blaine took Kurt's hand as they made their way to baggage claim. "Who knows when we're going to get a chance to visit again. Things are going to be crazy once we get back. I've got a lot of work to do to start moving on my shows in August, not to mention getting out again and networking. And you start a new job on Monday, Mr. Assistant Designer," Blaine beamed proudly.

Kurt blushed as he often did when people liked to heap praise on him. Parsons had been incredibly hard and one of the most rewarding experiences of his life at the same time and he drunk in any tidbit of praise he received like a man lost in the desert without drink. "It's not that big a deal," he protested, knowing that Blaine would argue. When one of his professors had put in a good word for him at Jessilyn, Kurt had been ecstatic. Still, he didn't want to gloat about his early success with Blaine. The songwriting business was proving to be a much slower climb. "It's just sportswear, it's not like it's top of the line men's fashion or couture."

"It's a step in the door, babe and you know it," Blaine said. "Couture is right around the corner, don't you worry. Someday I will be on the Grammy red carpet in a gorgeous original Kurt Hummel tuxedo and the world will be breaking down our door."

"Hummel Anderson," Kurt corrected casually.

Blaine stopped in his tracks and looked at Kurt. "What?"

Kurt's smile was beautiful and his eyes sparkled with love. "Hummel Anderson Designs. That's the name of my line."

Blaine blinked. "But I thought…we talked about this…"

Kurt shrugged and his face tinged with mischief. "I changed my mind." Kurt started walking again and a dumbfounded Blaine had to jog to catch up with him once his feet started working again. "It's a Prince's prerogative you know," Kurt threw over his shoulder.

"I just…" and Blaine shook his head, knowing better than to say a word. "I love you."

They waited at baggage claim, checking the messages from friends they hadn't seen since leaving for their honeymoon ten days ago. There was an email from the photographer with the website for their digital prints. Harmony telling them that their apartment was still fine. Business calls they both saved for later. And of course there were the obligatory ones from Cooper and Burt telling them to call when they got back home. They ignored those for now as well. They'd do much better then call.

First stop though was the tattoo parlor. Blaine had talked to Guy during the wedding planning, setting up the exact date and time with some wiggle room for missed flights or other random mishaps. They drove into Cleveland center, getting coffee at a nearby shop to waste some time before their appointment. It was a nice transition home as they reminisced about the honeymoon filled with palm trees, beaches and one crazy jeep ride on a treacherously tiny mountain trail.

"My favorite part was standing beneath the waterfall and barely getting wet." Blaine took Kurt's hand in his, twirling the wedding ring between his fingers.

Kurt took a sip of his mocha. "My favorite part was the amazingly romantic luau. Watching you do the hula was worth the price of admission itself."

"My favorite part was snorkeling in the Pacific. I wish you'd come in Kurt, the water was so clear and the fish were gorgeous."

"My favorite part was eating at all the local establishments. The food was so much better there than the resorts."

"My favorite part was skinning dipping in the hot tub beneath the stars," Kurt's voice dropped and his face colored.

"My favorite part was making love to you under those stars," Blaine purred low.

"My favorite part was making love to you under those stars," Kurt arched a playful eyebrow.

Blaine leaned over and whispered so only Kurt could hear. "My favorite part was fucking you into the mattress."

Kurt ducked his head and laughed, conceding to Blaine. "Ah, I remember it well," Kurt sang.

They checked the time and finished their drinks, tossing them in the trash on their way out. They arrived just in time for their appointment and Guy invited them both in right away.

"Long time no see boys, how's New York treating you?" Guy got the clipboards and supplies ready. Neither Kurt or Blaine were strangers to the process at this point. Kurt had added two more tattoos since the first, small ones on his ankle and his hip. Blaine had tattooed some of his favorite lyrics on his back.

They each grabbed a clipboard and filled out the information, signing their consent. "New York is loud and expensive and dirty and everything I wanted it to be and more," Kurt grinned.

"I'm just happy when he's happy," Blaine added with a wink.

Guy smiled and took the clipboards back. "Alright guys, what are we doing exactly?"

Kurt took Blaine's hand in his, unable to stop the smile that spread across his face. "Blaine's name in the ribbon we left blank with our wedding date curved underneath."

"May 21, 2017, right?" Kurt nodded and Guy turned to Blaine. "You?"

"Kurt's name above the heart and the date below," Blaine grinned.

"Alright sounds good," Guy said as he stood to wash his hands and prepare everything. "Who's first?"

They left the tattoo parlor bandaged and smiling from ear to ear, their tattoos finally complete after five years. It truly marked for them an end of an era. Married. On paper, in their hearts and on their skin.

"Beth says Cooper's still at the hospital," Blaine said, hanging up the phone as they got into their rental car. "Not that I'm surprised. If I worked at the same place as my gorgeous spouse I'd never leave either."

"You would when I kicked you the hell out," Kurt said. "You're even worse than you were in high school, I can't get a damn thing done when you're around."

"Then maybe you're the one who's worse, not me," Blaine teased, an eyebrow raised.

Kurt considered that but said nothing. It was probably true. Living separately for their first two years of college had taught them to cherish the time they had together. It had also taught them to be adventurous with it. While Kurt had opened his apartment up to any of the Crew who needed a safe place to crash or just a night to hang out with friends, there were nights that even Quinn knew to stay away. On those evenings Kurt would exchange the needle and thread for pots and pans and cook a gourmet meal for the man he loved. Blaine would free up the dorm room for Santana and Brittany and take the subway to Greenwich Village, looking up at Kurt's apartment from the outside, dreaming of one day coming home to him each night. Kurt would peer down at him from the window, a small smile on his face as he watched the rogue slowly become a gentleman. But only sometimes, Kurt thought with a wicked grin.

"I know what you're thinking," Blaine said, slinking his hand over to brush a thumb against the increasing bulge in Kurt's jeans.

Kurt leaned back for a moment, eyes closed, enjoying the sensations that crept up his spine. He thrust softly, discreetly, into Blaine's palm. Blaine kept his eyes on the road, but his grin was devilish as he squeezed just right, to drive Kurt wild.

"I can't decide if you're planning to leave me hanging or wet, but either way I hate you," Kurt moaned with an instant intake of breath as Blaine stroked him harder.

"Which one would make you hate me less?" Blaine chuckled.

"Can't decide," Kurt breathed, losing his grip on his words. "Either way you're screwed."

"Well if I'm screwed then so are you," Blaine made up his mind.

Blaine increased the pressure and the speed and Kurt slumped down in the seat, opening his legs wider begging for more. Blaine obliged as best he could with one hand while keeping his attention on driving. Kurt thrust desperate and fierce, into his hand, unable to hold himself back even though anyone pulling next to them might see him. With everything they had done before, Kurt letting loose in broad daylight may have been one of the hottest things that Blaine had ever seen. Kurt gripped the door handle in his right hand and the headrest with his left, his groans and quiet swearing filling the small car's silence.

