Arthur stared out the window of his father's car, admiring the blue sky above. Watching as the clouds slowly morphed into different shapes.

"Arthur, are you exited to have a fresh start in a new country?" his mother called from the passenger seat of their new American car. He shifted his focus from the sky to her.

"Oh, yes mother. I am just thrilled to be leaving my friends and everything else I love in England," Arthur rolled his eyes and glared at his mother, who turned in her seat to return his glare.

"Don't get smart with your mother. And don't forget you brought this on yourself," his father's stern voice caused the young Brit to look away from his mothers eyes in defeat. She smiled satisfied and continued fiddling with a stack of papers in her lap.

It was true. The only one Arthur should blame, for causing his family to pack up their stuff and move to America, was himself. He huffed, remembering the events that led up to their sudden move.

Sure, it was pretty bad what happened, but it was no reason to move to fucking America. I can almost feel myself gaining weight just sitting in this car.

"Think of it this way honey, you don't know anyone here. So, you won't have to listen to any gossip about your brothers," his mother said cheerfully.

"Whatever, it's not like I care if people know my brothers are complete dicks," Arthur said indifferently, staring out his window once again. His mother turned and glared at him again.

"Anyway, they won't hesitate to make themselves known to everyone here," she sighed.

"You're right, that's why we decided to leave them in England for now, until we get settled, of course." Arthur nodded, but then froze after he realized what she had told him.

"WHAT!" he blurted out, "how long will that take?" he continued with a huge smile on his face. His mother smiled, and looked to his father.

"We're thinking for about a year. Just long enough to let you get on your feet." Arthur laughed. This was a dream come true. His brothers had always been horrible to Arthur calling him names, pranking him, spreading rumors about him, and even sometimes inflicting physical pain on him.

A year, a whole year!

"I love you mum!" Arthur yelled, starting to feel giddy in his seat.

Maybe America isn't so hopeless after all. Arthur smiled to himself.

Three hours passed and Arthur had started to doze off. The American country side was beautiful, but after four hours of driving and looking at the same thing over and over again, it became boring.

"We're here," Arthur's father called over a box he was carrying. With a tired sigh, Arthur stepped out of car and frowned when he saw their new home. This was Arthur's first time seeing the Victorian style home in person. His mother had shown him the pictures from the realtor, but he never expected the house to be so huge. It was three stories and had six bed rooms, four baths, a sitting room, family room, full kitchen, and a very large front and back yard.

"Why did you choose such a large house?" he asked his father.

"This was the best house my company could offer," he shrugged "you should take your boxes up stairs and choose a room." Arthur smiled slightly and nodded.

At least I can have any room. Hmm… which will I choose?

He walked over to the moving van, grabbing the first box with his name on it and continued toward the house. The porch was long and rounded to the side of the house, and had a small gazebo like structure with a white wooden swing and a white banister that complemented the powder blue exterior.

This place is like a bloody castle.

"Once you're done, help your mum with unpacking!" shouted from the moving van.


Arthur walked through the threshold of his new home and gasped, almost dropping the box in his hands. The pictures Arthur had seen did the place no justice. The inside was just as amazing as the outside, maybe even more amazing. Arthur's mother had peaked her head into the sitting room.

"Our furniture fits this house so well, doesn't it?" she said walking, gliding her hand across the back of the Victorian furniture, she had collected over the years.

"It's almost like a palace," she smiled at Arthur's comment.

"Yeah, y'know I grew up in a place like this. That's why I collected all this furniture." She looked at Arthur with young eyes.

"It's you know. Not y'know." She only giggled when Arthur corrected her American English.

"You Kirkland boys are all the same. Correcting me all the time," Arthur snickered as she ruffled his light blond hair.

"Better go get that up to your room, before your dad comes in to find you lounging around,"

He nodded and turned toward a large staircase.

He noticed there were four bedrooms on the second floor. Three of which already filled with boxes.

What's this?

A narrow set of stairs caught the Brits attention. He followed the stairs up to a large room that had a small office area with a Romeo and Juliet balcony overlooking the second floor. He put his box down on the bed that had already been placed in the room. He smiled then walked over to the bay windows across from the bed.

"Wow," he whispered. Then crossed the room and admired the light green walls.

"Arthur?" his father called from the second floor. Arthur leaned over the balcony slightly and cleared his throat. His father looked up and smiled.

"I see you found the third floor. Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's quite nice. Have you seen how big it is up here? " Arthur looked back at the room and saw another door, on the far wall "There's even a bathroom up here!" his father laughed

"Yes, I have seen it. So, I'm going to assume that will be your room and have the movers haul your stuff up. Why don't you go out and look around town? Maybe even make some friends," Arthur laughed half-heartedly.

"Arthur, I was completely serious," His father's smile had faded and was replace with his all too familiar scowl. Arthur gave his father his best stink eye before sighing.

Dad two- Arthur zero

"Fine," Arthur started down the stairs.