AN: Hi, this idea popped into my mind at the worst of times, honestly. It's exam week soon. And what am I doing? Not studying, that's what. I just had to get this out there though. I wrote out a sort-of-outline. I really, really, want to finish a story for once. Please let me know what you think!

EDIT: Since a lot of people were wondering, this is not a fem!Kuroko fic.

Summary: AU. Five actors. One mysterious writer. All drawn together in the makings of a brand new movie that was written anonymously under the name "Vanira". Fate does have a strange way of bringing the most unlikely people together. GoMxKuroko

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Generation of Acting

Chapter One: Devil's Advocate


The sudden flux of talented actors in Japan, all around the same time, became known to all as the Generation of Acting. However, the name was actually created from the discovery of five young prodigies, nicknamed the "miracle actors", because of their natural talent and passionate acting.

The movie business has been on the rise since the miracle actors first debuted. There was one person, however, hidden in the shadows of this flashy business, whose name has been spoken by every top actor in all of Japan; whose movies—every single one of them—broke box-office records. And that person went by the name of "Vanira".


Akashi surreptitiously folded the letter and slipped it back into the manila envelope. He laced his fingers under his chin in contemplation.

"Kuroko no Basuke… huh?"


Kise ran into the office, panting. His golden hair was windswept.

"Sorry… I'm… late! Sa-cchi was scolding… me for—"

"Never mind that. Just have a seat, Ryouta."

"A-Ah, okay," Kise said sheepishly, easing down onto the soft leather couch.

Akashi barely spared him a glance; merely glancing down at his heavy stack of papers in his hand with tightly set lips.

"Now I'm sure you're all wondering why I called you in today—"

"Eh, not really," Aomine said flippantly from his spot on the couch opposite to Kise. He was sprawled out, tanned limbs draped over the arm rests, eyes half-closed. He was the picture of laziness.

Akashi shot him a look and he wisely said nothing more. The redhead continued as if he hadn't been interrupted.

"As you all know, the five of us are the top in Japan. Our names are even beginning to be known abroad." He got up from his desk, his dark jacket draped over his shoulders swinging but staying in place. "It now appears we have caught the attention at last of a… certain someone."

Midorima, who was leaning against the door frame, stony-faced, muttered, "Someone?"

"Yes, someone. Can any of you guess who that would be?"

"Hm…" Murasakibara thought for a moment. He pulled the orange lollipop from between his lips and stared up at the ceiling. "Ah, I'm too hungry to think properly."

Aomine scoffed through a yawn. "You're always hungry."

"And you're always sleepy, Mine-chin."

"… Touché."

Kise giggled but was promptly silence by a deadly red and yellow glare.

"Vanira has requested us—all five of us—for her next big film."

That caught their attention. Aomine sat up properly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Midorima shifted his glasses and Murasakibara stopped sucking on his candy.

"Vani-cchi asked for us?" Kise exclaimed, leaning forward in anticipation. His expression was one of childish glee.

"She shouldn't know that the five of us are working together behind the scenes," Midorima said with a troubled frown. "No one knows that…"

Four pairs of multi-colored gazes landed on Akashi expectantly.

"I've never met Vanira personally. If she asked for all five of us, it is because of her own reasons," the group's unofficial leader stated.

"Will we get to meet Vanira? Her name sounds so sweet," Murasakibara drawled, obviously thinking about his snacks.

"Her message did not disclose her identity. It seems she has her own secrets, not unlike us."

"What an elusive personality. Must be an Aquarius." Midorima's musings went ignored by his companions.

"She probably doesn't want to deal with all the shit that comes with being famous," Aomine mumbled, slumping back down onto the couch again.

"Eh? But Aomine-cchi likes being famous," Kise exclaimed.

"Shut up, Kise! Where the hell'd you get that idea?"

"Well, you're always—"

"Enough, both of you."

Both Kise and Aomine shut up in an instant, staring at the fearsome redhead, mouths dry.

"As usual, we will not act familiar in any way in the presence of the other actors. You all know the drill. My orders are absolute." The others mumbled their agreements in various ways.

"Have you seen the script yet?" asked Midorima after a moment.

"Not yet. But I have seen the plot outline, and the rest of the castings. Vanira made some interesting choices."

"What does," munch, "Aka-chin mean by that?" Murasakibara had moved on to his box of chocolate pocky sticks, lollipop stick discarded in the nearby trash bin.

Akashi smirked, folding his arms across his chest. The knowing look on his face was chilling, as was the glint in his one amber eye.

"The characters are the actors themselves."

A chorus of collective 'huh?' drifted through the room.

"You'll see soon enough." Akashi paused a moment, his expression morphing into that borderline psychotic look he got when he was planning something. Something horrid, the other actors recognized with dread.

"I do hope you all have some semblance of skill in basketball?"