"Holy shit, Kurt, you are so fucking hot right now. I wish I could stop the car and suck you. Rip off all your clothes and fuck you so hard until I make you come all over this rental-"

Blaine was interrupted by Kurt's screams as he bucked into Blaine's palm, the fire in his belly coiling tighter and tighter until it exploded and he shuddered with waves of pleasure that seemed to never want to cease. Blaine stroked him through it until Kurt came down off the high, and Blaine removed his hand and pulled into the hospital parking lot.

"We're here, Babe," he said as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

"You are such an asshole and I hate you," Kurt muttered, but the bliss on his blushed and glistening face proved quite the contrary. "You are in so much trouble tonight," he promised.

Blaine grinned with excitement and kissed Kurt on the cheek. "I'm looking forward to it," he said and quickly jumped out of the car.

Kurt was slower, not quite steady on his feet yet and his head was still spinning. "I need a bathroom. Stat."

Blaine laughed and hooked his arm in Kurt's, leading him inside the hospital and to the nearest men's room. Kurt went in the stall to clean up and Blaine wet his hands, scrunching the curls that had gone frizzy on the plane.

Kurt flushed and stepped out taking a look in the mirror. "Oh my god I look completely disheveled."

"You look hot as fuck," Blaine corrected, grabbing Kurt from behind and pressing his hardness into Kurt's ass. "See what you do to me?"

Kurt stopped straightening his hair and sent a hard glare at Blaine in the mirror. "Oh you have no idea what I'm going to do to you," he threatened.

Blaine growled in his ear and nibbled at his neck, sending new chills up Kurt's spine. "I can't wait to find out," he whispered.

Kurt turned in his arms and smacked him hard on the ass. "You are incorrigible. Now let's go before Cooper leaves and we miss him completely."

Blaine texted Beth once more and she responded that he was just getting out of surgery and should be in his office in ten minutes. Kurt and Blaine raced upstairs to beat him and with a bit of smooth talking the new receptionist slipped into Cooper's office.

Kurt traced his hand along the edge of Cooper's desk. "Remember last time," he said, his eyes sparkling.

Blaine's heart skipped a beat but didn't have time to answer before they heard Cooper's voice. "Janet see if you can get those records down to radiology as soon as possible I just need to…holy shit!" Cooper stopped in his tracks at the doorway seeing his little brother and boyfr…husband in his office. "What the hell are you two doing here? Aren't you supposed to be on a plane to New York?"

Blaine shrugged. "We took a detour," he grinned and Cooper quickly gathered them both up in his arms.

"But why, for how long?" Cooper asked.

"Well, we knew we wouldn't get to see you guys as much as we wanted to at the wedding and we had a few extra days between the honeymoon and starting work so I thought we'd spend a few days here before we headed back." He looked at his brother and smirked. "That is unless you don't want us."

"Of course I want you," Cooper huffed and started gathering his paperwork from his desk into his bag. "Let me just get my things and find Beth and we can go out to dinner."

"Sounds like a plan," Kurt said. "We just have to pick up one more person…"

"Well damn boys why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Burt yelled, pulling Kurt in for a hug.

"Because that would take the element of surprise out of the, ya know, surprise," Kurt answered.

Burt held a hand out to Blaine who shook it firmly, but Burt pulled him in as well. "Come on son, I think all formality is over and done with at this point. You already married him there's not much I can do at this point."

"Finish up Dad, we were gonna go out to dinner," Kurt said.

"Oh forget that," Burt waved a hand then draped his arm over Kurt's shoulder. "We'll order in and relax in our own living room. I want to hear all about the honeymoon."

"And I want to hear all about the wedding," Kurt said with a grin. "I honestly don't remember a thing."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "I told you all that planning was just going to waste." He hurried out of the way of Kurt's swat and said hello to the workers there he still knew. "Where's Puck?"

"Off today," Burt said wiping his hands on a towel before going to the office to get his things. "Even the manager needs time off on occasion. You can invite him over if you want."

Blaine looked quickly to Kurt gave a quick shake of his head. "Nah, we'll keep it just family tonight. We'll go see Puck and Marley tomorrow."

"Sounds like a plan. Why don't you four head over to the house. I'll call Carole and warn her you're coming and I'll meet you there in a few minutes. Just gotta close things up."

Kurt and Blaine did as they were told and they all rendezvoused at the Hudmel home. The smell of dessert cooking in the oven was already filling the air.

Very little had changed in the small house since Kurt had left for college. His room remained the same though year by year more of his belongings were brought to New York. Now all that was left behind were the memories of his childhood, the shell of what existed before he'd met Blaine.

In the doorway of his bedroom, Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt and rested his chin on his shoulder. "Doesn't feel like home anymore, does it?"

"Home is with you," Kurt said softly. He took Blaine's left hand in his and twirled the diamond studded wedding ring on his finger. "I think it always was. We just didn't know it yet."

"Where are my boys?" Burt yelled from downstairs and the smell of Chinese food drifted up to their noses. Neither had realized how hungry they were and as if they were 17 again they came running down the stairs ready to dive in. "Some things never change, huh?"

Kurt kissed his Dad softly on the cheek. "You wouldn't want it any other way." He started to unpack the bags, putting the cartons on the already set dining room table. Conversation flowed quickly and easily, everyone excited to hear all about their honeymoon adventures in Honolulu.

"See I told you we should have gone there instead of Los Angeles," Beth nudged Cooper fondly.

Cooper pouted. "But I'd always wanted to go to L.A. You know if I hadn't become a doctor I'd be a famous actor by now," he said proudly.

"Playing a doctor on TV no doubt," Blaine said and narrowed his eyes. "Though I'm not so sure if you're handsome enough for that gig."

"And I think you are the only one at this table that would doubt that Anderson," Kurt smirked.

"Oh yeah, Anderson?" Blaine challenged, raising an eyebrow. "Marry the wrong brother did ya?"

"No!" Kurt and Cooper both shouted at the same time and the entire table devolved into laughter.

They cleared the table when they were done, Burt and Blaine agreeing to finish cleaning up while everyone else chatted in the living room.

"Go load up the pictures from the wedding, we'll be in in a minute," Blaine said with a quick kiss to Kurt's cheek.

Kurt smiled and pinched Blaine's ass discretely before heading into the living room. Blaine grinned watching him leave until he felt Burt's amused eyes on him and his grin turned to nervous blush.

"You two don't ever change do you?" Burt mused as he started the water in the sink and grabbed the pan from the oven.

"I hope not Sir," Blaine said, picking up a towel and leaning against the counter. "Though I'm sure kids will cramp our style a little bit someday."

Burt chuckled and handed Blaine the clean pan. "They do tend to do that a little bit." Burt turned an arched brow to Blaine. "You guys talking about that? Having kids I mean?"

"Yeah we are." Blaine was glad for the steady flow of the water and stream of dishes coming at him. Even after all these years, talking to Burt about his life choices could still sometimes be overwhelming for him. "I mean, we haven't planned anything at all. When or how. But we agreed that we want kids and we want them while we're still young, so we'll have to start figuring things out soon. Takes a lot more than 9 months for us," he smirked.

