"Arthur" Alfred said for the fifth time that evening as he knocked on Arthur's bed room door. With a sigh the American rested his forehead on the door.

"Arthur, you shouldn't care about what you're brothers say about you or call you. They're just a bunch of jerks," Alfred could hear Arthur's back slide down the other side of the door.

"What they said is true," Arthur spat coldly.

"Fine, when you're willing to actually talk to me I'll be down stairs!" Alfred shouted and made his way to the second floor. However, he paused on the staircase leading to the first floor when he heard Scott's voice. Alfred continued slowly down the stairs until he could see Arthur's brothers in the kitchen.

"I'm not doing it," Scott said in almost a whisper.

"I'm with Scott on this one. It isn't our secret to tell them," Liam said sadly, "Scott already pushed Arthur too far with that 'black sheep' comment. Telling our parents we caught Arthur kissing a boy is one line we should never cross." Liam shot Scott a dangerously serious look.

"Hey, I had to make sure Cain didn't talk about the party in front of him" Scott said defensively.

"They deserve to know," Cain sighed not taking his eyes off a book he was reading.

"He's not a stupid kid anymore Cain. If Arthur feels the time is right, he'll tell our parents. Until then we should try to keep quiet," Scott said and smirked.

"What have I told you boys about calling Arthur Stupid?" Scarlet Kirkland said as she entered the kitchen.

"Anyway, is Arthur home from diner with Alfred?" she asked.

"Yeah, but he's locked himself up in his room. I think his friend is still trying to get him to come out," Cain said setting his book down.

"Is my mom home already?" Alfred jumped when he heard Arthur's voice next to him.

"When the heck did you get there?" Alfred said, griping the staircase railing.

"Just now" Arthur responded tiredly. "Let's go to my room and talk," the Brit turned and started to make his way up the stairs.

Once Alfred entered the large spacious room Arthur locked the door behind him. Alfred Gave Arthur a confused look as he started to get a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. The taller blond decided it would probably be best to sit down on one of the chairs that faced out of the bay windows.

"This is where I saw you laugh for the first time," Alfred could still remember that night. He had sat down to read the new superman comic his dad had sent him. When he looked up he could see Arthur laughing as he hugged his stomach.

"That was the moment when I realized I really liked you," Alfred smiled and looked over at Arthur.

"Alfred," Arthur said just above a whisper. He's face looked heart-broken when his eye's met Alfred's.

By just looking at his boyfriend, Alfred knew what was going to happen. He could feel the lump forming in his throat and his eyes start to sting.

"Please Arthur. Please don't do what I think you're going to do," Alfred's voice cracked as he fought the urge to let out a sob.

"Alfred, I-I don't want to, but I have-" Arthur was interrupted by Alfred standing up.

"You don't have to do anything Arthur," Alfred's hands griped Arthur's shoulders as he let his head rest on Arthur's right shoulder.

"My brothers already know and who knows when they'll tell my parents," Arthur had let the tears run down his face.

"They can't know about us," Arthur finally whispered.

"They wont tell them," The american said

"You don't know them, they will," was all Arthur had to say.

"I am so sorry, I let us get caught. If I hadn't let myself go that far..." Alfred choked out.

"Alfred, stop, please don't blame yourself" Arthur hadn't realized it, but his face was buried in Alfred's chest.

"I won't let you go, I can't," Alfred wrapped his arms around Arthur. "Do you know how much you put me through already? I was even ready to tell my parents about us," Arthur only buried his head more into Alfred's chest.

"I hated myself for being attracted to you. I thought 'why did I have to end up like this?' My life was going great; I'm the star sports player, perfect student, and the most popular person in the school. So, why me?" Alfred chuckled bitterly as he straitened up and let out a deep breath before he continued.

"Now I know why. None of that made me happy, but after I met you I've looked forward to every day with you. Not just because you're my boyfriend, but because you're my best friend," Alfred smiled and stroked Arthur's cheek his thumb to wipe away the tears still falling.

"I can't lose your friendship Arthur; you made me a better person. Well, no. Actually, you made me, well, me,"

"I-I" Arthur paused as he searched his mind for the words that could define his feelings as best they could. However, it wasn't his own words that came to mind, but words he once heard from Matthew.

"Hmm… sounds like love to me."

Letting this boy go will be one of my biggest regrets. I can't. I can't let him go. Even if it means letting my family know.

Alfred F. Jones

"I love you," Arthur said in barely a whisper, but it was enough for Alfred to hear.

"I love you too, Arthur," Alfred smiled and slowly leaned in, to kiss his boyfriend.

The American then pulled Arthur into a bone crushing embrace that restricted the smaller of the boy's breath. However, Arthur didn't mind. He didn't want Alfred to ever let go because if Alfred did, Arthur felt like it meant Alfred was letting go like Arthur, himself, almost had.

I am so sorry guys for not updating for so long! I have had a lot of personal issues that left me unmotivated to write. However, I just got a new laptop recently because my other one broke awhile back. And I was reading the reviews, since some were asking that I update, I felt inspired to write. So, thank you to all of you that waited patiently. I really don't think I would sill be writing this, if it wasn't for you guys.