Ally - (Talking to a customer.) So as you can see, this is one of the finest guitars in the store and it's just waiting for a proud owner.

Customer - How much?

Ally - $220

Customer - I'll take it!

Ally - There you go sir.

Trish - (Enters) Guess who got a job at the Pizza Barn.

Ally - (Sarcastically) I have no idea.

Trish - Me!

Dez/Austin - (Enter)

Dez - What are we me-ing about?

Trish - Nothing.

Dez - Okay. (Goes up to a random customer) Meeee!

Customer - Creep! (Runs out of the store.)

Ally - That probably wasn't a good idea.

Austin/Ally/Trish - (laughing)

Trish - Well I've been on my 5 minute break for half an hour.

Austin - (Staring at Ally) {Imagination - I think I'm in love with Ally. Just her smile, and she's just so beautiful. Snap out of it Austin. She doesn't like you.}

Ally - Austin, do you want to go work on a song?

Austin - (Still staring)

Ally - Austin? (Snaps her fingers in his face) Hello? (Bangs cymbals)

Austin - Huh?

Ally - Can we go work on a song?

Austin - Sure!

Ally - Grabs his hand and pulls him upstairs.

Austin - (Stairs at Ally's hand.)

Ally - {Imagination - I think I'm in love with Austin. Come on, he can have any girl he wants.}

Austin/Ally - (Sit on the piano bench.)

Ally - Any ideas?

Austin - (Shrugs.)

Ally - So I was thinking this. (Plays song.) So what do you think?

Austin - Well, I think it was kind of, lame.

Ally - What? Well, I guess you were being honest with me. (Starts to cry. Gets up to leave.)

Austin - (Grabs her arm.) Whoa! Where are you going?

Ally - To work. (Continues to cry.)

Austin - I didn't mean it like that. (Kisses Ally.) Wow!

Ally - (About to leave.)

Austin - Where are you going?

Ally - To work.

Austin - But we just kissed.

Ally - I know.

Austin - Well?

Ally - I don't know.

Austin - I love you Ally.