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It had been exactly three months since Claire took that faithful step off the Ferris Wheel. She was now staring herself in the mirror, in the Petrelli Estate's hallway, wondering about her recent choices. Her eyes looked slightly tired, but was transfixed on finding a flaw on her never changing face. Her fateful fall had lead her into her father's shoes, but had the direction similar to her Uncle Peter's heart. Dressed like a politician, smooth as a speaker, but showcasing her compassion for the world on a daily basis. She smoothed out her gold, sparkle top and adjusted her jeans. Her revelation to the world had placed her at the head of the Specials. A diplomat, handling the Public Affairs whenever involved with Specials. She walked a little taller these days, knowing that her choice opened the door for all Specials.

At first, there was anger and fear from the general public, but the mass amount of Specials coming forward seemed to have calmed the storm. Athletes, Celebrities, and Politicians stepped forward with special abilities. The ease of transition was so fast for the public that there is now merely a fasciation with Specials. Every Sunday, 60 Minutes dedicates an additional hour to abilities all around the world and how it helps communities. Whenever Claire lost her nerve or doubted herself, she thought of Peter. His support withstood everyone else's. With these thoughts, Claire stared harder at herself, searching for an imperfection in her flawless skin. She had finally taken a moment to take a breath. She was selected by Specials to represent all of them at the United Nations, Congress, Parliament and wherever the voice of Specials was needed. She was the Special and she shook the self-doubt again. Claire barely had time to breath and actually recall all that had happened before, but never forgetting the people she had lost. Claire was finding her place and it finally felt good. She softened her scrutinizing glare and smiled at herself in the mirror. She was finally right, she finally made her own choice and no one had paid for it.

"Claire? Where are you?" She heard Peter's voice down the hall and she shuffled quickly down to the dining room. The room was full of the people she had been on so many adventures with. Hiro, Ando, Peter, Emma, her grandmother, Matt and his family were all seated at a fully decorated dining table to enjoy a celebratory meal. A moment to reflect on their happiness and the peace with the Specials. Claire noticed two chairs empty, one for her father and one for someone who could ruin her mood with a mere appearance of just a eyebrow hair. She pouted quietly to herself and forced a huge smile for everyone. It was a time to be grateful, not poisonous, and seated herself next to Peter. Her Grandmother sat at the head of the table, cheerful and laughing. Claire had never seen her so calm, but the world was at peace for once. Her Grandmother's dreams did not haunt her, but comforted her. Everyone spoke cheerfully of how tasty the meal smelled and waited patiently for the late guests. Peter turned to Claire.

"Claire, I am so glad that you were able to take time to have dinner with all of us. We just thought it be fitting to end our journeys together with joy than almost impending chaos, like before."

He gave her that half-smug smile. Reminded her of a young Rocky.

"You know I would drop anything for Emma and you, plus I agree that doors are closing quickly. We have to tell each other goodbye as we move on with our potentially happy lives." She looked at Hiro and Ando. Traveling to just visit a handful of friends in the States must have been difficult, even with special powers. Matt and his family were making a move to Chicago. Matt had taken the role of Police Chief in one of the toughest parts of the city. The section gladly picked Matt, with his abilities on his resume, knowing he would get the job done. Matt and Janice seemed at ease. No more hidden lies and a world wide open for their son, who was currently turning the electric fire on and off with his giggles. Hiro and Ando giggling along with him.

"Potentially Happy? Be optimistic for once, PLEASE. For your Old Uncle."

"I am optimistic! I just have to be cautious, you never know what might show up. And you are not Old, just getting chunky." Claire smiled evilly, knowing how untrue the statement was, but knew he would react. She patted his stomach. Emma evilly laughed and acted as if Claire told the truth.


"Peter, dear, You need to watch those carbs."

Angela butted in quickly. Being suddenly stern.

She winked at Claire.

Claire nearly choked on her water and laughed loudly with the table. Who had all been captivated by Peter's growing annoyance of being picked on. He eventually broke into his half-smug smile and laughed as well.

"Well, CLAIRE, it is good to see you laugh."

