Today is Private Sessions. A bunch of zitty teenagers trying to kill dummies. Fun. I get up early and go down to the gym. I practice using different weapons. Obviously the axe( District 7) but I try the kai swords and I like them too. At Lunch, we get rounded up in the lunch room. Silveria Quartz is called in first. I imagine she will be good. Finally, I am called in. I don't know what I should do, so I improvise. I set up targets above ground, on the ground, floating in the air, everywhere. I go and get the swords, put on the dart gloves, and I take a deep breath. With my eyes closed, I fly up slowly. When I open my eyes, I look at myself in the reflection of my sword. My eyes churn like a storm. They have changed color to a deep purple, almost black. I launch myself at a dummy floating in the air. Without stopping, I slice off it's arm, then behead it while I am circling around it. And I shot the dart gun at hit while doing it. In case you haven't noticed, I am badass. The poison in the darts almost imediately starts dissolving the dummy.

I grin. I shoot a dart at a dummy I set up right in front of the Gamemakers table. I do a backflip while diving to the ground, land on my feet then shoot. I hear a strangled scream. I glance up. I hit a pet of the Head Gamemaker, Icarius Calypt. His dog is killed instantly. I start to apologize but he interupts me." Thank God! I thought I would have to kill that bitch! You did it for me!" Haha. A bitch is a female dog. HAHAHAHA! I see what he did there! The rest of my private session is normal for me. Badass as usual.