"I suppose it does," Burt said thoughtfully with a smile that crinkled at his eyes. He had to admit that he'd always been worried Blaine wouldn't want kids cramping his style. And though he was sure Finn would have children some day, it wasn't the same as seeing Kurt raise a son or daughter, something he'd been looking forward to his whole life. Still, he knew that the idea of being a father couldn't be too easy for Blaine. "I'm proud of you," Burt said, looking at Blaine out of the corner of his eye. "I can't imagine it was an easy decision for you."

Blaine looked down and bit his lip, his hand freezing on the pan he was drying. Finally he shrugged. "He ruined enough of my life. I can't let him ruin this."

Burt nodded, not for the first time wishing he could go back and change things for Blaine. But then maybe he wouldn't have been the boy to save his son. Everything happens for a reason. "I'm sorry your father didn't come to the wedding. Your mom and I both tried, but-"

"It doesn't matter," Blaine said, his voice harsh and cold. Any chance of forgiveness he might have given his father in the past was gone. "We're all better off without his poison in our lives. I loved seeing Mom so happy and carefree without him weighing her down. Divorcing him was the best thing she ever did."

Burt handed Blaine the last dish and turned the water off. He had an urge to brush Blaine's curls out of his eyes and take him into his arms, but he held back. He knew it would be too much for him right now.

Kurt's beaming face broke the tension in the room. "Blaine, hurry up, these pictures are amazing!" Blaine instantly brightened. He put the last dish away and rushed to Kurt, needing to rest for just a moment in his husband's arms. Kurt held him close raising a brow. "Everything okay?" he whispered.

"It is now," Blaine breathed.

"Come on Squirt," Cooper yelled from the other room. "You need to see how fabulous I look in this tuxedo!"

Blaine laughed, took Kurt's hand in his and joined the people who loved him.

"Look Blaine, here's us walking down the aisle," Cooper said. Blaine gathered around Burt's computer with the rest. The pictures were gorgeous. Everyone looked amazing. As they stepped through the photos it all came back to them. Blaine was walked down the aisle with his mother on one arm and his brother on the other. At the front they met his best man Puck, along with Nick, Jeff and his two best friends from Columbia. Then Kurt followed, escorted by his father and Carole. Kurt remembered smiling at Finn, standing proudly as his best man, then his best gals standing up for him, Harmony, Marley, and Brittany and his two best friends from Parsons. Quinn and Santana looked gorgeous when they were called to the front for readings. Jake was handsome as ever. Seeing the photos that had been taken at the party after they'd left for the hotel was the best part.

"Okay, I hate to break up this brief trip down short-term memory lane, but the Missus and I have theater tickets tonight," Cooper said, getting up and holding a hand out for Beth.

Blaine immediately took his cue and yawned. "Oh my goodness, I didn't realize how tired I was. Kurt and I better be heading in early tonight."

Kurt merely looked at him with crinkled eyes and a sly smirk. With the place to themselves until 11, Blaine had no intention of sleeping once they got back to Cooper's apartment and neither did Kurt. He turned back to his dad who pretended he had no idea what was actually going on. "Lunch tomorrow Dad?" he asked getting up.

"Just call me when you finally wake up," Burt answered knowingly. "Night all."

They were giddy with excitement during the ride back to Cooper and Beth's new apartment and Blaine's skin started prickling in anticipation the moment he crossed the threshold. Kurt's earlier threat rang in his ear. You are in so much trouble tonight, he'd promised. Blaine's pants tightened at the memory alone.

Apparently Kurt's did as well. The door closed behind him and Kurt instantly embraced Blaine from behind. In the soft glow of the setting sun streaming in through the windows, Blaine could feel the bulge pressing against him. Kurt brushed his fingertips across the skin of Blaine's neck and leaned in with the hint of a whisper. "You're already so hot for me aren't you?" Shivers raced through Blaine's body answering wordlessly. "Want me to touch you?"

Blaine nodded desperately, his mouth already parched with need. He closed his eyes and laid his head back on Kurt's shoulder. Kurt stroked a hand on Blaine's inner thigh, tracing up and down and round and round, tantalizing his cock but never touching.

"Want me to suck you?" Kurt whispered finally.

"Yes," Blaine gasped, thrusting his hips into nothing.

Kurt took Blaine's earlobe between his lips, working it gently, teasingly. He licked and sucked and nibbled with such seduction that Blaine wasn't sure he could stand on his feet much longer.

"Want me to fuck you?"

"Shit Kurt," Blaine faltered, barely able to speak. "Need you. Fuck. So much."

Kurt cupped his backside, squeezing, massaging, marking out his territory but ignoring his ultimate goal by just inches. "I didn't hear you say please," Kurt growled viciously.

"Please," Blaine begged, nearly violently. "Touch me, suck me, fuck me, need you, god Kurt, Fuck.

"You forgot Your Highness," Kurt whispered, ghosting over Blaine's cock with his palm but never touching it.

"God Kurt, Your Highness, whoever the fuck you are, please just touch me." Kurt had never before brought Blaine to tears but he was coming awfully close now.

Kurt smiled and spanked him hard enough to make it sting, just one more thing that went straight to Blaine's groin. "Go upstairs and get naked, I'll be right there." Blaine wasted no time asking questions and raced up the stairs. "Oh and Blaine?" He turned and looked at Kurt, holding on to the railing for dear life. "Don't touch," Kurt ordered before disappearing out of Blaine's sight.

Blaine groaned, but made it to the bedroom and did as he was told. He removed his clothes in a flash but folded them neatly so Kurt wouldn't find one more thing to help him stall. He pulled the covers down on the bed and crawled in, trying to reduce his suffering by rubbing his hands on his chest and his thighs but keeping them off his already hard and weeping cock. He waited and waited but Kurt took his sweet time. Instead of staving off his erection, it only grew with every second he remained in glorious anticipation. Giving up, he gripped the headboard tight above his head and squeezed his eyes shut just to keep himself from disobeying.

Kurt sucked in a breath walking in on the scene. Blaine's muscles were taut, rigid with tension, his nipples tight and erect and his long soft lashes fell beautifully over his eyes. "Shit Blaine, you are the most gorgeous fucking thing I have ever seen in my life." Blaine turned his head to look at Kurt, but Kurt stopped him. "No. Stay just like that. Eyes closed."

He walked over to the bed, continuing to take in the sight of Blaine splayed out just for him, his cock visibly pulsing against his chest, looking for friction, teasing Kurt deliciously. He closed his own eyes and took a breath. He'd have to stay strong if he was going to do this just right. He took his time removing his own clothes, doing so just loud enough for Blaine to hear and imagine. He couldn't help but smile at the thrust of Blaine's hips when he lowered his zipper. Poor Blaine had been in such a hurry for Kurt's orgasm this afternoon. Now he'd have to wait all night for his own.