Just as Peter said that her smile dropped and was replaced by a constrained sneer. Sylar walked into the room, bearing a large bottle of wine and an apologetic face for his lateness. Everyone greeted him with friendly hellos and even hugs, but Claire noticed the caution in Matt's face almost equal to hers. Matt and Claire had both had their lives personally altered due to Sylar's involvement and their forgiveness was not as quick as the others. Watching Sylar joke with Ando about a cartoon and tease Hiro about his haircut made her want to vomit, but it was the last time she would have to see him again. Claire turned her attention to her Grandmother, who motioned everyone to be silent and to sit.

"Sorry Everyone, but I believe Noah will not make it to dinner, let us begin. Peter, do you want to say anything?" Claire winced at the mention of Noah. He hadn't spoken to her since her plunge. He spent years preventing any kind of reveal, and she destroyed years of his protection in seconds. She shifted towards Peter to listen to his speech. She felt Sylar's eyes on her and she whipped her head to glare at him, but he had already averted his eyes.

"Uhhh...Sure, Well first, Thank You everyone for being here and making an effort for this dinner. We have all been through so much together. Pain, suffering, sleepless nights and adventures. I, well, my family and I, felt that we needed to have our last goodbyes as a group. It seems our lives are headed in separate ways and closure to Us would be fitting. Now, We can all see each other, but I think an event to mark our accomplishments fighting for the good of the world. It should be done with laughs and good food. Let's Eat!"

Claire shot Sylar a nasty look when Peter mentioned fighting for the good, but his eyes were transfixed on her Uncle. He always avoided her eyes and kept at smart distance from her. She had the habit of stabbing him. She hoped that was a strong reason he kept her distance. She hoped he feared her. Watching Peter and Sylar interact made her sick to her stomach. Their friendship bothered her terribly, but thankfully her traveling and priorities allowed her to not dwell on their friendship. She could not and did not believe he had truly changed. Claire didn't understand her grandmother's acceptance as well. It was a strained acceptance, by the way she watched her grandmother talk to him or look at him. It always seemed like she was hoping he turned back into Nathan. Sylar tended to have certain mannerisms that would either make Peter happy or uncomfortable in a heartbeat. Maybe Angela saw more of Nathan than Sylar these days as well. Claire realized she was glaring for a bit too long when Ando waved in front of her face from across the table. He was seated next to a visibly uncomfortable Sylar, who was staring straight into his food. Her day dream about stabbing him had translated too well on her face and too long. She realized He couldn't ignore a gaze that long and finally met her eyes. She expected an apologetic look that she had seen these past three months, but he instead he looked up from underneath his brow with a dark sneer. His eyes looked dark, like a storm was brewing behind those eyes. He lifted his glass to her and took a gulp of wine. Turned to Hiro and Ando and started to discuss their recent business choices. A chill went through Claire. She knew that look. It unnerved her so she focused attention on her mashed potatoes and joined in a conversation with Emma and her grandmother about a art center opening up in New York, with mainly Special artists.

She half-listened to the rest of the conversations going around the table. Claire was unnerved. Part of her wanted to just get up and leave, but the other half wanted to shout to the others that they were being deceived and bash him in the head with the stupid wine bottle he brought. The look he had given her was far from a look Nathan would have ever given her. She made eye contact with Matt, her only ally in the Sylar-hating avenue, and he sent her a telepathic message. She must have been sending out way too much stress. She focused on her food while talking to Matt. He followed her actions as well. They didn't want to weird out the group staring at one another.

"Hey, your brain is going a mile a minute. Slow Down and let me know what's up"

"Something is wrong with him. Sylar. He is acting like his old self."

"Claire, I am always on the timid side of liking Sylar. But Peter has been so sure. I checked myself for a week after they left that place."

"I understand that. That always felt funny to me. Something is different. He looked at me funny. Like how he use to. He knows I know something is up."

"He looked at you funny? Really? Your'e going use that as evidence."

"Matt. Please, can you do a brain-sweep. You've done it before."

"Ok, but just this once. I don't like fishing around in anyone's mind. Especially his."

Claire nodded so gratefully toward Matt. Sylar's presence had been the only thing the past months to unnerve her and she worked in Politics now. She smiled to herself about she was overreacting in the true Petrelli fashion. She engaged in an awkward conversation with Peter, Emma and Angela talking about weddings. Peter looked very pale at the talk of weddings. Claire almost forgot that Matt was fishing around Sylar's brain during this conversation. Another happy future to look forward to. She gleefully discussed a bridesmaid's dress she had seen on Newbury Street in Boston on one of her trips. Emma nearly fell over excitement, knowing exactly what dress Claire was talking about. Peter kept drinking water nervously and stating softly "Hey, I haven't asked anyone anything yet." Claire and Emma teased him for every second. The moment was interrupted suddenly by Janice's scream.

