I hate this.

More importantly, I hate the idiot sitting next to me. Zim. The frigging ditz.

What's he doing anyway? Drawing something? Acting like a complete moron? Sticking his pencil in his mouth?

Don't know, don't want to know.

Ugh, what time is it? It feels like I have been at this school for five years. At least in the human's elementary school, the days' didn't drag on as much! I glance at the clock, fearing the worst.

School has three more hours.

Kill me now.

Who's idea was it to make human high school days so damn long?! I mean, sure these creatures are dumb as heck, but I didn't expect them to torment their own offspring.

Well, this is earth we're talking about.

"Tak! You are not paying attention!" The old hag, otherwise known as our teacher, snaps at me.

Zim, sitting next to me, snickers loudly. I shoot him a glare that shuts him up. Stupid. Once I'm an invader, I'll be sure to kill him first.

"Well? What's your excuse?" She growls at me, face turning an angry milk-like color. I can feel the eyes of many on my back, pending on my answer. I'm going to kill everyone in this room if the witch doesn't kill me first...

Wait... Did she just growl at me?

"I was listening. But I'm not so sure if Zim was." I reply, a smirk crossing over my face. I turn to Zim, who twitches uncomfortably, eyes narrowing at me.

Oh sweet revenge.

The class makes little 'oooh' noises, as if they are sealing the twit's fate with each sound. Really, it just makes them appear stupid.

Ms. Bitters grits her yellowing teeth. "Detention! Both of you!"

The class stifles their giggles, while I face Zim, my fists clenched tightly. Zim's eyes look so hateful at me that it appears that it hurts.

I will destroy that little jerk.


"THAT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT, YOU LOUSY SCUMBAG!" Zim screeches at me, face red as blood. "YOU were not paying attention, SO WHY DO I-ZIM!-HAVE TO SUFFER FOR IT?!"

Walking home from school with Zim has never been fun, if I remember correctly.

Rolling my eyes, I stop dead in my tracks to argue properly. "Why? Because everyone hates you. Me included."

Zim stomps his foot on mine. Hard.

"Ow! What the hell Zim?!" I grasp my aching foot, rubbing it to ease the pain.

Zim looks like he might explode. "I HATE YOU! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO COME BACK?!" He has a tantrum, punching the air, swearing, and kicking. I sigh.

This won't end well. We'll only get madder until one of us takes out a gun, and then we nearly die in L.A. (Don't ask. It's happened before.)

I need to calm down this monster before he jumps me. But how?

Well, I've seen a human boy get mad, but then his mate would kiss him and he'd be calmer...

This isn't fair. But I don't wanna end up in L.A.

Zim's shouts bring me back to reality. He's still pissed as ever, maybe even more so. Taunts and endless rants of my 'unfairness' reign on, until I can take no more. I will do anything to get him to shut his mouth and leave me alone.

"Zim!" My scream silences him. He fumes, glaring at me intensely. If I make a wrong move, he'll most likely burst his blood vessels.

So I guess it's a win win situation...

"What?!" He hisses, outraged at me. I step closer. He doesn't notice.

"Will you... Do me a favor?" I ask innocently, taking another step towards him. His eyes narrow.

"No. I would never help you of all irkens, even if my life depended on it!... What do you want anyway?!"

I smile at him, taking just one more step closer. He notices, raising an nonexistent eyebrow curiously.

"For you to put a sock in it."

I can see his sudden rage, but I pull him in for the lip lock much to quickly. His eyes widen. Red spreads across his cheeks. He stares at me blankly as I kiss him.

I push him away, and begin to run, knowing that with luck, I have a good five minutes until he gets over the shock. A good five minutes to sprint to my living quarters and lock every window and door in sight.

But I didn't know what I had just done that day.



Authors notes: NO I AM NOT DEAD! I was at Florida for the past week, and no Internet! Sorry! :(

But the good news? I'm back! And I'm gonna write to make up for it!

This is a story I'm writing with Bunyip123. I'm Tak, he's Zim. I can write stories with other people, just as an FYI.

Hope you like! :)