Charley stared at the wall in her apartment. What had just happened? Why did she say she would help? Why did she not run away and forget all that had happened?

Her thoughts were going wild with questions about what she just went through an hour got up and walked over to the window, she looked out at the snow falling outside.

She sighed. What was going to happen with all this, if he came back what would she say? Charley sighed and walked over to her bed flopping face down. What was she going to do? She flopped over onto her back and stared at the ceiling.

Charley walked down the stair of her apartment building, the wind whipping at her legs through her thin pants, she wished she could get better ones, but had a tight budget. She looked around to see if the man she met yesterday was there, but she saw no sign of him.

She headed for the newspaper shand down the road, she didn't really want the paper, but the woman who ran it was the biggest gossiper she had ever know and came in handy at times. Charley smiled when she came up.

"Hello Lorraine." She said kindly, which was more than could be said for the woman who just gave Charley a small curt nod, she might have been a good place for gossip, but that didn't mean she was kind about it.

"Anything new?" Charley asked as she picked up a paper.

"Nah..." Which was got Charley worried, she looked up slowly at the woman.

"Is everything alright?" Charley asked, reaching out to grab the woman's hand, but something grabbed her hand first. She screamed as a monster came around the side of the stall. It was one of the most horrid thing she had ever seen, it look like it had been burned, from it's neck to it's mouth, but then skinned from then up.

She tried to pull away, she hadn't wanted to get away from something as much as she wanted to get away now. "Help!" She screamed, but nothing happened, the thing just came closer, she didn't see the body before, but she did now.

It was wearing body armor, but she could see it's feet or what she thought was the feet. They looked more like burnt chicken breasts, but more...yellow? She couldn't tell in this light but she knew she wanted to get away.

She tried to kick at it, but it came to little avail, she turned to Lorraine, but she just stood there, with a blank look on her face as if this happen often. It was night and not many people were outside.

The monster knocked her in the head, letting her fall to the ground, barely aware of her surroundings. She felt someone touch her neck and brush her hair out of the way, but something happened and it felt as if something scratch her neck.

She hear some noise and shuffling, but then it stopped at first she thought she had passed out, but she could barely see still. About 5 minutes later someone pick her up and carried her, she passed out half way so she knew not where she was going, or where she was when she woke.

Charley's head still felt light and dizzy when she woke, she looked around, but her eyes didn't focus on anything, or they couldn't. She tried to sit up, but she just fell back down, she didn't understand why she was so dizzy, she has his her head many times before, why was now so different, she could hardly think let alone move.

Charley flopped onto her stomach and pushed up with her arms. She looked around and room and was surprised to see it was just a normal bedroom of an apartment, but there was no bed, she slowly moved to a sitting position. She looked around, she saw a window and stumbled over to it, she pulled the blinds to the side, but was met by another room.

She heard a creaking behind her, she looked back and saw a shadow under the door, she saw a closet and tried to go, but her legs didn't hold, so she fell, landing on the ground harder than she was expecting, knocking the wind out of her.

She felt like crying, she was never a strong girl, she didn't know what to do, so she moved back to the wall, pulling herself into a sitting position just as the door opened.