A loud crash echoed in the room and Matt collapsed and was shaking like he was having a seizure. The whole group jumped up, surrounding Matt. Matt's eyes had rolled up to the back of his head, his body convulsed and foam came from his mouth. Peter was the first to his side, aiding him like the Paramedic he was. Emma grabbed a towel and forced it into his mouth as Peter and her flipped him on his side. Claire took a step back from the crowd and grabbed baby Matty to bring him into another room. As she left, she whipped around to find Sylar standing very cooly at the fireplace, leaning up against it. His face showed no concern, just pure amusement. No one else saw this. Dread encompassed Claire completely. She didn't know if she should yell to the others, who were transfixed on helping Matt or just get baby Matt out of the room. As She stood there contemplating what to do, Baby Matt, hugged her tightly and sobbed. The whole scene had scared him. Sylar, who had been watching the whole thing unfold, smiled to himself. Claire felt tears of anger begin to spring to her eyes. Sylar turned his attention away from the panic and looked at Claire. He winked at her. Claire's breath hitched and she spun into the hallway and out the door of the Estate. The ambulance was arriving just as she stepped out. She wondered how long she had stood there watching him and deciding what to do. The next few moments happened in a rush. Janice had come out and taken Baby Matty from her. She handed Baby Matty to Hiro and franticly mentioned her mother's house. Hiro, Ando and the baby evaporated in a heartbeat. Claire stood frozen on the sidewalk. Watching as Matt was put into the Ambulance. Janice, Peter and Emma all jumped right in behind them. Claire awoke from her frozen state and started to yell to Peter.


"Claire, take care of Mom and meet us at the hospital."

"Pete wait it was-"

The Ambulance slammed shut in her face and they were gone. Claire was in shock. Sylar had done this and just like years before, she barely made a noise or a dent on stopping him. She turned to the Estate, the door left wide open. She had to get her Grandmother. Claire had no idea if he was still in there. She slowly stepped into the house and quietly listened for any noise. The sound of dishes being picked up and gather echoed in the dinning hall. Claire took her heels off to move more agile through the hallway. She took a small step into the dinning room. There was her Grandmother and Sylar picking up.

"Angela, step away from him." Claire attempted to be cool and collected but her voice was shaking. The two of them looked up from cleaning up the dishes. Angela clearly confused looked at Claire.

"Sweetheart, I know your scared for Matt. But a Seizure can't be helped."

"Angela, it was Sylar. Matt went into his mind for me and look what happened."

Angela heard the seriousness in her voice and understood immediately. Angela wasn't a fool to question her Granddaughter over her son's killer. His demeanor was unchanged by Claire accusation and was now smiling. She swiftly scooted to Claire's side of the room, latching on to her. Sylar, unmoved, chuckled to himself. He flicked his wrist, slamming the door behind them before they could escape. Locking it. He sighed loudly. Crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the table.

"You know, You and Parkman, really ruined my evening plans. I had this grand re-introduction party for all of you. But you, you just had to be you." Sylar seeped as much sexuality into to his last statement, leering at Claire. Angela stepped in front of Claire. With her chin up, Angela asked.

"Gabriel, what happened to being redeemed? You plans to help the world. Peter and you-"

Sylar slammed his fist into the table. Startling the two of them. With his power, he pulled them forward and seated them swiftly. Angela seated across from Claire. Their arms glued to the arms of the chair. Sylar seated himself at the head of the table, placing his hands in front of his mouth as if he was contemplating what to say. Claire regretted holding her tongue at dinner, but she was always shot down so quickly by Peter when it came to the subject of Sylar. Claire feared being treated as a child, and when it came to Sylar, she was thrown into the kiddie pool when the subject came up. Sylar finally spoke up in a reflective tone.

"What is it about this family? They just never know when to just die and stay dead. For once I believe I have a victory and then your little minions sweep in and just muck up my plans. If it wasn't for this meddling family.-"

"And our stupid dog too?"

Claire surprised herself by speaking so swiftly and calmly in response to his clearly growing anger. She felt his grip tighten on her wrists on the chair. He glared at her, but broke the silence with a half-hearted laugh.

