Well here we are. Some of you may be familiar with some of my other M. work. For those who are not familiar, I bring a degree of darkness and gritty realism to the series. I promised myself I'd finish my M. fanfic behind but I got inspired by the fanfic "Organisation 8" and "Root and Branch" (I'm not sure if promoting other authors is allowed, please indicate if it is not) The story will follow a different spy and will have little, to no, relation to the original. Sorry to any Blane/Daisy fans. Enjoy.

Another blow to my face sent my face flying to the right. Then another in quick concession on the other side flung my head in the other direction. I was then left with a break, allowing me to bow my head. The blood gushing from my nose dripped down my once sparkling white shirt, 'luckily' the blood didn't really show on the skinny black tie I was wearing. I could taste the blood in my mouth that was also running down my chin. I wiggled my wrists and legs, seeing if I could get free from duct tape they had used to bind me to the chair.

Bam. Break was over.

They continued my beating with constantly punching of my face and jabbing of my ribs. After about a solid hour of pummelling they stopped and I could hear a quiet discussion occurring at the other end of the room. I looked to see if I could gather any more information but room was almost pitch black, the only light sawn down on me. All I could make out was the vague figures of two SKUL henchmen, with their black uniform, red beret and belt. I couldn't make out any distinct feature. All I could really do was listen.

"I don't know Jackson. He's only a kid." One man said.

"A Kid? That 'kid' put at least 20 of our men into the ground. So this 'kid' can burn in hell for all I care Benny." Jackson replied.

"Ok, Ok. I see your point. Here, I'm going to check up on stuff in the server room."

Benny left through the vault like door. Now it was just the two of us. Jackson slowly approached me. I could barely see him but I could make out the menacing grin on his face. He swung at me; the force from his fist tossed the chair, and me, only it's side. I heard a smash from the chair leg that my left leg was bound to. This was my chance. He brought the chair back up as I pretending the chair leg was still attached. He leaned forward towards me with fire in his eyes.

Now or never.

I thrust my leg up, kicking him in the groan. He instantly recoiled, clutching his crown jewels. The expression on his face went from anger straight to agony. I used my free leg to hop backward, crashing into the wall in an attempt to break the rest of the chair. First time I heard some minor snapping of wood. I did it again, I broke off the armrest; free my left arm, and the rest of the chair legs. Just in time as Jackson was beginning to compose himself. He charged at me with great fury. I struck him with an upper cut then kicking his leg in, sending him to the ground. I quickly grabbed and sharp piece of the broken wood and ended it by spearing it into his back. I went about freeing myself the pieces of wood still taped to me.

I rolled up my sleeves, loosened my tie and undid my top button, giving me space to breath. Breathing however wasn't going to be too easy, I had at least a couple broken ribs and so my breath with wheezy and painful. I searched Jackson's body for anything useful, a standard issue Akdal pistol, a Combat knife, a radio communicator, a swipe card for the door and a about £25 from his wallet. I dragged Jackson towards the door. I banged on the frantically in an attempt to attractive some more men. I kept my back close to the wall and lifted him up in front of him; he was a pretty burly man so it was hell lifting him.

The door opened and entered to guards, Benny and another. I called out to them and they spun around. I thrust Jackson onto the guard and quickly through the knife at Benny, impacting his throat. He began coughing and choking and collapsed before he could get a single round off. I got the knife out of Benny and knelt by the other guard, slicing his neck. I inspected Benny and took his weapon, an EMERK machine gun. Now fully armed I ventured out into the rest of the complex.

A long dull corridor met me. It was deserted for just a few moments and suddenly it became flooded with henchmen, firing madly at me. I dived behind a filing cabinet and bided my time. I waited until their rate of fire slowed and stopped as they began to reload. Once this moment came I leant out from cover and picked off as many as I could. They opened fire again and got back. I observed my surroundings and noticed a door just across the way with a sign saying 'Server Room' next to it. Bingo. Just what I came here for. I waited for a moment then sprinted for the room. I burst in and used the swipe card to activate the electronic locks and secure the room. The room was filled with a bulky black towers, with hundreds of tiny flashing lights and with cables running in and out of them. I had a quick search around the room then went about my mission. I began to shoot up the servers, making them smash and smoke. I filled them with lead until my gun began to make a clicking sound. Then I simply bashed them frantically with the butt of my gun. The radio suddenly began to crackle

*All units be advised. Target must be taken in alive*

There was no way I was letting that happen. I readied myself and made my way through a door at the other end of the room. I exited back into corridor to the rest of the SKUL guards. One jumped forward to punch me but I used my EMERK like a baseball bat and beat him over the head. More men came at me and I fended them off.

Kick. Punch. Duck. Swing. Block

After I was able to knock out the group I tossed down the EMERK and caught my breath. After a few wheezy breaths I looked up and saw around 30 SKUL guards in the distance by the vault door. I took a heavy pulp and sprinted down the corridor while they charged after me, their feet crashing against the concrete was like thunder. I took out the Akdal shot blindly behind me as I keep running down their seamlessly infinitely long corridor. Finally there seemed to been a end, there was a small green door with window by it. The door had a keypad and there was no time for me to try guess the code. I instantly came up with an idea and concentrated my fire on the window. Once I shot a big enough hole in it I holstered the gun and prepared to leap through. As I got a close enough to get a clear dive I heard a scream

"Waltz. Don't shoot. We need him alive!" The voice yelled, I presumed he was a commanded.

As I began to jump through I heard a single shot and while in mid air a felt a brief single. I got through landed on the floor on the side. I instantly jumped to my feet and continued down around corridor. This time however it was much smaller and lead to a tall staircase. As I made my way up the stairs some didn't seem right. I glanced down and noticed a growing blood patch on my shirt. I had been shot and was now bleeding quite profusely. I held my hand over the wound to stop the bleeding as continued to climb. Step by step I couldn't help but feel a tad woozy. I came to the top where there was a door. I tumbled through it and emerged into a filthy alleyway. Now my vision was blurry and my head was light. I stumbled down the alley towards an opening. As I got on the street my sight was almost completely gone. I kept going. My sight was close to gone but I was able to see the car…..Just before it hit me.

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