Kurt stepped on to the bed and stood above him, feet hugging Blaine's chest. "Open your eyes," Kurt said and Blaine's lids fluttered open, a moan escaping his lips already. Kurt's lithe body was incredible, muscled and freckled to perfection from the Hawaiian sun. His cock was hard and pink and ready for Blaine. "You said you wanted to pull over and suck me. Now's your chance," Kurt offered.

"Come here," Blaine pleaded and Kurt knelt down using the headboard for support, lining himself up with Blaine's lips already open and so very wanting. Blaine started to let go of the bed and Kurt pulled away. "No hands," he reprimanded. Blaine whimpered but nodded his agreement and Kurt gently placed his head to his lips.

Blaine immediately swirled at the head and sucked him in, eager and needy. He worked Kurt over with his tongue while Kurt slowly, all too slowly, fucked Blaine's mouth for what felt like eternity. Kurt felt Blaine's hips buck up, just looking for any kind of contact he could get but Kurt shook his head. "Don't come until I tell you."

The fire in Blaine's body was blazing hot, he was sweating and swearing in agonizing hums that had Kurt trembling above him. Kurt's motions sped up, the strength of dancer's thighs allowing him to fuck Blaine's mouth with relentless abandon. Blaine wasn't sure he'd be able to stop himself when Kurt inevitably came down his throat and he focused hard on just Kurt, only Kurt in his mouth, and tried desperately to forget his own throbbing because the short-term pay off was nothing compared to the agonizing pleasure of waiting until Kurt said he could. Then suddenly it was out of his hands and Kurt was screaming, convulsing with pleasure, shooting himself into Blaine's mouth and Blaine swallowed unhesitatingly over and over again until Kurt was spent.

When Kurt could finally breathe again he slipped off of Blaine and they both looked down at Blaine's still hard and begging erection. Kurt smiled and kissed Blaine fiercely, tasting himself on Blaine's tongue and suddenly already yearning for more. "You are such a good boy for me," he praised and Blaine was caught between blushing proudly and telling Kurt to go fuck himself. "Ah, I know that look well," Kurt said and reached over to a cup he'd put on the nightstand. "I think you need to cool down a bit."

"No, Kurt, please, just fuck me, please-"

But it was too late because Kurt was already drinking the cold liquid and slipping the ice into his mouth and Blaine knew his wait was going to be far, far longer. He closed his eyes and readied himself and it came before he could count to five, the cold against his shaft as Kurt expertly dragged the ice up and down, bit tightly between his teeth. Kurt traced it on his skin until it melted then took Blaine in his mouth, letting the heat of his throat with the cold of his tongue play madly on his senses. The intensity of it nearly made him forget that he finally had the friction he wanted until he thrust up into Kurt's mouth and was then firmly held down. "We'll have none of that, Anderson," Kurt said, looking up at him sinfully. "This is just a little cold shower." Kurt took another drink, and another piece of ice, and held Blaine down gently before once again enveloping him. Blaine hissed, the cold against him warding off his desperation for a time, but gradually the heat grew stronger and Kurt's tongue twirled perfectly and he shivered with cold and heat as if in fever and he begged for mercy, "Please, Kurt I'm going to-" but he didn't even know exactly what he was asking for.

Kurt pulled off, grabbing another chunk of ice and tracing it along Blaine's scrotum, settling the impending orgasm back where he wanted it. "Not yet Baby," he cooed, rubbing his hips soothingly. "You're doing so good."

"You want to kill me," Blaine sighed, throwing his head and breathing heavily.

"You started it," Kurt smirked.

Blaine turned his head, wiping his sweating brow on his arm and glancing at the clock. "Come on Kurt, Cooper and Beth will be home soon."

Kurt grinned wickedly. "I know." And suddenly it all made sense to Blaine It wasn't just about making him get off in the car, it was about doing in the light of day where anyone could see moments before they were going up to see his brother.

"Fuck," Blaine cursed. Kurt was going to make him wait. And make him scream.

"Fuck is right Blaine," Kurt responded and leaned over to open the drawer and grab the condoms and lube. "Now we're going to take this nice and slow," he drawled.

Slow was an understatement. Kurt teased at Blaine's hole for what felt like hours before he finally slipped one finger inside. As if it was their very first time all over again, Kurt inched his way in and out, taking his time to gently open him up, driving Blaine insane with it.

"I hate you," Blaine groaned, bucking his hips for the hundredth time. "I hate you with the fiery passion of a billion suns. I hate you with every aching muscle in my body. I hate you-"

Kurt pressed his lips to Blaine's and silenced them, kissing him deeply until Blaine relaxed beneath him. "You hate me almost as much as you love me," Kurt finished for him.

"Yes," Blaine grinned, kissing him once more. "That much."

"I thought so," Kurt said, and pressed another finger inside.

That kept Blaine quiet for another few minutes as Kurt scissored and brushed against his prostrate. Mercifully he added a third then sat up, allowing Blaine to roll the condom on him. "Ready?" Kurt asked and Blaine just huffed and rolled his eyes.

Kurt pushed in gently, Blaine expected no less. Though he wanted nothing more than for Kurt to pound into him he knew that wasn't anywhere near happening. "Don't come until you hear the front door open and close," Kurt told him. "Understood?"

Willing to agree to anything at this point, Blaine nodded his head vigorously. "Yes," he whispered.

"Yes what?"

"Yes Your Highness," Blaine answered.

Kurt started a slow and steady pace, pushing smoothly in and dragging himself out with practiced care. He kept his eyes fixed on Blaine and despite the heat and desperation and tantalizing of the last two hours, this was one of their favorite things, time spent on nothing but the profound connection of two people madly in love with one another mind, body and soul.

Blaine's arms finally lowered, sore and heavy, to Kurt's hips and ass and he rode the beautiful waves of Kurt's movement. "You're my favorite thing in the whole world, Kurt Hummel Anderson. Your sweetness and your fire. This, tonight, is everything I love about you, and I love absolutely everything about you."

Kurt reached down for the first time, wrapping one hand around the base of Blaine and stroking him in rhythm with the other. Every once in a while he'd brush a thumb over the head and Blaine would hiss in a breath as the fire inside would flash again. Over and over as they waited for the door Kurt would bring him to the edge and back down again. No more words were spoken, they were both absolutely wrecked, delaying their release minute by minute, second by second. The thought crossed their minds, what would they do if they didn't come home for hours, just as Kurt saw the headlights in the window and Blaine heard a car door slam.

Kurt suddenly picked up the pace, leaning over Blaine and slamming into him with all his power. Blaine sat up to capture his lips but Kurt pulled away. "I want to hear you Anderson. I want them to hear you," Kurt ordered.

"Fuck Kurt." Blaine slapped his hips up to meet Kurt, waiting, wanting, needing to hear the goddamn front door open and close. He was so close, had been for two hours, and the last 60 seconds, knowing release was right there just out of touch, were absolute hell. "Open the damn door Cooper," he whimpered under his breath.

