Summary: Finding love is an indelible journey. What you must overcome in order to achieve it makes it that much sweeter, and two seemingly incompatible people are about to find out just how much. Heavily inspired by Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the laptop with which I wrote this and the coffee that I consumed to sustain me on this journey. Repeat: I own nothing.

Author's Note:

Just like any other girl, I fell in love with the story of a vivacious and witty young woman named Elizabeth Bennet and her plight with a brooding young man called Mr. Darcy. After becoming inspired by the Dramione Remix fests (a wondrous community that I highly recommend you check out on LiveJournal), this story came to mind. A reinterpretation, let alone a reinterpretation of a very beloved classic, is a tricky thing. I went over and over in my head of how I would do this—if I should even try at it—and this is the ending result. I took Jane Austen's plot, JK Rowling's characters, and kind of just ran with it. With those, I created something that I'm pretty happy with and am eager to show the world.

I drew inspiration from a variety of adaptations and reinterpretations (beyond the novel itself, of course) including the 1995 BBC mini-series starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, the 2005 movie starring Keira Knightly and Matthew McFadyen, Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary, and the newest P&P adaptation called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries featured on YouTube (amazing—please head on over and take a look). Neither of these I own.

The songs used in this chapter are, in order, as follows: Dazz by Brick and Hey Sexy Lady by Shaggy.

"You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject forever." – Fitzwilliam Darcy, Pride & Prejudice (1813)

Resting comfortably against an old oak tree, Hermione was pulled out of the depths of her novel by the sound of water splashing somewhere to her right. She lowered the book, one of her favourites, looking to see what had caused the sound and saw a paddling of ducks splashing around, seemingly set out to enjoy the gorgeous day as much as she had.

She rested her head against the trunk of the tree and watched the birds play, letting her mind wander, where it rested on the last scene she'd read in her novel before she was disrupted—Darcy's second marriage proposal to Elizabeth Bennett. Hermione smiled wistfully, feeling a sense of longing lodge itself in her gut. Oh, to find that one perfect person you are meant to be with and live out the rest of your days in happiness and love. What an extraordinary thought.

She was, however, quickly pulled out of her romantic notions by the feel of a buzzing against her thigh that was tickling her slightly. Her wand, the source of the buzzing, stopped vibrating just as she reached for it, having fulfilled its intended purpose.

She stood and let out a long stretch, reaching up towards the sky before taking a deep breath as she once again surveyed her surroundings. It truly was a beautiful spot that they'd found, right along the edge of a wide river. With it being early May, everything was green and fresh, and the sun was still set fairly high in the sky. Not wanting to leave but knowing she'd be back in this spot soon, Hermione packed away her things and Apparated to the small farm estate she'd been staying at for the past week with her colleague.

Thirty years ago the Ministry had made a command decision concerning the housing of their employees in an effort to save a little money, and Hermione had to admit it was a smart one. It was simple, really. Instead of spending money on hundreds of hotel rooms each year for business trips and meetings in locations outside of London, they'd bought properties all throughout the country, in most of the larger cities in Europe and America, and had their employees stay there instead. As she passed through the wards and walked towards their assigned house, Hermione was not only very happy with the decision as she absolutely adored where they were staying, but knew that the Ministry had been able to save many galleons in the past three decades, allowing them to allocate it elsewhere.

The house that they were currently staying in, and had been for the past week, was a small barnyard-type structure in the countryside near Hertfordshire. The house had a very warm lived-in feel that extended beyond the Ministry's furnishings. Hermione relished the little details that gave proof to the fact that a family had once lived here, from the small scratches in the wall as if from a child's pencil, to the creaks in the floorboard.

The house only had three bedrooms, however, so she knew it couldn't have been a very large family. But with the spacious living room and dining area, she could see how they'd made do. As Hermione walked towards the house, she glanced in on the windows to the living room and noted the empty sofas before walking inside, making her way through the dining room where she smiled at the aged piano and up the staircase where she would surely find her colleague getting ready for what the evening had in store for them.

"Millie! Millie, are you up here?" Hermione yelled as she walked up the stairs. Just as she reached the top landing she heard an irritated response.

"Oh, shut it, you twit. You know I hate it when you call me that," Millicent chastised as she filled a small tote bag that was sitting on her bed, though she let a small smile escape as she shook her head in exasperation.

"I know," Hermione said with a smile of her own as she wandered into the room. "Have you packed the food?"

