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"Hello, Matthew." Canada jumped at the quiet voice, then realized who it was and rose swiftly to his feet. "You." He said coldly. Italy grinned. "So you've heard, then." He said, almost in a sing-song type of voice. "Heard? Heard?! He was my brother, of course I heard what you did to him!" Canada snapped. Italy's smile simply grew wider as the Canadian glared at him. "Aw, do you miss your big brother? I imagine you do. He's the reason you're still alive today." Canada stared as Italy lifted his arms above his head and stretched. "What.. What do you mean?" He mentally kicked himself as he stuttered. "I mean exactly what I said. Of course, he's also the one who gets you beaten up, and cursed at, and overshadows you in every possible way. He's the one who makes you invisible. And yet you miss him? Sad." Italy said slowly, and Canada realized he was being toyed with. But.. What he said, it was true. America himself had abused the Canuck at one point...

He mentally shook himself. Italy was planning something, he couldn't let him get in his head. "Go away." He snapped. "Or what? You gonna call some big, bad country to protect you from poor little innocent Italy? I could've taken you before I changed. Besides, who even remembers you enough to come? Cuba? He thinks you're America half the time anyway. You really want his help? Need I remind you that I took out France, England and Germany by myself. Not to mention your big brother. Hm.. Perhaps I should rethink things." Canada looked away as Italy's insults hit home, struck right on his own self doubts and fears. "Join me. I can help you. No one will forget your name again, Matthew Williams." Canada jerked his head to meet his eyes in shock. "How do you know my name?" Canada's voice was clear and free of any quietness or fear.

"I actually pay attention to you. Let me stay here, keep my location a secret, and when the time comes, we'll rule over them together. Italy and Canada, most powerful countries in the world. They'll worship your name. And if you still want me to after that, I can bring your brother back." Italy watched in triumph as Canada's demeanor changed slowly. "I'm in." The Canadian heard himself say, and realized with some shock that he meant it. "Just tell me what I need to do." Italy smiled a slow, cold smile, and Canada smiled back. Red eyes met violet as Italy started explaining his plan.

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