Chapter 2

Once Fry, Leela, Bender and Lady Gaga got to 3012, Lady Gaga immediately started asking what everything is and does.

"Hey what's this?" asked Gaga

"It's a toaster" said Leela

"Does it shoot lasers?!" asked Gaga

"No…It's a toaster" replied Leela

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I'm sure that it's a toaster."

"Does anything here shoot lasers?"

Bender raised his hand.

"Does something that isn't rude shoot lasers?"

Bender lowered his hand.

"Hey, Luanne, maybe I could show you around just you and me." said Fry

"Uh, heh, sure, why not?" Gaga hesitated

"Okay. C'mon" Fry and Luanne (otherwise known as Lady Gaga) left the Planet Express together, so Fry could show her around.

~Cue somewhat romantic montage~

Fry and Lady Gaga walk back into the Planet Express holding hands. (In a non-romantic way)

"We're back!" said Fry

"Did you have fun?" asked Leela

"Yeah. Me and Luanne had a great time" said Fry

"New New York is so much cooler than Old New York! There are places here I couldn't even imagine existing…" said Gaga

"Yeah, even though we spent most of the time getting her into this new outfit she's wearing." said Fry, motioning towards the dress Lady Gaga was wearing. It was a very elaborate dress that looked very complicated, with a bunch of zippers.

"It took two hours just to figure out which of these zippers is the real one!" said Gaga

"It's true" said Fry


Fry and Lady Gaga are sitting in chairs with Gaga's zipper dress in both of their hands. Fry and Lady Gaga are both zipping and unzipping the zippers.

"Nope…That's another fake zipper" said Fry

"Ooh! I think I got one…Wait…It's another fake…" said Gaga

"Wait! I found the real zipper!" said Fry, as he got the dress unzipped. He handed the dress to Lady Gaga.

"Thanks Fry!" Lady Gaga took the dress into the changing room and put it on.

After a few minutes of putting on the dress, Lady Gaga had a problem.

"Uh Fry…I think I need help zipping the dress…"

Flashback End…

"Haha, good times" said Fry

"Where'd you even get that elaborate dress?" asked Leela

Lady Gaga shrugged.

"Anyways, you should get a job" said Leela

"Ooh! Luanne could work here!" said Fry

"I'll see about that. First she needs to be interviewed" said Hermes

"Oh, that's a piece of cake, I'm interviewed all the time" said Gaga

"I mean a job interview, not a television interview" said Hermes

"Oh…That might be a little more difficult…" said Gaga

"Okay, well what are your skills?" asked Hermes

"Uh, singing, dancing, bringing peace to the world by teaching everyone that despite their differences, they're all the same inside" said Gaga

"What are your strengths?"

"Well….I'm awesome…" said Gaga

Fry giggled a little.

"Anything other than that?" asked Hermes

"I'm good at helping people" said Gaga

"And your weaknesses?"

"Oh…Well, I get distracted by little things that really don't matter in the long run" said Gaga

"Congratulations, you're our new delivery girl, Fry will train you" said Hermes

"Eh, okay?" replied Gaga

"Now we can spend more time together!" said Fry

"Yep" said Gaga "So what do we even do in this job anyways?"

"I usually just sit on the couch" said Fry

"Okay…Sounds easy enough…" said Gaga "But, will we do anything other than that? I mean…I have things I could do…"

"What do you have in mind?" asked Fry

"Well, I had this hook in my mind, so I think I should write a song…There's nothing you can do to help, because I assume you're exactly as you were last time I saw you. You don't know how to play any instruments, and you're no George Michael when it comes to singing" said Gaga

"You know me so well…" said Fry

"Yeah." said Gaga

"Well, do you need paper to write down lyrics? I could at least do that for you." said Fry

"No…I'm pretty sure this songs gonna only have three or four words repeated over and over again" said Gaga

"Oh, okay." said Fry "So how do you write songs anyways?"

"Well, usually, I have an idea in my head. Then, usually, I plop down on a couch," Gaga took a seat on the couch, next to Fry "lay down," she lies down "and mumble the lyrics like a crazy person"

"Oh, cool." said Fry

Lady Gaga mumbled the lyrics to her next hit while Fry watched.

"Like that?" asked Fry

"Yep." replied Gaga, going back to mumbling the lyrics again

"Big fat kick-drum, makes you go boom-boom,

makes you go boom-boom,

makes you go boom-boom,

Big fat kick-drum,

Makes you wanna get some…"

"Wow, that's really good Lu." said Fry

"Eh, it's nothing, I've written better." said Gaga

"Still, you came up with that pretty quick…" replied Fry

"Yeah, I guess" Gaga said

"Good news everyone!" said Professor Farnsworth

To Be Continued…