Kurt answered Blaine with a laugh and a slight twist of the hips and hit Blaine's prostate perfectly. Blaine muffled his scream but Kurt did it again and again and Blaine wasn't sure he'd be able to hear the door through the ringing in his ears though he had them concentrated on that sound and that sound alone. His entire body was ablaze and he felt the rush of blood in his veins and he knew he couldn't hold off any longer as he held his breath and-

"Hey guys, we're home!" Cooper yelled.

Blaine screamed, louder and longer than he ever had before as his orgasm exploded between his chest and Kurt's. Kurt's face was glowing as he too finally let go inside of Blaine, his heart flooding with love, light-headed and giddy. He fell heavy into Blaine's arms, their hearts beating wildly together, their breath easing as they both started laughing and couldn't stop.

"I love you so much," Kurt said, kissing him beneath a grin that would not die.

"I love you too," Blaine answered with a laugh.

"I love you three!" Cooper yelled from outside the door. "But if you do that again I'm sending you the hell out of my house and right back to New York!"

Cooper heard nothing but more laughter behind the door and he couldn't help but smile himself. It was nice to have his brothers home.

July 1, 2022

Blaine was staring into the bedroom mirror, fumbling with his bowtie trying to get it just right. He eyed Kurt in the reflection watching him with the fondest of smiles but keeping his distance. Determined, he kept tying and retying until finally frustration won out over pride and he huffed and turned. "Fine, you do it," Blaine grumbled and Kurt walked over to tie it for him. "Don't know why you make me where these damn bowties anyway, I look like a five year old kid from the 50's. Puckerman would kill you if he saw this."

"Well maybe it's because you act like a five year old kid from the 50's sometimes and I've never given a damn about what Puckerman thinks and I'm not going to start now." Kurt chuckled and kissed him softly on the nose. "But mostly it's because you look hot in them."

Blaine frowned. "I'm not hot, I'm nearly 30 years old with two kids and-"

"Dad!" a voice yelled not even two seconds before barging into the room.

"I thought you would have learned how to knock by now," Kurt smirked at their son who had walked in on them one too many times before they all realized to lock doors and properly knock. Suddenly having a teenager had been a learning curve for all of them.

"It's 4 in the afternoon, we're supposed to leave in half an hour and you know both of us are home. I thought the odds were in my favor." If you ignored the gorgeous mocha skin that he was blessed with by his biological parents, Jason was the spitting image of his fathers. He had Kurt's quick wit and Blaine's penchant for swearing, Kurt's love of fashion and Blaine's love of trouble. His hair was a beautiful mess of chocolate brown curls but it was clear even at 14 that he was going to have Kurt's height. He was a masterful violinist, but only if you asked Blaine because Jason just wanted to be on the football field. That last fact had come from his bio dad, but Kurt and Blaine loved him despite his favoring athletics over arts. "Auntie Tana just called, she said that she and Aunt Britt would be over in ten minutes and since you're forcing them to go to Harmony's opening night performance you better be on time."

"Thanks," Kurt smiled as he slipped his suit jacket on and gave his son a once over, nodding with approval. "You look very handsome. Can you make sure your sister is getting dressed and not writing another musical with her stuffed animals?" 6 year old Lilly had Blaine's love of writing. They'd thought for a while that it had just been from all the silly songs Blaine used to sing to her when she'd first moved in, but Jason told them their mother had always sung to them as well.

Blaine sunk onto the bed after Jason left, looking up at Kurt with worry in his eyes. "We promised the girls an answer tonight," Blaine reminded his husband. "It's not fair to leave them hanging."

Kurt sighed and bowed his head, leaning back against the dresser. He folded his arms. They'd been talking about it for weeks and were still really no further along in a decision than they had been when Santana and Brittany had first asked. "Tell me again your reservations."

Blaine shrugged, embarrassed by his feelings. It should be an easy answer, but he was finding it wasn't easy at all. "I don't know how to explain it. I'm just not sure how I feel about having a little Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel running around that don't belong to us."

"Children don't belong to anyone but themselves," Kurt pointed out.

Blaine scowled. "You know what I mean."

"Yes, I do," Kurt conceded. "But you didn't want to go the surrogacy route when we were deciding because…"

"I just wanted a chance to give to some other kid what Cooper gave to me," Blaine said. "That doesn't mean that I wouldn't want to be involved in my kid's life if I had one. I don't know if I can even imagine that. And what about Jason and Lilly, wouldn't it be confusing?"

Kurt frowned and sat next to his husband, needing to be close to him. He took Blaine's hand in his and wrapped the other around his waist. Blaine turned to him and the tears that shone in his honey glazed eyes nearly broke Kurt's heart. "Okay, first of all, I love you no matter what we decide and so will Santana and Brittany. They'll find someone else if we don't want to do it, but they love us and want us to forever be a part of their family. And on that note, you know that they would never shut us out of those children's lives. We'd be their Dads, they'd know that, we just wouldn't live with them." Blaine looked away and he dropped Kurt's hand. "That's it, isn't it?"

"It's just me and my father…I don't want that for my kid." Blaine got up and paced, trying to work off some of the still lingering anger that all too frequently flared even after all these years.

It broke Kurt's heart every time he saw Blaine this way. "Then we won't do it," he resolved.

"But how can I do that to Santana?" Blaine stopped and ran a hand through his curls. "She doesn't want some stranger's baby, she wants this, I know she does, I could see it in her eyes. And Brittany wants you. How can we deny them the family they want because I'm afraid?"

Kurt went to his husband and he kissed him softly, wishing that it was that simple to just kiss away his fears and doubt. "I think you're forgetting something, Love. We know better than most that family comes in all shapes and sizes. You have your Mom and Cooper and the Crew. I have Dad and Carole but my mom is still in my heart. Jason and Lilly have us now but their bio parents will always be a part of them."

"Your children will know you Blaine," a familiar voice said. Kurt and Blaine turned to see Santana standing in the bedroom doorway in a sexy little black dress, smiling with soft reassurance. Brittany stood behind her in red. Jason must have let them in. "They'll love you and know you. We promise."

Brittany crossed the room and took Kurt and Blaine's hands. "We've been family for years. If we didn't want our kids' fathers in their lives we'd just get random donors," Brittany said then added cautiously. "But we don't want to push you. If you're not comfortable, if you don't want to-"

"We want to," Blaine interrupted and he looked back at Kurt to make sure. Kurt bit his lip, tears forming as he nodded enthusiastically. Blaine looked up at Santana and their eyes met. It was rare to see tears in her eyes, but it was undeniable.

"You're sure?" Santana's voice was barely above a whisper, filled with more emotion than she ever would have believed. This was the start of everything she'd wanted since she and Brittany had moved in together.

Blaine walked slowly over to her, leaving Kurt and Brittany hand in hand behind him. He wiped the wetness from her cheeks, nodding near imperceptibly but like a shout to Santana. "Other than Kurt I can't imagine anyone else I would rather make a baby with," he said, sniffling himself a bit.