"Yeah," Millicent grunted as she reached under her bed for her shoes. "It's all in the kitchen. How was your afternoon?"

"It was lovely. Thank you so much for letting me take that time. I've been dying to explore the village since we arrived here," Hermione replied as she went to grab the books on top of the desk beside the door. "I wandered around for a couple of hours before perching under an old oak tree by the river. Enchanting. All of it."

"Thanks," Millicent said as Hermione deposited the books on the bed. "Enchanting?" she remarked with a side-ways glance towards her friend, a small smirk playing on her lips.

Hermione rolled her eyes but laughed nonetheless. "Yes, Millie. Enchanting. I'll go grab my stuff out of my room and meet you downstairs."

"All right."

Hermione smiled to herself as she walked down the hall towards her room at the end. Out of all the people she spent time with and considered friends, Millicent Bulstrode was without a doubt the most surprising. The war had changed her; had changed them all, really. Once the terrorizing girl that had put her into a headlock in second year, she had grown into a very wise and strong woman whom Hermione considered one of her dearest friends.

After her father died in the battle fighting for Voldemort, Millie finally escaped the clutches of her family and started her life fresh, fighting for her innocence along the way. Hermione, along with Ron and Harry, had seen Millicent fight for the Light in the battle and spoke on her behalf during the trials, but it wasn't until Millicent was freed of her past and had started working at the Ministry in her department that Hermione actually got to know her.

It was during that time that Hermione had discovered Millicent had an older brother that had died by Voldemort's hand during Hermione's sixth year. To test Senior Bulstrode's allegiance, Voldemort had told him to sacrifice his son for their cause, telling him that Rewan would only be saved if he followed the Dark Lord's orders. Oblivious as to why his father was sending him to some dingy mansion in northern England, Rewan discovered upon entering the property and being stripped of his wand that he would only make it out alive if he raped and then murdered a young Muggle-born girl. He'd refused to do so and had paid for it dearly.

Millicent's father had made a clear choice that night. Her brother was innocent of any and all crime.

Millie had learned of the heinous crime a week later after asking her father whether he'd heard from Rewan as he wasn't answering her owls. The words necessary and cause had been thrown around, but it was in the moment that he'd uttered sacrifice that her father had lost his daughter forever.

Not yet able to run away, Millie suffered her father's abusive and psychopathic nature for another year and a half before she was able to break free and fight against him and his cause in the Great Battle.

It had taken her and Hermione at least three months before they'd become friendly, but they had found camaraderie in each other. They worked well together, Hermione thought as she grabbed the few small items off of the desk in her room and placed them inside her bag. She had done most of her packing that morning and had to grab only a few odds and ends around the room. Hermione's quick wit matched well with Millicent's callous one, but it was in their differences that they were strongest together. Hermione's research and study led them in the right direction but it was Millie's cunning nature that usually got them the results.

She was still very much a Slytherin at heart, after all.

Hermione tied up her beaded bag and headed downstairs, already able to hear Millicent roaming around the house gathering the supplies needed for that night.

The night before, Hermione had packed up everything and cleaned throughout the house, planning to leave after the operation and not have to worry about anything. There weren't many supplies needed for use, so by the time Hermione reached the living room after having grabbed the food out of the kitchen, Millie had finished and had just placed the last item inside her bag.

"Ready?" Hermione asked, looking around the house, a little sad that they had to leave it so soon. It had a charming and endearing quality that she hadn't quite gotten her fill of yet.

Millicent looked up and smiled. "Yeah, let's go. I'll get the wards."

As they left the house and walked towards the edge of the property, Millicent threw up protective spells and anti-Muggle enchantments while Hermione looked back upon it wistfully. She smiled at the charming abode that they had called home for the past week, feeling Millie's arm wrap around her shoulder and steer her away from the house.

"Come on, droopy eyes. We have a job to do and we have to set-up. It won't be long before the Mooncalves come out," she said, smirking at Hermione's sigh. "It was a nice house, though, wasn't it? I particularly enjoyed that outdoor swing."

Hermione grinned. "Yeah," she said to her friend. "I liked it too."


Due to their scouting earlier in the week, they were easily able to locate a plot of land by the river that was hidden from view but also easy to access. It was crucial they not be seen. Mooncalves only came out once a month under the full moon and they were unlikely to appear if they sensed any threat or presence in the surrounding area. Especially by humans.

