It was the day when Smaug the Terrible came.

Woods burned. Woman screamed. Chaos was everywhere as all things under the dragon's breath crumbled to ash.

On that day the world of Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, ended.

He was a young dwarf prince left with nothing. There were only dead and sorrow behind and in front of him.

The dwarfs of Erebor were wandering through the wilderness. No mountain. No shelter. Just loneliness and the cruel open land ahead of them.

The loss of their home cut deeper than any sword could ever hope to go. And when the alliance with the elves failed them and trust turned into doubt and doubt was replaced with hatred a dark shadow loomed over Durin's Folk.

War was coming.

Orks had taken Moria and death reached out for the line of Durin yet again.

With his grandfather slaughtered, his father struck by madness and his brother bleeding out in his arms Thorin had only bitterness and rage left inside. And with the last of his strength he stood up against the pale orc, leading his people to victory.

So the great war of dwarfs and orcs came to an end. The orcs were defeated, but the price was high.

With his remaining people Thorin settled for the Blue Mountains.

War was over, but the pain lingered and the loss was never forgotten nor was it forgiven.

And in the moment when all hope seemed lost and darkness ruled his heart his sister Dis came to him. She gently kissed his forehead and led Thorin's hand over her own swollen stomach.

And there he could feel it.

A soft movement against his battle shaped palm. His eyes looked puzzled at his sister. Dis nodded with the wisdom just a mother could posses.

In the darkest hour she brought him light.

Hope had returned.

And as he watched his sister and her husband smiling proudly at their first-born son, he swore to himself that he would protect them no matter what.


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