A little curly haired cherub came running into the room and jumped between Blaine and Santana. "Who's making a baby Daddy?"

Blaine raised a brow and stared at Santana before they both cracked up laughing. Kurt came to the rescue and swept Lilly into his arms. "How are we going to explain this one?" he whispered into Blaine's ear.

Blaine shook his head and took his husband's hand as they all walked to the living room and got ready to leave. "Beat's the fuck out me," Blaine murmured.

"Daddy owes five dollars!" Lilly started singing and Kurt put her down to grab the swear jar they'd set up when the kids had come to stay.

Blaine rolled his eyes, but Kurt just smirked with his hand out. "Five dollars or five minutes time out, those are the rules."

"Pay up Anderson, I'm not standing here waiting while you sit in the time out chair," Santana growled. It was amusing when they were just hanging out, but they were already running late for their dinner reservations.

Blaine reached into his wallet and pulled out a five. He hardly ever carried cash to spend these days but fives he kept in abundance. He tickled Lilly's nose with it and she giggled as he slipped it in.

"Do we have enough for Disney yet?" she asked excitedly.

"Not yet angel," Kurt told her and took her hand. "But don't worry, between your Dad and your brother, I'm sure we'll be going real soon."

September 5, 2024

Blaine waited outside the venue for Puck to show up. He'd promised Kurt before he'd left at 5am that morning that he'd make sure Puck was dressed properly so as not to embarrass him. His last fashion show Puck had shown up in ripped jeans, a t-shirt and of course, his leather jacket. That had been bad enough, but this was fashion week. It was his first real line in the big time and he'd be damned if Noah Puckerman would mess that up for him. Puck would, after all, be in the spotlight himself.

Blaine had told Puck every day for the last week to be there early, he'd even made him swear it on his mother's grave, not that that counted for anything since she was still alive but Blaine was hoping Puck didn't realize that. The others would be there at one o'clock but noon was a necessity for Puck just in case a wardrobe change was in need. He'd hid that fact from his best friend of course. As far as Puck was aware, he was going early to keep Blaine from bothering Kurt with his overenthusiastic nervous energy, and maybe flirt with a model or two, all of whom had been warned not to dare give Puck the time of day. Besides, the backstage was off limits to anyone not directly involved with the show.

A yellow cab pulled up to the curb and out stepped Puck dressed in probably the fanciest suit he owned. Puck paid the man his cab fare but left out the tip, practically throwing the money in the driver's face. "Here's a tip for you asshole: next time you wanna bitch about the Jews, make sure your passenger isn't Jewish!" Puck slammed the cab door and turned to Blaine with a wide grin. "Wassup, bro?"

Blaine chuckled and shook his head as he walked over to Puck. "How do you always manage to get anti-semetic cabbies that like to talk shit?" he asked as they bro hugged.

Puck scoffed. "Dude, I don't even know but that shit pisses me off more each time."

Blaine stepped back and took a good look at Puck's suit. It was nice but it wasn't flashy, which was fine. He was glad that Puck had at least worn a suit. The problem however, was the three unfastened buttons at the top showing off way more chest hair than Kurt would ever want to see and the absence of not only a decent tie but any sort of tie. Blaine shook his head in disapproval. That would absolutely not do, not here and not today.

"Come on," Blaine said with a nod towards the building. Puck smoothed out his jacket and followed.

Blaine led him to the restrooms, passing the theater where the doors hadn't closed yet and the crew was still buzzing around like bees setting up the runway. Sneaking a peek inside, Puck had to admit he was impressed. The place looked amazing and he had no doubt in his mind that Kurt had worked his ass off to make sure the biggest day of his professional life went off with a bang.

"So where are these models you promised me?" Puck asked as the bathroom door closed behind them. Blaine said nothing and pulled out a bowtie that was folded neatly in his jacket pocket. It was a simple and classic tie, a signature black and gray skinny, but Puck was already balking and Blaine smirked at the horrified look in Puck's eyes. "No."


"No," Puck said more firmly. "I refuse to wear that. I don't care if Hummel personally put it in your pocket and refused you blow jobs for the rest of your life if I didn't wear it. You can dress like a goddamn penguin all you want but there ain't no way in hell that I am wearing that."

Blaine stepped closer slowly, his eyes dark and forceful like in the old days. "You will wear this, Puckerman. You have no choice."

"Like hell I don't." Puck crossed his arms defiantly. "I ain't wearing it."

"This is your last chance, Puckerman," Blaine warned, already slipping his jacket off in anticipation of either Puck's right hook or attempt to bolt from the building. "Don't make this any uglier than it needs to be," he said as he set his jacket on the counter.

"The answer is f-u-c-k NO-"

Blaine shook his head and grabbed Puck's lapels, shoving him hard against the wall. "Look, Puckerman. If I were 17 years old I would wrestle you to the ground right now and force this around your neck, but somewhere deep down inside of you is an adult who can realize that this is the most important night of Kurt's life and if you fuck it up he is going to hate you and that is going to matter to you not because he's your bosses son but because you love him despite every bone in your immature little body trying to convince you not to."

Puck started to answer when Kurt's Assistant Michael walked into the bathroom. For a moment everybody froze. Then the young man finally found his voice and asked cautiously. "Is everything ok? Do I need to call security?"

"Yes!" Puck shouted, quickly groaning in pain when Blaine subtly pushed him back into the wall.

"No Michael," Blaine replied with sickening sweetness, never taking his eyes from Puck. "There's no need for that. This is my best friend Puck," he said with a smile, "and I've got everything well in hand. Did you need something? Is Kurt doing okay?"

"He, um, he asked me to find you," Michael stammered, not sure at all what to make of everything he'd just walked in to. "He's just nervous, that's all. Wants to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"Tell him I'm with Noah and that I'm taking care of everything, nothing is going to go wrong," Blaine said, his lips smiling while his eyes glared.

Michael nodded in confusion and walked out. Blaine turned back to Puck when once again the door opened. "Hey, Dad. Sup Uncle Puck," Jason greeted.

"Jay man! Help me out!" Puck screeched.

Jason smirked and slid his hands in pocket. He knew better than to get in the middle of an argument between his Dad and Puck. He didn't see his father's best friend as often as he might like, watching the two of them together was better than any television sitcom, but when he did he knew that his Dad always won.

"As I was saying," Blaine continued. "Today is the most important day for Kurt, Puckerman. He's been dreaming about this day his entire life and he's been a major pain in the ass the last few months of planning, so if you think for a second that I am going to let you get away with fu…" he glanced at Jason and took a breath, "messing it up by not wearing the most subdued bowtie in the collection then you are dumber than I thought. We are not going to stress him out more than he already is."

"But what does my wearing that stupid bowtie have anything do with his show?" Puck argued. "It's not like I'm walking the damn catwalk!"

Blaine rolled his eyes. "But you are walking the catwalk in a figurative sense. The spotlight will be on us, all of us. This show has to be absolutely perfect. Nothing can go wrong, and if that includes you wearing that bowtie then you will wear it because Kurt wants you to wear it. Is that understood?"

