My heartbeat pounds. My fingers twitch. His words still replay in my mind. I know I'm blushing. I know I'm running away from my house. As fast as I possibly can. Which probably isn't a good idea. Whatever. Neither was Zim.


I pause my sprinting. I think of his image. Sharp red eyes, long green claws, fierce tone, and his usual trademark sneer.

Except that was not Zim.

I just saw a different side to him. I search my memory, trying to remember if he has ever acted like this before. I can think of nothing. Which makes sense. That was the complete opposite of Zim.

I feel myself sigh. He was seemed rather ashamed after he said that. Zim probably thinks I'm going to hate him for some reason. Truth is, I don't feel too angry after all that. I don't know why.

"But... This will have to be dealt with." I remind myself, starting to walk back to my base. I could always tell Zim I'm not interested... Or I could take him as my 'boyfriend' to learn all his weaknesses...

Suddenly, I grin deviously. Of course! Make a few kissy noises, and find out what hurts him. Though I've tried this before, but the thing is, now he adores me. It will work.

A smug grin grows on me, as I strut to Zim's base. This should be easy. Too easy. So incredibly easy! I start to laugh. Zim won't know WHAT hit him when I'm done with his ugly little face.


I press the doorbell on the side of his house, feeling a bit tense. He could very easily realize that I am faking my love for him. Maybe this isnt a good idea. But then again, this is Zim we're talking about. He's stupider than a Vorten. But I shout probably act extra lovey-dovey, for my own good.

After waiting a few minutes with no answer, I try the doorknob, hoping it will be open. Just to my luck, the door slides open. I step into the house to find Zim, sitting on the couch. His eyes are glued to the T.V. screen, either not noticing me or not caring. I clear my throat. Zim yips, jumping up a bit. His eyes find their way to me.

He holds his breath. My heartbeat practically stops. For a split second, we just stare at each other, Zim's mouth wide open. I remind myself that I'm not here to gawk at Zim all day. I strut over to him, trying to look happy.

"Zim," I start, flashing him a huge smile. Zim flinches. "I've decided that you are not a complete and utter moron. I would like to go on a date. Yes or no?" I finish, feeling my body tense up.

I managed to keep my voice straight, but inside I'm cracking. There is no possible way that even HE could buy that act. I stand stiffly in front of him, as uncomfortable as Dib asking a girl to prom. Zim stands, his expression unreadable.

He comes close to me until we're both only inches away. I eminently notice his hand reaching for mine, and swiftly grab his hand with my own. Zim looks a bit surprised, but no matter. A girl does what she must.

And suddenly, he starts smiling.

Then he leans very close to me, resting his forehead on mine. Zim cups my cheek in his free hand gently, running his hand along my jaw. I blush a bit, my gaze turning away from him. "Zim... Stop..."

His grin widens. Playfully, he takes a soft nibble on my cheek. His breath is hot against me. "But you are so soft." Zim suddenly grabs my hand and pulls off the glove. Quickly, he removes his own gloves, throwing them hastily on the ground. He rubs my hand with his.

Zim's hands are rough.

"So very soft," he mutters curiously, not noticing my hitched breath. I try to snap out of it, but no use. This... Affection. It's strange.

And then, he kisses me.