Everything starts somewhere and there are a million different ways to begin a story and at least a thousand more to end it. What stands out especially is the constant desire to discover where. For Fili it was one of the easier tasks. It started all with a small thing. It always did. Mister Balin had told him once that pebbles could rouse the roar of the mountain. Back in the days Fili hadn't understood. Now he does...




It wasn't as innocent as shattered glass was supposed to be. Fili knew it was different, cause he did it on purpose. He intended for it to happen and he knew it was wrong, but he had to do it. It was a last silent scream for help. His final chance, before something inside would ultimately break. Though, he could have never imagined who of all people would answer his call...

So when his elbow slowly pushed the mug to the left corner of the table it was determined to end like this. Their fare was settled.

He watched with a strange fascination how it came closer and closer to the edge. Inch by inch till it would fall. There was a short fight for long lost balance, but the lad already knew the outcome. Gravity would win and merciless take its victim down, leaving nothing but shattered pieces behind.

Even so he knew the result of his actions, he still flinched at the loud sound that followed as ground and cup clashed. He honestly hadn't considered the noise that now disturbed the everlasting silence between him and his mother.

Dis shortly looked up, but her face remained indifferent.

"Fili!" The sharp voice of his uncle cut him out of his thoughts and made the dwarfling flinch.

Thorins scolding wasn't ill intended. The call bore more concern than anger, but Fili hadn't learned to distinguish them yet. Also he wasn't aware of his uncles presence until then. It startled him. The elder dwarf must surely have noticed his antics, as he stepped through the door.

"Sorry." Fili muttered in a small voice.

He bashfully looked at the ground as he rushed to pick up the pieces of the broken mug. Repentant he would make up for his misdeed. Fili didn't noticed as a sharp fragment cut into his palm. When he lowered his gaze blood was already dripping over the floor.

Dis stared at him, slowly taking in the red, before something seemed to snap in her head and hell went lose.

"FILI! NO!" Her shrill scream tore through the room.

In an instant she was next to him. Utter terror was burned into her features and panic radiated from every fiber of her body. It scared Fili greatly. His mother had tears in her eyes and she seemed further away from him than ever. Trapped in her own head with thoughts of misery and death.

And then Dis felt nothing but pain. She gasped for breath and sunk down on her knees between the shattered glass. Her hands clenched over her stomach and the remaining color on her face had left. She groaned in agony.

"Mommy?" Fili cried out.

He hadn't meant for this to happen! And yet, he couldn't deny his fault.

"The baby..." She breathed. "It's coming!"





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