Millicent and Hermione were selected specially for the task that they would undertake tonight. They both worked in the Medial Potions Division at the Ministry, but each had their own pursuits and strengths. Millie was strong in the ingredients component, often working alongside Neville in Herbology. Hermione worked to maintain the safety of the magical beasts whose components were needed for certain potions, be it Billywig wings or Moke skin.

Neville had been invited to participate in their task tonight, but was called away with his wife in the Andes, trying to locate some rare herb that could be useful in Wolfsbane potion. Luna Longbottom née Lovegood was only too happy to accompany her husband on these trips, and was often quite handy, to Hermione's great surprise, when they encountered such magical creatures that weren't entirely known to exist but that Xenophilius had been teaching to his daughter her entire life.

Thankfully, there wasn't a pressing need for Neville tonight, as all Hermione and Millicent needed to do was collect the dung from the Mooncalves and preserve it before the sun rose. The stocks at the Ministry were running quite low and it was exceedingly useful in growing the herbs, making them grow twice their size and just as quickly.

It was a simple task that they were happy to complete, especially since they were given the extra time. Really, they'd only needed a day to prepare the supplies and find a spot to reside for the night, but their supervisor, Bletchley, had given them a week, insisting that they think of it as a working vacation.

Neither woman complained.

"So, did you get the invite for the Ministry Ball?" Millicent asked as she took out the two blankets from her tote bag, shook them, and laid them both down on the grass.

"Of course," Hermione replied with an exasperated tone. "And with all the post-war propaganda they put on my invite, they might as well have said 'You are required to attend the Ministry Ball' and taken out the cordially invited bit all together."

Millicent sniggered. "Well, you are the Golden Girl. Can't have a 'Hoora-Voldemort's-Dead-And-The-Wizarding-World-Is-Prospering' party without you."

"Harry's was worse," Hermione huffed as she began taking dishes out of the basket that Millie had prepared earlier and placing them on the blankets. "They actually did take out the cordially invited part and asked instead if he would bestow upon them the honour of his appearance, rattling on about his important role in the War and how they took such time and effort to organise the event. They'd actually used Savior of the Wizarding World three times in the one-page invite. It was ridiculous."

"I'm still reeling over the ball part. You know it'll be open bar and Lee Jordan is DJ'ing, right?"

Hermione nodded. "The title is just a less than subtle cover for an over-the-top party with over-the-top decorations, and everyone is invited."

As Millie took out the supplies needed that night from her bag and set them, lined up, on top of the two blankets, Hermione stood up and cast silencing, imperturbable, and warming charms on the area, making them both silent and invisible from the outside viewer.

Now satisfied that they would not be noticed, they talked, ate, and waited as the sun slowly drifted down and revealed the bright full moon.


They'd been waiting almost three hours before Hermione spotted the first one and pointed it out to the woman by her side.

"There it is!" she whispered excitedly. Since the task was so menial, she was almost never called upon to partake in it, which was something she decided she absolutely hated as she watched, mesmerised, at the small and lithe creature dance upon the clearing, its pale skin almost glowing in the moonlight. The bravery of the first inspired three others to come out from their burrows and join in on the tradition.

It was a beautiful thing to witness.

Their spindly legs hopped and jumped, twirling and spinning across the clearing, cutting across the grass quickly and gracefully. She could see the indents they left in the field, clear-cut circular lines, neither stepping outside of it, all seven of them now keeping to the geometric pattern created.

"Amazing, aren't they?" she heard Millie whisper.

It was in moments like these that Hermione appreciated what life had set in store for her, allowing for the both of them to grow and find friendship in each other. Ten years ago, Millicent would have scoffed at the sight before her. And for Hermione's part, she would have had a hard-pressed time standing up for anyone from Slytherin house in front of the Wizengamot prior to the war. It had, indeed, changed them all.



Knowing the Mooncalves would have danced until just before daybreak, thus leaving the two women little time to gather the dung and preserve it properly, Hermione and Millicent made themselves known at 3:30 am by removing the charms surrounding their area, alerting the creatures and sending them off scurrying. Hermione quickly donned the rubber gloves and grabbed a container before hurrying to the clearing and magically scooping the dung off of the grass and levitating it into the container with her wand. She heard Millie's heavy footsteps behind her doing the same thing.

Fifteen minutes later, they had six full containers of Mooncalf dung and set about preserving it, something that was absolutely necessary if they wanted the fertilizing effect to remain potent past sunrise. Millie unstoppered a clear liquid and squeezed four drops of it into each container.

