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Italy's head snapped up as he woke up and surveyed the scene. "Where am I?" He snarled to the surrounding countries. France, England and Germany all flinched back at his tone. They watched the tied up Italien struggle a little. "You're in my basement. We need to figure out what's wrong with you." England said eventually. "There's nothing wrong with me!" Italy shouted. "Now let me go!" "Not after what you did to America." Germany said. "Oh yeah. Him. How is he, by the way?" Italy asked.

"You know how he is." England said, fighting the urge to punch the Italien. "Actually, I don't." Italy said calmly. "He's in pretty bed shape." France said quietly. "Now, I must ask, why did you do it?" "He had it coming to him." Italy said coldly. "Oh really? And what did he do?" England asked. "You should know, England. You were there." Italy replied. England looked shocked. "Think back to the last meeting. Remember now, you asshole?!" Italy shouted the last bit. "Why didn't you just tell us how you felt?" Germany asked. "It wouldn't have made a fucking difference. It never has. I realized that. Now it's time to take matters into my own hands." Italy said calmly.

Then he jerked his arms back, breaking the rope they had used to keep him still. Italy smirked at their shocked looks. "What, you think I could be weak and manage to do that to America?" He kicked England in the stomach, then shoved him into the wall, successfully knocking him out. Then he proceeded to knock the other two out also. Germany was slow to fall into unconciousness, and heard Italy's final words before he left. "I'll be back for you later. First, I have something I need to finish."

-time skip: two hours-

"Hello, America." Italy said to the unconcious american in front of him. "We got interrupted before, but we won't this time. I made sure of it." He pulled out the same knife he used before. "Wakey wakey, America. Time to get up." He wanted him awake for this. America's eyes fluttered open to see the red-eyed Italien standing over him. "Your eyes..." He choked out. "They're... They're red..." "Very good America. Congratulations on knowing colors!" Italy said mockingly.

Then he held up the knife. America tried to sit up and get away, but was too weak and fell back. "This is almost too easy to be fun..." Italy said sadly. "Almost." He plunged the knife into America's heart down to the handle. "Goodbye America." Italy said as he watched the life leave the american's eyes. "It sucked knowing you." He then cast a quick spell he had stolen from England, and drained the rest of his life, becoming the American personification as well as his normal self. "I must thank you, though, for giving me your strength." He said. Those were the last words America ever heard.

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