Puck tried for one moment to hold his ground, but with a quick glance to Jason, who shrugged away his imminent defeat, he rolled his eyes. "Oh fine, fine," he gave in swiping the tie from Blaine's hand.

Blaine released him with a satisfied grin, brushing the shoulders of Puck's suit as if nothing had happened. He watched Puck struggle with the tie for a minute before grabbing it back and roughly turning Puck around. "You're gonna look fabulous," he said as he buttoned Puck's shirt and wrapped the bowtie around his neck.

"I hate you," Puck grumbled. "I hate you and I hate Kurt. I hate him more now than I ever have before."

Blaine tightened the bowtie a little too hard and then smacked Puck's cheek a couple of times. "I know. I'll see you out there," he smirked. Blaine grabbed his jacket, slipped it back on, and checked himself in the mirror before walking out of the bathroom.

Puck looked at himself and Jason in the mirror and scowled. "I'll pay you a hundred bucks if you convince your father not to make me wear this."

"No way," Jason shook his head. "Whatever Papa wants, Papa gets."

Puck whined like a child. "I look lame."

Jason patted his back and chuckled. "Yeah, ya kinda do. Sorry."

Puck sighed. "It's cool little man. But your Papa owes me, big time. Now I assume Santana and Britt brought you and Lilly?" Jason nodded. "Come help me find my girls."

"So where's mini Blaintana and Kurttany?" Puck asked the two gorgeous ladies in stunning floor length gowns before embracing them lovingly. He didn't get to see his girls nearly often enough.

"It's nice to see you too Puckerman," Santana responded with sarcasm and a smile. "We haven't seen you since Katie was a week old but all you care about is them. Nice to know where we stand."

"Katie and Bailey are fine and with a sitter," Brittany said kissing him on the cheek. "And it's wonderful to see you again."

Santana grumbled. "We would've brought them but Kurt insisted they're too young. He's probably right, they wouldn't have been able to handle all this.

"So how's work been?" Puck asked the girls, keeping an eye on Lilly and Jason playing games on their phones. Blaine had gone inside with Kurt for sound check on the music.

"Things are really great," Santana said, her eyes brightening with pride. She loved talking about her work. "We've got music programs in half of the public schools in the Bronx using Latino music to get more students involved in the programs. Blaine's been a really big help too, getting some of his artists in to talk to the students about the importance of the arts in turning their lives around. It's been amazing."

"And our ballerina?" Puck turned to Brittany.

"It's modern dance Puck and I'm sure you would know exactly how things are going if you talked to your brother more," Brittany reprimanded.

"Yeah!" Jake yelled as he walked up to them at the bar and ordered a drink. He was dressed in a slick Armani suit and suddenly Puck wasn't so upset that Blaine had decided to dress him up a little more. After all, he couldn't look worse than his baby brother.

"Looking good, baby Puckerman," Santana greeted, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

Jake kissed her back before turning to Brittany and doing the same. "You two look lovely as ever," he said and turned to Puck. "How you doing man?"

Puck pulled Jake into a big hug. "I'm doing good, bro. How are you twinkle toes? How's life been treatin ya? You got yourself a girl yet?" he asked teasingly.

Before Jake could answer though Santana chimed in. "You should see the girls flock to him. Your bro's got major game and he doesn't even know it."

Jake rolled his eyes and chuckled but didn't deny it. There were several girls he and Brittany danced with who tried to grab his attention and while he flirted a little, he never followed through. There was always something missing. "What can I say? No one can resist the Puckerman charm," he joked lightly.

Puck nodded his approval and slapped his brother on the back. "Can I get a hell yeah!"

Blaine and Kurt slipped out through the stage door and into the lobby. Lilly immediately ran over to Kurt to give him hugs while Jason hung back, not wanting to appear too overly enthusiastic in public. Kurt walked over and ruffled his curls then turned to his friends.

"I'm so glad you guys could all come," Kurt said, kissing the girls on the cheeks and giving Puck a tight hug. "Especially, you," Kurt whispered in his ear. "You look quite dapper this evening."

Puck shrugged nonchalantly but he smiled, pleased with himself at being able to bring a smile to Kurt's face. Compliments from Kurt were few and far between and if he were honest with himself they meant a lot to him. He didn't want anyone else to know that though and completely ignored Blaine's arrogant smirk in the corner.

"Where's everyone else?" Kurt started to ask, wringing his hands together as he looked amongst the crowd.

Harmony and Marley rushed in at that moment and barely made it through the door before they had an armful of Kurt. "Oh thank heavens you're here," he breathed in relief as he hugged each of them.

"Sorry sweetie," Marley said quietly. "Harmony and I were so busy catching up this morning after staying out way too late last night and we lost track of the time."

Kurt huffed and checked the time on his phone again. "The show's about to start and I'm going crazy and I need you all to be here and Jeff-"

"Jeff, Quinn, and Nick are running late," Harmony supplied knowingly. "Nick just called me. They got stuck in traffic on the West Side Highway but they should be here any minute."

"This place looks incredible, Kurt," Marley said in awe taking in her surroundings. Her eyes landed on Jake and the others and her heart skipped a familiar beat. Even after all the years apart, Jake still somehow managed to make her melt. "My students did not for a second believe that I knew the great Kurt Hummel Anderson. They are going to flip when I get back with proof that I do."

Kurt chuckled softly. "I'll do you one better. Blaine, the kids, and I are heading to Ohio in a few days to celebrate my showing at Fashion Week with my family since they couldn't come in to the city. I'll stop by your classroom and say hi."

Marley smiled excitedly. "That would be amazing."

"You're not going to miss my opening night though, right?" Harmony asked frantically. "Just because you've been to all my shows doesn't mean I don't need you at this one."

"Don't worry, I'll be there," Kurt assured her. He looked around the room for Blaine and found him and the kids with the girls and the Puckerman's. "Blaine will show you guys to your seats. I'm going call Jeff and hurry his ass up." Marley and Harmony said goodbye and headed towards their friends.

Jake noticed her immediately when she arrived and held his breath as she headed for him now. Marley smiled softly at him and returned it. They only had a few moments to chat before taking their seats and he knew the quick hellos would not be enough to satisfy his curiosity about his high school sweetheart. He asked if maybe they could catch up at the after party and she blushingly agreed. He often wondered what life would have been like had they not broken up after high school, but he had no regrets, knowing that their lives had taken them in very different directions. Still, the thrill he got when she smiled coyly at him was something he didn't want to let go of. Maybe, he thought, tonight would be the start of a new beginning.

Kurt pulled out his cell phone, checking the time once more. The show was starting in fifteen minutes and he needed to get backstage. Just as he dialed Jeff's number, he spotted a very irritated and pregnant Quinn headed his way.

"Oh my god Kurt, I'm so sorry we're late," she apologized as they hugged.