"Claire, you always surprise me. I never whats going to come out of that mouth of yours. I guess the point I was getting to was that Nathan had a nasty habit of hanging on. Hanging on more than I thought. There is no simple solution when someone screws with your brain." He pointed to his brain and turned his full attention to Angela.

"Now, Mommy Dearest, Nathan latched onto me for a lot longer than everyone estimated. Myself, included. I fought his reins all the way to Parkman's house that tragic day I was locked in that mind prison. My mind and Nathan's were so meddled that Parkman couldn't decipher the difference. Nathan was mostly with Peter in that prison, Nathan not knowing that he was himself. Nathan tried to redeem himself from my sins." Sylar laughed loudly at the idea.

"I'm a Sociopath. I don't find redemption to be an ideal any scenario. I don't know what guilt feels like." Angela look conflicted.

"Nathan, if you are in the-" Sylar raised his hand to silence her.

"Maybe about a week ago. I figured it out. How to truly separate the two of us. Had to go Old School on myself. Shock-Therapy. I electrocuted myself for three days straight. Focusing on wiping out every last piece of him. Every last piece. Neaurons have a hell of a memory." Sylar's hand sparked with blue electricity. He smiled, sitting back, crossing his legs into a relaxed position. Angela looked sadly down, as she slowly accepted she would never see a piece of her son in Sylar again.

The three sat in silence for a moment. Claire searched to make eye contact with her Grandmother. Claire felt a bit unfazed by the information. She had accepted her father's death almost immediately at the time, when Angela's scheme had been revealed. Sylar had already taken her biological mother, so she knew when he killed someone, they stayed dead. Claire just felt anger for not being stronger with her family about keeping Sylar around for all these months. Sylar cleared his throat.

"Well, this has certainly been entertaining explaining to you both how I came back to being me. A simple, yet complicated matter. My plans for tonight were simply to slaughter all of you. Slowly. One by one. Acquire each one of your abilities. End this connection to this family for good." Angela turned her head slowly and made eye contact with him.

"We would have accepted you. Even if you didn't have him in you."

Sylar glared back at her, unaltered by her words.

"Who ever said I ever cared about that?" His tone seethed with hate. Claire looked at her grandmother, begging silently to not even try to relate to him. Why was her family so for redemption? As she wondered that, her phone began to ring in her back pocket. Sylar glanced over at her and leaned over her. He slid his hand into her back pocket, grasping the phone, lingering a little too long in Claire's space. Their faces nearly touching, his smug face making slight contact with her averted face. She pulled her face as far as she could from his. She recalled this interaction at the Stanton Hotel and she shuddered. He witnessed her shudder and merely chuckled. He quickly answered the phone, standing up, circling the table like a shark.

"Hello, Claire-Bear's phone...Oh Hey Peter." His tone was overly upbeat.

"Oh no, they are fine for now.

Hmmm, What do you mean?

I'm acting funny? I'm chipper.

I know Matt is in a serious condition.

I'm chipper because I put him there."

Sylar hung up the phone. "Surprise Pete, you are clearly the dumbest one in the family." Sylar motioned to the phone. "Had to spell it out for him. Sometimes I think Claire isn't even 10% of these genes. I think she has just a spark of Bio-mommy, more than any of part of this family. I mean, I would know." Sylar shifted into Nathan. Angela choked in disgust, averting her eyes from the image. "What's wrong Ma?" Sylar shifted back into his form. "Sorry, can't linger too long in that form. Gives me the heebie-jeebies. No one likes being a dead guy." As he finished his sentence, Peter burst through the door. His eyes ablaze with anger and confusion. He took in the scene and sparked red electricity at Sylar. He must have absorbed his power from Ando. Sylar was sent into the wall. Claire and Angela's bonds dropped as he hit the wall. Angela grabbed Claire's hand, running her out of the room. Peter followed them, knowing his power was not enough to stop Sylar. As they reach the front door, it locked. Sylar was now up and awake and angry. Claire and Peter pulled together to open it with no use. They spun to find Sylar standing before them, Angela against the wall across from him. He pinned Claire and Peter against the front door. "Claire, don't be too mad at me." Sylar said slowly.

