When I wake up next to my sister, I give a slight giggle. Today is Reaping Day and a Quarter Quell! I am a twelve year old girl from the middle class of District Eight( a.k.a The Nexus.). My name is Carly Weave and in the next month, I am going to kick ass. I get up to comb my hair for The Reaping. I decide to style my hair in a complicated style known as Katdeen. It was Katniss Everdeen's hair style for the Chariot Parade on her first time in the arena. And I love it. It goes with my purple dress perfectly. I sprint outside into the snow not caring about if my reaping outfit is wet or not. I see my friend Cici about to launch a snowball at her brother, who is sleeping in the snow. "Hey Cici!" I yell. Her brother wakes up and shoots snow at her face. Poor Cici. "Come on! Let's go to the Reaping!" I yell exasperatedly.


" I volunteer!" I yell. The escort, Carmella Palpius shrieks something I can't understand. So I walk up the stairs to the stage. My partner Peter Thread is a sixteen year old boy. I can't wait to kill him! At the Justice Building, no one comes to say goodbye except Cici. we embrace then I get zoomed off to the Capitol. I can't wait to watch the Reapings later!