Kurt placed his hand on her large belly and smiled appreciatively. "I'm so glad you're here. I know you must be aching right now." Quinn waved her hand dismissively. She was six months pregnant and hated everything these days. But she wasn't about to miss Kurt's debut. "Did you guys run into traffic?"

Jeff laughed almost manically. "No, we just had to stop at almost every bathroom between Boston and here," he complained.

"You have a 20 pound baby pushing on your bladder and see how often you have to pee!" Quinn snapped.

Kurt bit back a laugh, glancing behind them to see Nick. "Did you have to listen to this the entire trip here?"

Nick held up his hands. "I plead the fifth Your Honor," he said.

Kurt smiled and gave his shoulder a squeeze. "An attorney always knows when to talk and when to stay silent," Kurt said with a wink. "Okay guys I have to go backstage. Blaine's over at the bar with everyone else and he'll show you guys where to sit."

The boys nodded and took off while Quinn smiled and gave him one more hug. "Thanks. Good luck tonight. I'm sure everything is beautiful."

The stage manager came out and whispered in Kurt's ear urging him backstage. Blaine rushed overt o kiss him one more time, wondering whether "Break A Leg" was appropriate for a Fashion Show or not. "It's going to be a wonderful show, Beautiful."

"I love you," Kurt whispered before disappearing backstage.

Blaine gathered the Crew and his kids, honorary members of the Crew, and led them to their seats in the front row along the stage right side of the runway. The chatter in the theater was deafening as everyone began to take their seats. Blaine was remarkably proud of the turnout Kurt had gotten. It may have been his first show at Fashion Week but his name had been on the lips of some of the top designers and critics for a year now and everyone was looking forward to seeing the Hummel Anderson Crew Collection.

The lights dimmed, the audience quieted, and Kurt took the stage and headed to the microphone. "Good afternoon everyone," he greeted. "I want to thank you all for coming out today. We have a great show ahead for you and I know everyone's eager to begin so I won't take up much of your time. I just have some acknowledgements I want to make before we begin. First and foremost I need to thank my wonderful husband, Blaine Anderson, who provided the absolutely stunning music for tonight. My beautiful children for being so patient with me these past few months, and for allowing me to dress them up, though not always willingly," he joked and the crowd laughed. "I want to thank everyone that has worked with me to get these designs done, Kayla, Jennifer, Charles, and Jane. Only certain people can handle my crazy and you four have been just as crazy as I am. I wouldn't have been able to do this without you. And I can't forget my ever so patient assistant Michael. I was sure you'd quit after the first few days but, young man, you are amazingly tolerant and if tonight goes well, you are in for a major raise," he teased. Michael smiled proudly backstage.

"Someone once said, the people who touch your life and your heart, are important forever and that the best friendships in your life just might be the ones that nobody else understands. My debut collection celebrates those people in my life who were just a little bit different, a little bit left of center. Because I know I'm not alone, we all have those people in our lives and we all want to be that person in someone else's life. That person who is loved irrationally. That person who changes someone else's heart for good."

Kurt turned to his friends and smiled, pointing them out to the audience and letting them have the spotlight for a moment. "So I need to thank my Crew. My life has forever been changed because of you. I couldn't have asked for a better set of people to share this moment with. You have each inspired me in one way or another, and my designs tonight have been inspired by each of you and our often crazy, sometimes tragic and always beautiful love for one another. Thank you for always being you, making me who I am, and letting me always know to whom I belong." The crew cheered louder than the rest, Puck going as far as standing up and fist pumping the air as he hollered Kurt's name. Kurt laughed and shook his head. "So, without further ado, I introduce to you The Hummel Anderson Crew Collection."

"Goodnight honey," Kurt kissed Lilly's forehead as Blaine tucked her in. "Sweet dreams."

"Goodnight Papa, I liked your clothes," Lilly yawned. Blaine came around the bed and kissed her cheek. "Goodnight Daddy, I liked your music."

"Goodnight Princess, we love you." Blaine turned Lilly's lamp on, her ceiling shining with stars, and Kurt turned out the light before closing the door behind them.

Blaine went to Jason's room, not surprised to find their teenager still on the phone. "-so then he says-"

"Jay, lights out," Kurt said from the doorway.

"Just five more minutes," Jason pleaded. "I was telling Jen about Uncle Puck's epic fail with that model today."

Blaine chuckled and shook his head, walking into the room and grabbing Jason's phone from his hands. "Goodnight, Jennifer. Jason will call you tomorrow."

"Goodnight Mr. Hummel Anderson," a meek voice replied. Blaine hung up the phone and handed it back to Jason. "No texting or your phone becomes mine. You can tell her tomorrow."

Jason rolled his eyes. "Fine. Night, Dad."

"I will check," Blaine warned. "And I mean with the company, not on your half deleted phone."

"Fine!" Jason said and snapped the phone onto his charger.

"Goodnight son," Blaine said, ruffling Jason's hair as Kurt walked in. Blaine leaned in close. "If you ask me the models seemed a hell of a lot more interested in you than Uncle Puck," he whispered with a twinkle in his eye.

"Hey, hey, no whispering unless I'm involved," Kurt smirked as he walked into the room. He motioned for Jason to lie down, sitting down on the side of the bed.

"I'm too old to get tucked in Papa," Jason complained.

"You're never too old to get tucked in," Kurt retorted with a smirk. "Sleep well."

Kurt kissed the top of his head and started to walk out. "Papa," Kurt turned around at the doorway. "Tonight was incredible. I'm really proud of you."

Kurt smiled softly. "Thanks, Jay." He peaked around the corner to make sure Blaine was gone. "Go ahead and text that girlfriend of yours but don't stay up too late," he whispered.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Jason immediately argued though his cheeks flushed pink. "And Dad said…"

"Whatever you say," Kurt snorted then added, "And don't worry about your Dad. I'll keep him busy enough," he winked before closing the door behind him.

Kurt walked down the hall to the living room, humming with appreciation when he saw that Blaine had poured them two glasses of wine and was lighting a fire in the fireplace. The temperatures had dropped with the sun and a beautiful fall chill had been in the air on the walk home. He collapsed onto the couch and rested his head back.

"I'm exhausted," he sighed. "I think I could sleep for a week."

Blaine snuggled in next to his husband, reaching for their wine glasses and handing one to Kurt. "A toast to you and the incredible job you did tonight. I have never been prouder."

"A toast to you," Kurt continued, "for being an amazing husband and father. And composer and lyricist."

"The music was a big hit," Blaine beamed.

Kurt nodded with a soft smile. "Yes, it was."

"So a toast to us," Blaine leaned in and kissed Kurt sweetly. "For everything we've been through and everything we've overcome."

"And everything still awaiting us in the future," Kurt added.

They clinked their glasses and took a sip, Blaine slipping his arm around Kurt's waist, pulling him in close. Kurt rested his head on Blaine's chest, where he always belonged. "We made it," Kurt said quietly with a happy sigh.

Blaine kissed Kurt's forehead with a proud smile. "We made it."

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