Using her wand to set the six spoons to start mixing the liquid throughout the contents, she watched satisfactorily as the dung slowly became free of any grass and dirt that had tainted it. The clear liquid, Hermione knew, was Millie's creation and was used to free the contents it was mixed with of any debris.

"Brilliant," Hermione stated as she looked into each container of dung, no longer seeing any grass, leaves, or dirt.

"Thanks," Millie said with a small smile. It had taken her six months to concoct the solution, finally having found the perfect mix of ingredients that would free its intended contents of any and all debris whilst not vanishing it all together. Hermione still remembered the first few tries in which the not-yet-ready potion would not only not eliminate the contents of dirt, but would multiply said dirt and debris for the next hour. Then there was of course the batch that made everything in a two-foot radius invisible for four hours. Hermione had unfortunately been standing beside Millie when that particular batch was being tested. She did have to admit, however, that she thoroughly enjoyed teasing Ron while invisible.

Millie had worked so hard on the current and successful batch, using it as another notch on her belt as to the reasons why she deserved to stay a free individual in the wizarding world. Not only did her mother disown her after Millie fought for the Light, leaving her penniless, but society was still suspicious of her, a girl who had once surrounded herself with Death Eaters, even after she'd spent years proving herself otherwise. It would be a long time before children of Death Eaters, like Millie, would be able to dig themselves out of the holes their families had left them to rot in.

It'd been discovered only in the past few years that the only way to preserve Mooncalf dung was to dip it in preserving solution and then divide it into small sections and flash freeze it. Wizards for centuries prior had not been so lucky, needing to collect the dung, rid it of any debris, and then quickly spread it across their garden of herbs and plants before the sun rose.

Needless to say, it was a painstaking process.

Hermione quickly unscrewed the cap of the preserving solution that had been previously set on the blanket and poured all of it, which was quite a bit, into two large glass jars. Then, using her wand, she levitated the dung out of one of the containers and dipped it into the solution before slicing it up into eighteen equal sections and setting it on the clear plastic board set to the side. She continued this process with two more jars while Millicent did the same to the last three.

Finally, with the wave of their wands they flash froze the pieces and packed them up. Hermione vanished the used preserving solutions while Millie shrunk the rest of supplies. Just as the sun was starting to rise, they packed away everything in sight and Apparated back to the Ministry.


"Miss Granger!"

Hermione turned around at the sound of her boss's voice and saw him toddling towards her, his hair piece bobbing slightly. Mr. Bletchley was a portly man with an easy smile and a friendly nature. Hermione was happy to work under him as he was always easygoing and very fair.

"Everything went well, I presume?" he asked with an eager expression.

"Yes, sir. We managed to procure and preserve one-hundred and eight pieces. They're in the freezer."

"Excellent! That will last at least eight months, Miss Granger. I trust your time off was pleasant?"

"Yes, sir, it was. Thank you so much."

"Not a problem, though you are here a tad early."

"I am, yes. I wanted to catch a friend for lunch."

Since she and Millicent had been up since five am that morning with their task, Bletchley had allowed them the chance to catch up on their sleep and to come in just after the lunch break. She'd wanted to grab Harry and Ron for lunch, however, since she hadn't seen them all week.

"Not a problem. Oh." Bletchley paused as an Interdepartmental memo zoomed through the hallway and perched itself on his shoulder. As he read it, his relaxed expression quickly turned into one of exasperation before he addressed her again. "Bugger, I've got to deal with this. I trust you've received your invitation for the ball this Friday, yes?" he asked as he turned away and began heading towards the direction from which they came.

"Yes, sir, I did!" Hermione yelled towards his quickly retreating direction. "Thank you, sir!"

"Not a problem!" he replied with a wave before turning a corner.

Hermione huffed an amused laugh before continuing on to Ron's office.


"Fancy taking a girl out to lunch?"

Harry looked up from his desk to see one of his best friends standing in his doorway with a smile on her face. "Hermione! You're back," he responded with a smile. "How was your trip?"

"Fine. Fine. Millie and I procured enough to last a while, so Bletchley's happy. I just popped in to see if you'd wanted to grab something to eat."

"Absolutely, yeah. Shall we go up and see if Ron wants to come along as well?" Harry asked as he grabbed his coat from the hanger and shrugged it on, locking his office before they walked off down the hall.

"I'd already been; said he's already agreed to meet Katie. He promised tomorrow."