He held all three of them, but started to slice Angela's head open. Angela screamed in agony, Peter began to scream as well. "Mom! Mom!" He fought the constraints of Sylar's bonds, and tried to aim his hands towards Sylar. Trying to blast the red force his way. Sylar paused at slicing Angela. He shifted Peter towards Claire, so that if he did fire any electricity it would hit her. He resumed splitting Angela's skull open, who had grown slumped and silent. Claire cried out. "Stop! Please Stop!" "Sylar, I will kill you!" Both Peter and Claire yelled for Sylar to yield. He ignored them, letting Angela's body to fall and he positioned himself over her. He began to search through her brain and brain stem right in front of them. Claire wanted to puke and Peter had already done Sylar finally found what he was looking for he stood up and looked at the two, who were visibly ill. He released them both. Peter lunged at him, forgoing his powers and began to beat on him. He knocked Sylar to the floor, straddling him down and layering punch after punch. Sylar laughing after each hit. Claire ran to her purse, grabbed a syringe and drew her own blood. She avoided the fighting men and stuck the syringe into Angela's body. She waited and waited and started shaking the body. "Wake up. It works. Wake up! Stop being so Stubborn." Claire held onto her Grandmother's body, willingly her to live. She held her body, watching Peter helplessly physically beat on Sylar, who was gladly and gleefully taking the punishment. Throwing insult and snide remark in between Peter's attacks. She looked down at her Grandmother, sobbed into her, and realized nothing could be done. She slowly released her body and stood to aid Peter. Sylar saw her come into the large living room, that the two had tumbled fighting into. He finally pushed Peter off of him, who had become physically exhausted from beating on him. He froze Peter in place and slammed him to the floor with his power. "That was fun Pete, but I am getting a little bored of having you around." Sylar began to cut into Peter's brain with a pointed finger.

Claire acted before she could think. She latched herself onto Sylar's pointed arm, pushing his arm away from Peter and causing him to fall back into the large flat screen tv. She stood defensively in front of Peter, who lay very still. Sylar chuckled to himself among the broken glass of the tv. "I use to always think it would come down to Peter and I, but I don't know why I never consider the fight in you." Claire, looked over at Peter quickly and realized he was in no state to fight. She turned back to Sylar, who was looming over her, dangerously. She raised her fists as if she were to box him. He laughed and slowly placed his hands over hers. Immobilizing her with his ability, but pulling her closer to his chest. He gripped her closer to his chest, narrowing her escape from his face. He leaned in, their foreheads nearly touching. "Claire-Bear, it always comes down to you. Doesn't?" Claire heard Peter groan behind her, shifting his broken body. She didn't turn her eyes to Peter but met Sylar's. "Please, leave him be. Please." Claire hated to beg, she wouldn't be caught dead begging for her own life. But She would beg for Peter's. Her only living blood-relative. Claire searched Sylar's eyes and face for an ounce of mercy. He seemed uncomfortable to see her look at him like that. She never once did, when he was actually trying to be good, when Nathan was in control. Sylar sighed and shook his head.

"Sorry, Claire, you and I have eternity to work things out. I know your Uncle. He is a vengeful type. He would never stop coming after me. Due to my new edition to the hallway decorations" He motioned towards Angela's body. He released one hand to play with a piece of her golden blonde hair. " can convince me a little more?" He wiggled his eyebrows at her and she scoffed in disgust. "You are a hopeless psychopath." He glared at her, tightening his grip and forced them closer. Claire, could feel his breath on her and she struggled her best against his powers. He smelled her hair, but as he turned to lean into kiss her, an object smashed through the front window. Sylar released her to investigate the small object and quickly discovered it was a bomb. Claire, realizing a second sooner, jumped on top of Peter.

The explosion destroyed the front half of the estate. Claire felt the flames and debris strike her body from all different directions. She prayed that she was covering Peter's head and vital organs as much as possible. She hoped he had absorbed her power. Claire was suddenly unconcerned with Sylar, who had taken a massive hit from the explosive. Claire stared down into Peter's face. He laid motionless, but relief flooded her when his previous wounds began to heal. He had absorbed her power. The fires and aftershocks of the bomb slowed down. Peter opened his eyes, meeting Claire's and the two quickly stood up. Sylar was no where in sight. As the relief of his disappearance had begun, it swiftly ended. Their next concern was the barrage of Swat Team busting through the open hole in the Estate and back areas. The two were surrounded.