Harry nodded his head in understanding and held out his arm as soon as they'd reached the Apparition point. Hermione took it and together they Apparated to a café in Diagon Alley called the Rose & Crown. The outside wasn't much to look at—quite honestly the inside didn't have much to admire either—but the food was fantastic. The place had the sort of rugged charm that Hermione enjoyed sharing with her boys.

"How's work?" she asked as soon as they'd sat down. "I barely even see you anymore."

"I know. The life of an Auror, I'm afraid. It's been good, just a little hectic. We got a couple of leads, just trying to work out the logistics of the next mission."

"Mmm. I just hope you aren't gone too long."

"Yeah, me too. They're never easy."

"I got a letter from Ginny," Hermione said tentatively, carefully judging Harry's reaction. He paused a second while lifting his hand to take a sip of his soup, but played it off around a casual "Yeah?"

"Yeah. She said she's doing well. She'll be at the ball."

He nodded once. "I'll be glad to see her."


With Ginny out of town, Hermione hadn't been able to employ her most trusty shopping buddy on her mission to find something perfect to wear at the ball, so as she stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom, she hoped she'd picked a winner.

She'd chosen a silver floor-length satin gown that flowed easily. It had a modest v-neckline and thin straps that went over her shoulders simply, making her the picture of decorum from the front. As she turned around, however, her entire back was exposed as the fabric of the dress started just above her rump, leaving her feeling decadent and incredibly sexy. As she walked over to the closet to put on the four-inch silver sandals she'd also purchased for the occasion, she could feel the satin flow against her skin like water; the dress making her movements feel fluid and graceful.

She and Millie had agreed to go to the ball together, so after fastening her shoes and grabbing her clutch, Hermione took ahold a handful of Floo powder, stepped into her fireplace, and shouted out her destination.

"Millie!" she shouted as she climbed out of the grate and dusted herself off. "I'm here!"

She heard a muffled reply come from a room to her right that steadily grew louder as she walked towards the sound. "…up. Come inside."

Hermione entered Millie's bedroom and gasped upon what she saw. "Millie! You look fantastic!"

Her friend was slightly bent over towards the mirror, putting in her earrings when she looked back at Hermione. "Yeah?" At Hermione's nod, she smiled and said her thanks, taking note of her outfit as well. "I must say, Granger, you look very beautiful. All the boys will be in a tizzy."

"Oh, shut up," Hermione replied, a slight blush creeping upon her cheeks. "We should be going soon, it's already started."

"All right, let me just grab my purse," Millie rushed out as she downed the rest of her wine that was sitting on the end table and grabbed her purse that was sitting on her bed. "Let's go get this humiliation over with."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Come on, you."

With a loud crack, both Millicent and Hermione Disapparated to just outside the gate of the War Memorial Centre, a structure created just after the fall of Voldemort. The multi-purpose building had a massive memorial room with a connecting bookstore, a multiple-purpose classroom, a small dormitory complete with kitchens, a conference room, and a massive ballroom for such events as these.

Hermione appreciated the value and meaning of the structure, but had not visited it often in the last five years. She felt that the memorial glorified the war to a nauseating extent. The war was not glorious, the final battle not great, and she was not noble. She'd certainly never felt like a war-hero, a term that had been applied too liberally since Harry defeated Voldemort. He was a war-hero, she thought. Snape, Dumbledore, Lupin; they were all war-heroes. She was a just a person that had had the ability to help her friend defeat an extraordinarily dark wizard and was luckily not killed in the process.

But she took a deep breath and braced herself for the evening to come and followed Millie into the vast building.

She followed the other guests around the front of the building towards the entrance that was on the right-hand side near the back. Upon entering the giant, wooden double doors, her breath caught and her eyes widened at the beauty of the room; the detail of the decorations.

As she looked around the vast room, the first thing she noted was the colours—gold, bronze, black and silver; all the secondary colors of the four houses at Hogwarts, neither overwhelming the other. They interwove with each other; golden drapes with an intricate bronze design and black trim cascaded across the walls, silver cords hanging down between them. The domed ceiling was intricately carved in a hexagonal design, leading up to a massive golden and bronze chandelier hanging by black cords with bits of silver shining through.

The room was circular in shape with a humongous dance floor taking up a large portion of it, a few chairs and tables littered throughout the room on the outer edges. Clearly the Ministry designed the evening with the purpose that everyone mingle. A few appetizers would be handed out throughout the evening, but nothing that would dictate a full sit-down dinner.

There were two bars on opposite walls. At the front of the room stood a large stage that currently housed Lee Jordan who would be DJ for the night. He was currently playing what sounded like Dazz, a song by a Muggle band called Brick that Hermione had seen in a film once, though she couldn't remember which one at the moment. Muggle music had gradually become more and more popular in the last couple of years as the result of wizards branching out and discovering that they actually liked what they heard.

Millie rolled her eyes at her friend's gaping mouth and wide eyes and dragged her further inside the room, taking them towards the bar on the left. "Two Firewhiskys, please," she called out to the bartender.

Hermione spun her head towards her friend. "What? We just got here!" she exclaimed, having expected a calm starter…like a nice Chardonnay. Not two minutes inside the door and they were already throwing back shots?

"Yeah, and you need to calm down. You've been a bundle of nerves since before we even left. And stop fidgeting, for crying out loud."

Hermione suddenly stilled, just having realised that she was fiddling nervously with her wand, causing red sparks to fly out the end. "I'm sorry! I just hate coming to these things."

"As do I," Millicent responded as she handed Hermione a shot glass filled with amber liquid. "Now drink up."


Quickly having come to the realisation that perhaps she should have eaten something first, Hermione left Millie at the bar in search for appetizers. She'd seen some being circulated around by waiters dressed in black earlier and was sifting through the crowd trying to find one now, exchanging brief pleasantries with whoever she encountered along her way.

She was just in the middle of asking how Padma's new robes shop was doing when she spotted appetizers drifting her way. "Ah! Thank goodness. Sorry, Padma. I've just spotted the food and am starving," she said as she excused herself and stopped the waiter, piling her napkin full of salami-wrapped cream cheese and mini quiches. Divine, really.

"Leave some for the rest of us, will you?"

She whipped around at the sound of her ex's voice. "Ron!" she exclaimed, giving him a hug while trying to not squish her newly-acquired snacks. "I'm just a little hungry, is all. You look great." She stood back to admire him. He had, thankfully, not come in ancient frilly dress robes, but something rather dashing in a crisp black.

"Thanks," he replied with an easy grin. "You look great, too. That dress is brilliant."

She thanked him with a quick kiss on the cheek before glancing around. "Where's Katie?"

"At home, she just came back from Bulgaria and wanted to rest. She's a little sad too, with that being her last game and all. She won't be able to play again or go on another tournament for another year, at least."

Hermione looked knowingly at her friend. "Are you excited?"

A small blush crept up on Ron's cheeks and he gave a slight smile. "Sorta, yeah. I can't wait to see my son."

"Oh, Ron. I'm so happy for you!" Hermione replied, giving her best friend another hug. "You two will be wonderful parents, raising a little Quidditch star, no doubt."

"I can only hope," he said, giving her a toothy grin. He grabbed one of the quiches off of her napkin and plopped it in his mouth before she could protest. "Come on, let's go find Harry."

Following Ron, she walked through the crowd, her hips shaking slightly to the beat of Hey Sexy Lady by Shaggy currently playing in the background, unknowingly attracting attention from a certain blond Slytherin standing by the bar at the opposite end.

Author's Note:

The Mooncalf is a J.K. Rowling created creature, featured in Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. Their section, page 29, reads as follows: "Mooncalf. M.O.M. Classification: XX. The mooncalf is an intensely shy creature that emerges from its burrow only at the full moon. Its body is smooth and pale grey, it has bulging round eyes on top of its head, and four spindly legs with enormous feet. Mooncalves perform complicated dances on their hind leg in isolated areas in the moonlight. These are believed to be a prelude to mating (and often leave intricate geometric patterns behind in wheat fields, to the great puzzlement of Muggles. Watching Mooncalves dance by moonlight is a fascinating experience and often profitable, for if their silvery dung is collected before the sun rises and spread upon magical herb and flower beds, the plants will grow very fast and become extremely strong. Mooncalves are found worldwide." I kept her creature as true to the book as possible, only changing the preservation of the dung bit.

The Rose & Crown is the name of the inn that Lizzie stays at with Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner in the 2005 movie, so I borrowed the name for a restaurant that Hermione frequents. I also borrowed the landscaping and the Bennet house from the movie for where Hermione and Millie are staying at the beginning of the chapter.

"What an extraordinary thought" is borrowed from The Holiday in which Kate Winslet's character, Iris, speaks it in the beginning of the movie.

Thank you so much for reading! I'm excited to see what you think of this story so far, so please review. Authors really, really, really enjoy and appreciate them.

Just a quick note, this story has already mostly been written. I'll be posting one chapter every Friday until its close in order to give people time to read.